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Video: Gerritsen Avenue and Avenue U Carnage

City Bus Making a Left at Avenue U

10 Minutes of watching the corner. Watch how many near misses there are as well as people cursing out drivers.

Knapp at Gerritsen

Gerritsen Avenue Facing Knapp

Gerritsen Ave Looking South

Gerritsen Avenue Facing North

Gerritsen Avenue at Keyfood

6 comments to Video: Gerritsen Avenue and Avenue U Carnage

  • Holy Moses

    Particularly impressed with the Gerritsen North video. Jesus Christmas, someone is going to get seriously hurt – oh wait, they already have. Stupid me.

    I could not believe what I was seeing. Some of those people went on a wing and a freakin’ prayer. You are right. May God help us.

  • Beachwalker

    What a mess!! And, lol, I never realized how many access-a-rides there are out there. And with the way they drive, we would probably be better off giving people over 80 and the blind their licenses back. To be fair to DOT, some of the mess seems to have to do with bad driving.

  • BakiShamil

    Whoever came up with this design is a moron and I don’t care if he/she has PHD degree. Btw those suicidal dividers (islands) build all over the Brooklyn If you travel Ocean Parkway they have a few there. Our money at work…Why not to invest that money into Schools, Increase after school activities and not to cut down.

  • nfh

    not to defend the dot but if these plans were drawn up 10 years ago, they probably didn’t account for
    1. the increase in population, and the amount of population driving cars
    2. S.U.V’s they were not (to a large degree) around 10 years ago and put a few of those at a light that is only short duration anyway and there’s your traffic jam……..

  • anonymous

    Why is the bus allowed to turn ILLEGALLY? Didn,t they take into account that bus route when they were doing this nonsnse

    • Anonymous

      somebody gets paid to come up with this crap so they have to come up with something to show for themselves trying to justify whatever 6 figure salary they are getting paid for nonsense