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DEC Arrests Two GB Fisherman, SSJ Still Not Issued $10,000 fine

The State Environmental Conservation Officers recently arrested two fishermen in Brooklyn for catching dozens of striped bass that were undersized and in excess of allowable limits, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced.

(Media-Newswire.com) – State Environmental Conservation Officers recently arrested two fishermen in Brooklyn for catching dozens of striped bass that were undersized and in excess of allowable limits, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation ( DEC ) today announced.

While on marine patrol in the Breezy Point area, Environmental Conservation Officers ( ECO ) Jamie Powers and Kevin Thomas spotted activities on a boat that made them suspect poaching and they tracked the vessel back to its dock in Shell Bank Creek off Seba Avenue. There, the ECOs witnessed John Arena of Parksville, Sullivan County, and Mark Sarubbi of Brooklyn, struggling to drag two totes full of striped bass up to a truck.

The officers then approached the men and began counting the catch. The fishermen, who realized their day of “good” fishing had just met its end, watched as the ECOs counted out 46 striped bass – the legal recreational limit for the trip for both men is only 2. The fish weighed a total of 295 pounds and the vast majority of the fish – 40 – were less than the minimum size requirement of 28 inches.

Arena and Sarubbi were arrested and charged with possession of 40 undersized Striped Bass; possession of 44 Striped Bass over the legal recreational harvest limit; possession of 46 untagged Striped Bass; taking Striped Bass for Commercial Purposes without a permit; and failing to possess a valid food fish license. Additional charges are anticipated.

Their arraignment is scheduled for early December. They are facing thousands of dollars in fines and a possible four years in prison. The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office is prosecuting the case. The fish were seized and destroyed because Striped Bass are not permitted to be harvested for commercial sale from waters west of East Rockaway Inlet due to the potential level of contaminants in the fish.

Information on illegal harvest of any species of saltwater fish, shellfish or crabs can be reported to the Marine Enforcement Unit at ( 631 ) 444-0460 or by using the toll-free number of 1-877-457-5680.

Granted the 44 striped bass is a bit much and the fisherman accused should know the la but how is it that DEC will crack down on fisherman and not other BIGGER fish?!

In Gerritsen Beach the DEC wastes their time going after people who was their cars on their street because it washes into the creek while SSJ Development, ETO and Stephen Jemal get a free pass, for refusing to clean the docks and the boats that have been sinking!

29 comments to DEC Arrests Two GB Fisherman, SSJ Still Not Issued $10,000 fine

  • Anonymous

    don’t drop the soap

  • Salty Dog

    Come to the Tamaqua for lunch! Sale on fish sandwiches!!

  • bagels

    Have you ever seen the Sopranos?

  • TONY


  • Anonymous

    Save some for the rest of us and slow down going thru the creek

  • Anonymous

    “Granted the 44 striped bass is a bit much”
    This is not a “bit much”. It is obscene. 295 lbs of fish, most of which were not mature. This is a disgrace & they deserve everything they get. This is NOT a waste of DEC’s time or resources & cannot be compaered to the Jemal case. They are BOTH crimes that should be punished.

  • phil

    ETO SSJ get out .

  • Frank

    So how did they track the vessel? If they were in a car at Breezy Point they would have definately lost site of them as they could not see the boat while driving through Breezy Point! So they themselves must have been on a boat? So the real question is: If it is so important to save the enviornment then why did they not board the boat or approach when they had seen them pull more than 4 fish on board? The real criminals are the DEC who waited till they got to the docks and destroyed the fish. So this is purely a money making scam by the government once again!

    • Salty Dog

      @Frank, Frank, you need to get a grip on reality. Money making scam by the Gov’t?? What these guys did was inexcusable, and do you really believe it was the first time they ever commited this crime? 44 fucking fish over the limit? 40 of which were short?? 295 lbs. of protected fish?? From a species that was almost fished out of existence in this area not too long ago? Despicable. Jemal is a scumbag and a separate issue. Stop diverting attention. Unless you yourself are another scumbag that rapes the oceans and profits from breaking the law.

      • Frank

        @Salty Dog, What I am saying is that they could have stopped them earlier but waited until they headed in. Now all or most of those fish may have been saved!!! The money making part is the fines are counted more for each fish!!!

