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Dunkin Donuts Changes to Timmy’s Donuts


Dunkin Donuts (2302 Knapp St Brooklyn, NY 11229) changed this week to “Timmy’s Donuts”. Looks like the owner broke away from the franchise but decided to embark on trademark infringement. “Timmy” has kept all of the logo’s, type faces and menu boards.


35 comments to Dunkin Donuts Changes to Timmy’s Donuts

  • monsterzro

    I thought this had to do with Tim Horton’s taking over some DD locations..


    or I could be wrong…anyone remember McDowell’s from Coming To America?

    • Artie


      I would assume if Tim Hortons was to take over, they would have their trademark signs on the building, rather than a name that no one is familiar with….

  • Frank

    WHO CARES!! Why should they corner the market anyway? D & D has gone down hill since they incorporated with Baskin Robbins. The workers are all foreign, do not understand your order and take forever. I say give the new company a chance! maybe they could not afford the whole makeover right now

  • nobody

    One less corporate outpost can’t be a bad thing.

  • anonymous

    So, where will they be getting their products from? Are we going to be paying more or the same? I was also kinda hoping Tim Hortons was coming to Brooklyn but I guess not.
    Good one monsterzro, McDowells has the Big mick

  • NickLak

    I miss the Te-Amo magazine rack.

  • Bugg

    Is there a Timmy? Suspect the “management” doesn’t watch “South Park”.

  • Anonymous

    i really hope the help changed if they went any slower they would be going backwards! a coffee to go takes about 10 minutes i heard of slow roast but that is crazy!

  • Artie

    Well, good for the owner to break away from the high franchise fee’s that Dunkin Donuts collect…but they better change the way it looks as the lawsuit that Dunkin Donuts will file will surely be higher than the franchise fee’s…….

  • Brett Favre

    They will definitely close up soon. DD will sue Timmy’s little ass and he will close up. The End

  • BakiShamil

    Dunkin Donuts will sue Timmy’s Donuts for coping theme of DD

  • me

    DD sucked. they were rude, slow and couldn’t get an order right. I stopped going ther a while ago. i just hope some vet start having iraq flashbacks when he walks in

  • Chris

    I still miss the Superette that used to be there.

  • Jake

    The help is still the same slow, rude(gerritsen& X). Get rid of her & maybe I’ll go back.

  • Thimothan

    Hi everyone, I actually am Timmy, I will be working on Sunday Tuesday Thursday and Saturday 2-10PM in case you want to stop by and say “Hi”. To clear up the confusion a bit I just want to make clear that we will not be sued by DD, our logo is different in its spelling, color, and font. This clears us of any trademark infringement. We also have a higher quality of goods, as well as exceptional service. Stop by and see for yourself=). We hope to stay in our community for a long time, serving you and your families.

    • Thimothan

      @Thimothan, And yes, I do watch Southpark=) Coincidentally I have an excellent “Tiimmy” impersonation.

    • Anonymous

      @Thimothan, Your coffee sucks! Exceptional service?! HAAAAAAHAHHAHAHAH! Are you kidding?

      Your workers are the laziest SOB’s on the planet. Get rid of some of them and maybe you can them claim you have decent service. *cough* older lady with glasses *cough*. You know who im talking about.

      Did I forget to mention your coffee sucks. I can get better tasting coffee at a gas station.

      • Thimothan

        @, Well Anonymous, Our coffee is brewed from all natural 100%Colombian beans, which is some of the highest quality coffee around. To make the suggestion that our coffee is below the standards of “Gas station ” coffee seems to be an exaggeration. Although I know Ann is quite a load at times, and if you report to the manager, or to me a specific example, we will be more than happy to help correct an issue with her behavior.

      • Anonymous

        *cough* older lady with glasses *cough*. that must have been the filthy indians that you are talking about, or maybe it was your mother. who are you, u dont have the balls to say more, u know who im talking about, u are an idiot.

  • […] Local speculation that Tim Horton’s was taking over can now be set to rest. The selection does not seem to be anywhere near 32 flavors but in the coming (and hopefully warmer) weeks, hopefully they’ll be the coolest new treat in the Bay. […]

  • No Thanks

    This place SUCKS. DD wasn't any better, but this is a lot worse.

  • John S

    I love Timmy's Donuts…and i did go in for an “Tiimmy” impersonation, NOT BAD KID…it would be nice to see people of a lighter skin, but you know what they say…."If you can't live with them…have them serve our donuts"

    Keep Up the good work Timmy's!

  • me


  • Mary

    Well Timmy did not make the right choice. Closed down Wednesday and now the gates are down.

    It was great when it first opened, but having only 1 employee in there the last few months did not make things happen. The store had become dirty, the ice cream was looking like it was melted and refrozen. Tables where never cleaned off either.

    • Anonymous

      i hope americans open up a good place there in that spot

      • Anonymous

        i amglad that they finally closed down every one of them that was workng there had bad body odor except the american women that work there she was the only one that knew what she was doing and the only one that sopke english hip hip hurray

        • Anonymous

          timmy is nothing but a little kid who did nothing but talked on his cell phone and tried to get with the girls and they always sold spoiled food

      • Anonymous

        keep dreaming

  • Anonymous

    I heard from some people over there that Whitle Castle Express is coming