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Brennan & Carr Video!

Recently, Man Vs Food on the Travel Channel featured Brennan and Carr!

Watch it above!

Broth 101 was a great feature.

  • Dingle Dangle – Least amount of broth, just the beef.
  • Double Dip – Both sides of bread and beef.
  • K.F.J. – Knife and Fork Job. Complete saturation.

8 comments to Brennan & Carr Video!

  • Mike S

    When I was back in Brooklyn about 4 years ago, B&C was the first place I headed for. My family thought I was crazy, they wanted to go to Manhattan, I wanted roast beef on a bun, now they agree with me, it’s an experence to eat a B&C double dip.

  • Alexis

    This is soooo wrong. The roast beef is like shoe leather.

    • No Vegetarians, please.

      @Alexis, That’s funny because they have been a tremendously successful business since 1938. Gotta be doing something right, the place is a goldmine. There is nothing better than a roast beef double dipped from B&C, fries with cheese on the side, and an ice cold frosty mug of beer. If there is any complaint with B&C, it’s that they don’t serve the same Mozzarella sticks as they used to. The older ones were the best around.

  • Bugg

    Worked in B&C way back. The Garguilo Burger was named for the waiters of Garguilo’s who would come into B&C late after work and have the run of the place. Don’t entirely agree with Alexis-the meat at B&C is freshly butchered and very good, but I prefer Roll N Roaster.

  • Janelle

    Had it for the first time over the weekend- the Gargulio burger that is…. OMG….so good.
    Now I realized why I never knew about it- it was never on the placemat menu lol…How I missed it on the wall is beyond me.

  • anonymous

    Didn’t B&C used to taste better years ago? I seem to remember the roast beef being cooked over a wood or charcoal flame not over a gas burner..

    • Beachwalker

      @anonymous, They used to roast the beefs on a spit that faced the take out window, it was a vertcal grill, with the coal behind it, and you could see the roast beefs turning on the spit. The juices dripped down and that is what they made the broth from. You couldn’t stand on that busstop or pass by without your mouth watering. The smell was amazing and the taste was unmatched. Now it’s just ordinary roast beef and they must add boullion to the broth, you can taste it. But it used to be amazing. Don’t know why they stopped doing it the old way.

  • what a shame

    They don’t take credit cards, what do they think they are Peter Luger’s?