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Gerritsen Beach: Halloween 2009 Mischief


Gerritsen Beach once again lived up to its reputation as one of the worst Halloween Mischief neighborhoods in Brooklyn. It was an evening of:  Eggs, Shaving Cream and Toilet Paper.

Since this Halloween fell on a Saturday, neighbors and trick or treaters alike didn’t know what to expect, but were very glad to see the 61st precinct out very early confiscating eggs and shaving cream from local teens. The officers (above) patrolled for a many hours stopping kids on the avenue and courts confiscating shaving cream & eggs, and searching bags whenever they could.

Just like years past,  the usual large groups formed in front Victoras and across from New Dutch.  Some of the stupider, braver, older, kids (21+), when “rearmed”, would make their way across the street to the softball fields every now and then in preparation to egg traffic. The softball field provides a very quick getaway into the weeds if confronted with police or angry John Q citizen.

This same group pelted a NYPD Auxiliary van as it drove by causing a chase between Auxiliary and 61st Precinct officers. The chase did not result in any apprehensions.


State DEC Vehicle

Later in the evening everything was getting hit…. from random cars, FedEx trucks, buses, deliveries, even a State DEC (investigating ETO?) marked car was pelted with a few eggs,  they threw on their lights and sirens which dispersed the crowd.

One woman did confront (rightly so)teens she believed to have hit her car with a pumpkin and eggs.(above)


Shut down at Cryus Avenue

As far as we at GerritsenBeach.net know the B31 was not shut down. However, one a few buses did bring themselves out of service because they couldn’t see out of their windshield, due to eggs.

The 61st precinct did a good job this year considering the attitudes and youth they were up against.

Photo Gallery http://www.flickr.com/photos/gerritsenbeach/sets/72157622586062641/


Officer Patrolling


Investigating an unattended bag.


FedEx Rushes to Clean. Calls GB "Unbelievable"


Some of the confiscated shaving cream and eggs.


NYPD Pulling up on the Crowd




75 comments to Gerritsen Beach: Halloween 2009 Mischief

  • Not saying

    Glad the 61 was on hand in the beach, over in Marine Park when a pack of at least 8 black male teens who were not in costume came ringing my bell demanding candy and then threatening to egg the “FUCKING SHIT” out of my house because we did not give them enough. When I called the precinct I was told there was nothing they could do since the youths fled and that if they damaged my property it was my problem. Thank God for the rain and that the 61st had the beach covered.

    • Not saying

      @Not saying,
      I wish I could have gotten some pics, by the time I went to grab my camera/phone the pieces of shit scattered, besides I was kinda shocked by it. I am living in my house 18 years and have never experienced something like this, I guess it goes to show the direction the neighborhood is headed.
      Sucks that the 61 assholes and to strongarm an 11 year old

      • Some Gal

        @Not saying, Please see my comment #19 on Seba Ave Park Expansion- I rest my case. The 61 is all but useless. They don’t do anything about real crime until after the fact, but have no problem getting rough with an 11 year old for taking part in Halloween pranks as old as the hills. Shame on them.

  • Anonymous

    You should show everyone of their faces! Big and bright!

  • mr brooklyn

    next time take pictures and then the police can do somthing every body has phone pictures

  • Dewrock

    Was a wonderful Halloween as always, So happy the beach kids still found ways to play with eggs, shaving cream, etc., et. Keep up the tradition kids wish I could have joined you. Of course be careful not to hurt anyone with the eggs, they sure can hurt.

    • Anonymous

      Did you know that eggs do damage to cars and buildings?

      • Dewrock

        That’s why I have a thing called insurance. Yes, I do understand. When a child on my block scratched the hell out of my car with their handle bars from her bike. All I said to her, why don’t you pay attention to what you are doing. I didn’t run to her parents house. I ran to my insurance company. Kids are kid just as we our selves once were.

        • bagels

          @Dewrock, You don’t sound very bright. Why would you run to your insurance company and risk having your rates increased? Throwing eggs at moving vehicles, people and private property is one tradition everyone can do without.

          • Dewrock

            My rates never go up because of all the years that I’ve been with the company and there still a head of the game from keeping them. If they did raise my rate I would dump them and go to one of the thousand of insurance companies out there. I guess you allow your insurance company to tell you how things run and you pay them for that LOLL.

          • anon

            @Dewrock, Yeah right, u r full of hot air. Did u ever hear of a deductable? How about calling an insurance company and getting ur facts straight before talking BS.

          • bagels

            @Dewrock, You do know that car insurance companies are able to track your accident and claims history for seven years, right? ROTFL……and that this history will affect the rates you’d receive from a new insurance company?