  • Frank

    They initiated the requirement for a fishing license in October of 2009 which would have to be paid in full by this time and would only be valid till end of December. Then renewed in January for the same cost! So this year your money would only get you almost 3 months of cold fishing, but if you pay again in January you would be good for a year. See anything wrong with this?

  • Frank

    ETO and SSJ have way overstayed their welcome and have cause this community much grief, GET THEM OUT! If anyone of us owned that property what would have happened by now??

  • Anonymous

    These guys and many others take that much fish and many more every single morning they are around. This just makes us all in this neighborhood look disgusting. Not to mention takes away food and enjoyment for us and our kids (and hopefully their kids) If any one of us saw someone repeatedly steal from our neighbors and turned a blind eye, then we should all be ashamed. This is exactly the same thing. As far as licenses, we need to get ours, yet these thieves don’t get any compared to real commercial fisherman as we all know this area has been closed for years due to contamination. I wonder how many unsuspecting children and mothers eat these fish that can give them cancer and brain damage??

    • Frank

      @, STOP your so misinformed

    • Anonymous

      i think Anonymous is funny – while complaining about these guys he says "Not to mention takes away food and enjoyment for us and our kids (and hopefully their kids)" and finishes with – "I wonder how many unsuspecting children and mothers eat these fish that can give them cancer and brain damage??"

      sounds like these "poachers" are doing us a favor!

  • Brutus

    Gregg Moss Director,
    Why aren’t you commenting now?Are you hiding in a corner or a hole and letting Bill Dunphy do your dirty work? (allegedly moving boats around) raising sunken boats etc etc. Why ar’nt you helping him?Wheres the President of the ETO? why isn’t he speaking out.Is he Hiding in a hole also? Why don’t you guys just get out of here!

  • phil

    Brutus i agree ,whats next another boat sinking in our creek,oil spills. and hazards to navigation ETO JEMAL get out of here

  • annonymous

    Our community and the GBPOA, Gerritsen Beach Cares, and others have worked so hard for years to help clean up the waters here and honestly it has done wonders! I thank them for their efforts!!!!! So now this person and the ETO are gonna just let this happen. If it was left to us it would be done already. Lock this crook up take his land and let the community bring it back….Please it is an eyesoar and a disgrace. Maybe thepeople that sold these properties should also try and help and I am sure they would.

  • Anonymous

    There is no point in trying to catch them on the water. They just dump their catch if they think they are gonna get knicked. It has happened 1000 times. Now they are using anonymous boats to keep an eye on them so they don’t try to transfer them. The trick of choice is a burlap bag with weights in it and all the short fish, hang it over the side and just cut the rope if they are gonna get boarded. They are not only chickenshit scumbags, but they also think they are smart, which as we can all see, they are not.

    • Frank

      @, Still I do not hear any concern why there are boats docked there and they are not small boats! So who is in on this? I would like to get a slip for my boat where do I apply??

  • Bill

    Need to get rid of a boat ? call the ETO or greg moss. special rates for local residents.

  • Bill

    ETO is offering discount rates. if we cant crush it we will just sink it .

  • lolita

    Bill that is funny but also sad.The eto,Bill Dumphy, Greg Moss and Jemal should all join the Navy and go to boot camp. We’ll see what kind of men they really are.I bet none of them were in the armed forces.They dont know respect for people or community.



  • bill

    Fisherman thats true the spades are Bill Dumphy,Greg Moss,& Perry Poppadopolis aka the ETO

  • will

    may be the pressure is working the big trailer is off the property ,and no boats have sunk this week. ETO take all your stuff and go far away

  • divewave

    Good 4 tha Bastages…. see?… NY saltwater 10$ license works! help to pay for more enforcement against illigit
    catch(shorts out of season …ect.ect.)
    They must have busted a skid mark in their pants when five Ohhh pulled up

  • i scream

    you folks haven’t a clue ,try living on evertte and lacon.between the sexcapades and local kids doing drugs at night,not to mention the locals who feel the dead end is a dump. we got these douchbags running there mock bullshit operation,plenty of entertainment here.