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Problems Persist for ETO and Jemal


Yesterday a boat that was docked at Stephen Jemals property was floating around unattended, bumping into docks and other boats. Harbor patrol was able to secure the boat and returned it to a slip on the Jemals property.


11 comments to Problems Persist for ETO and Jemal

  • A poor little fish


  • Tim

    Can someone explain how they get away with this…We need a full investigation of the owners, ETO ,DEC, and DEP……Some powerful person or persons must be involved.They need to be brought to justice.Jail time and fines should be the starting point.



  • Arthur B

    Have you guys all considered finding a lawyer and just starting a class action lawsuit?


    Great Idea, How do we start and how much does it cost? We want to rid jemal and ETO of these problems that started with them here in our creek, that was once much cleaner.

    • Arthur B

      @FLOUNDER, Well. I’m guessing nobody in the community actually has the money to get this started. If you can’t find a lawyer willing to take this on pro-bono then I guess step 1 is raising the money with one of your community councils. Either way I think the first step should be some big meeting where everyone gets together, bringing together all your heads and rolodexes and blackberries.

      Choose some lawyer in the area, or maybe find a lawfirm in the city that does pro-bono work for communities. I’m sure you guys can figure something out.

      So far, everyone is complaining and city agencies are pointing fingers or doing nothing. So, I guess its about time to start some legal action yea?

  • Anonymous

    Is everyone in GB a conspiracy theorist? Anyone ever think to contact their elected officials, DEC, Coast Guard, Army Corps, etc. directly to get an answer? Oh wait, that’s rational thinking, my bad.

  • George R. Broadhead

    How does one even suggest that the people in GB are conspiracy theorists. Contact with each of the agencies has been ongoing–almost daily… I have personally had conversations with officials for the past 3 days, and will be meeting with one at a particular location within a day or two. Our elected officials have been engaged in contacting the same agencies, and maintaining frequent contact. We had a report at the GBPOA meeting last night (Wed. 11/4) from a representative of one of the agencies about verified positive action. A rational and legal approach is ongoing. Most of those who are in contact with the waterways, for business, leisure or environmental reasons are aware of what is going on. Opinions expressed by those who are ignorant of what is taking place must be taken with a grain of sea salt.

  • tom

    our waterway is being polluted with oil gas and floating docks and the crimanals, ETO and jamal just laugh at us and the DEC. something has to be done soon

  • Frank

    Face the facts our community officials work very hard and try to do whatever they can, unfortunatelly without our support the other agencies do not take them seriously (no offense). It is not a conspiracy just a reality we do not stick together and try hard enough cause their word alone is not enough, they need our support. Now I know that most of us work crazy hours and may not be able to attend meetings so we need alternative methods so that everyone can be heard. Maybe letters to households with a vote required on actions or maybe just petitions. We need to stick together

  • Sheepshead

    Instead of putting the blame on other someone should find the people who own these Boats and fine them.