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Travel Channel: Man vs Food at L&B and Brennan & Carr!

Man vs Food which airs on the discovery channel explores restaurants all over the county to find unique dishes and best traditional foods.

Premieres Wednesday, November 11, at 10 E/P

Host Adam Richman with Brooklyn Brough President Marty Markowitz

Brennan & Carr
Adam visits Brennan & Carr, where they put tender roast beef on top of a cheeseburger and call it the Gargiulo Burger.
Address: 3432 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11229

18 comments to Travel Channel: Man vs Food at L&B and Brennan & Carr!

  • Frank

    What a great episode and Thank You Marty for once again being our Brooklyn icon!!!

  • Kate

    Marty should put down his food long enough to acknowledge concerns from people who write to him. I’ve written to him 3 times now with no acknowledgement.

  • Dewrock

    Where’s the BEEF!!!? I just see bun in that picture. IM ashamed, Brennan & Carr Should have given him a mountain of beef. Not that it would have mattered much any way. I have eaten Brennan’s roast beef once and have never returned. worst roast beef I have ever had.

    • mary

      @Dewrock, agreed, the good ole days are gone.

    • Anonymous

      @Dewrock, Damn…i could eat Brennan & Carr everyday. I think it still great.
      What place would you recommend Dewrock?

      • Anonymous

        Try, Sonny’s Heros Eat half because if I eat more I’ll need a nap.
        Neighborhood: Canarsie
        1031 E 92nd Street
        Brooklyn, NY 11236

        (718) 485-9810

        • Anonymous

          Directions To Sonny’s —Head west on Avenue W toward Knapp St
          2. Take the 1st right onto Knapp St 0.4 mi
          3. Turn right at Avenue U 1.5 mi
          4. Turn left at Mill Ave 0.3 mi
          5. Slight right at Ralph Ave 1.0 mi
          6. Turn right at Flatlands Ave 0.9 mi
          7. Turn left at Remsen Ave 0.1 mi
          8. Take the 2nd right onto Glenwood Rd 453 ft
          9. Take the 1st left onto E 92nd St

  • Anonymous

    its not the discovery channel its the travel channel. And brennan and carr makes the best roast beef you will ever taste!!

  • Arthur B

    Make sure to get the B&C Roast Beef to go. If you eat inside it doesn’t come out as good. I think the time wrapped inside the foil really helps to heat up the meat and melt the cheese.

  • Willis

    B&C roast beef is absolute garbage. The gravy is like lukewarm water, the beef is flavorless, and the bread is absolutely terrible.

    Rollin’ Roaster or John’s Deli in Bensonhurst is far superior.

    • Anonymous

      Roll n Roaster sucks. The R-n-R girls were the only reason to go there & now they aren’t even hot any more. It is overpriced fast (but slow) food that is served by grumpy mutts. Brennan & Carrs is much better.

  • Bill

    I watched the episode from the Buffalo Cantina where Adam had to eat 6 wings in 6 minutes. Accordig to Adam, these are the hottest wings on Earth. I watched as he described his first try (looked scary). I thought to myself: I can do that, so I called the Cantina to get the rules, only to find out the rules are different for Adam and the rest of us. Adam had to eat 6 wings in 6 minutes, I was told on the phone just minutes ago that I had to eat 12 wings in 3 minutes. I will do either one, 6 in 6 or 12 in 3 but I want Adam home in Brooklyn to be my witness. Adam, if you see this email you have my email address. If I can not finish, I will buy you the best roast beef sandwhich that Brennan & carr has to offer. Please except my challange.

  • sam

    I think the episode is awesome and makes me so you now it.

    The wings episode was cool but looked hard because Adam ate the worlds hotests peppers if i did the challange I would give up.

    Please don't except my challange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm just nine years old.

    You still rock Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • George Broadhead

    If you have been going to Brennan & Carr's since it was founded in 1938, you may notice a few minor differences. The "Knife and Fork" is still a great sandwich, and the Cheeseburger has never lost it's unique good taste. I can't bring myself to give another restaurant free advertising. There should be an advertising charge for that….

  • Tom

    Zeke's on Ft. Hamilton Pkwy had great roast beef sandwhiches, they are gone now.

  • Long Le

    Hey Adam Richman, come to Houston, TX and try to tackle the King Kong burger at Ray's Franks and More if you dare. No one has defeated so far!

  • Holly

    Adam you’re awesome and love watching your challenges on the travel channel. the reason I’m writing is to let you know my son thinks your the great guy next to the invention of sliced bread. his birthday is coming up and so my family has decided to do teens vs food. we haven’t told him its a surprise but I thinks he’ll be happy. could you send a e-mail to cheer him on.

    his birthday is Jan.18th but we’re having the party on the 22nd of January.
    He’ll be 17 this year. we’re having monster hamburgers.

    Thank you
    Holly his mother.

  • Dunk

    Hi Adam. Besides the incredible eating ability you are very witty and likable. Please don’t ruin your health as I would like to see you in different shows over the years & in good health! You would have a serious following doing anything now!