          • Dewrock

            I don’t have these problems that you talk about. But I will be more then willing write you next year on Halloween. Even if you believe that my deductible will rise, doesn’t matter to me.
            One think will remain the same, the kids will continue to celebrate Halloween as they always have & you will be miserable & I will be just fine.
            You may reply but IM done till next Halloween

  • Jim

    How is the 11 year old kid that was knocked down, kicked and then pulled up by the hair by the 61 officers?

  • eddie

    the kid swung at the cop, and fought back while he was trying to be searched, but still he’s just a kid.

  • joe


    • Anon

      @joe, I hope the 11 y.o. does get what he deserves. Maybe he should have more respect for the police officers instead or arguing with them. I say good job to the police on Sat for protecting me from those bratty 11 year olds with their eggs and shaving cream. I hope they teach that kid a real good lesson, and the police should get a medal.

      • anthony

        avon, i grew up in the beach living there as a kid from 1957 untill 1967, its an historic fact that the cops in 61 have always been a collection of obnoxious sadistic abusive thugs, when a real crime is commited theyll look the other way not wanting to get involved or do what they get paid for, but when they find themselves able to beat up innocent defenseless children thell brutilize them, when i was 16 i had the honnor and pleasure of knocking out one of them with a single punch, he was 6′ 5″ and 280#. while i was standing at the counter of a store paying for candy he blind sided me as if to knock me to the floor, no reason, no warning, i was arrested and brought to the station house, while i was in handcuffs every cop at the 61 took turns beating me with night sticks, i was 5′ 4″ and 124″, with the full support of my family we fought the arrest, it took 4 years in court, during all that time they would even go out of the 61 pct. jurisdiction looking for me trying to manufacture a reason to arrest me again, all my life ive respected the police and have at great risk to myself and family assisted them when no one else would in some very important convictions of real criminals but i can see the 61 has not changed being much like the storm troopers of the 1940’s. p.s. won my case.

    • joe

      @joe, the 11 year old did nothing but be a kid the police took it to far its about time they dont hide behind a badge think they are above the law

      • Jim Donovan

        @joe, From what I understand, the kid was standing with other kids that were throwing eggs and when the police approached the group they all started running. He had no eggs or shaving cream on him or with him. The police caught up with the eleven year old knocked him to the ground kicked him a few times then pulled him up by his hair and arrested him. I remember when I was a kid growing up here in the beach and being chased by the police during Halloween and/or just hanging out in 277 park after hours. There was never a time that the police did anything like this to me or my hundred or so friends for such a minor issue like this, and without knowing exactly what has taken place. Is it that bad that the police (men) have to brutalize a child, for what?

        This goes to show that the police department of today lacks the decency and respect for the community and the people who live here unlike the days when we were growing up. How many times have we all seen them driving while on the cell phone, no seat belt, running stop signs, and red lights without their lights on. They are breaking the law with no regard!!! It really is a shame that the caliber of police officers of today has changed so dramatically from the old days. Give me the police officer from back in the day that would grab you by the ear sit you down and explain the difference between right and wrong and create a bond with us. This is not a policed state, it’s Brooklyn on Halloween.

        Lastly, to the officers that perpetrated this act, SHAME ON YOU!!!! Their kids for crying out loud.

        • anon

          @Jim Donovan, Jim, to quote you from the above, “From what I understand” that is the problem. You don’t understand anything except the rumors that you were told. If you are going to repeat a story and charge police brutality against a child you really should get the facts first. Otherwise, you are spreading some serious rumors. Based on one rumor you are accusing police brutality, lack of decency and respect for the community, etc. Please don’t add to the lies.

        • Anonymous

          Jim…..People like you are the problem. They, as parents, show no respect and teach their kids that the police are wrong all the time. This is where disrespect all begins. Open your eyes before you become an enabler to your kid. Get rid of that, “not my kid” attitude.

        • Jim Donovan

          @Jim Donovan, To both who commented on my post, Firstly, I did not give the impression that it was not my kid and would not pretend to. I was simply making the point that two men in uniform brutalized an 11-year-old child with no proof that the child did anything wrong, it was their assumption that he did because he was running with the rest of the group and he was the one they caught. Let’s just say the kid did throw an egg, does that justify the actions of the police officers? NO!! My kids are not angels but they are old enough to know the difference from right or wrong and they do show respect to the police and their elders because of my parenting and I am proud of all five of them. My children are not the only kids that I have tried help in this way. Most of the kids in Gerritsen young and old call me Mr. D and have the utmost respect for me because I show the same to them. What I am suggesting to the police department is the same, show respect to receive respect. I’ve herd countless stories of how the 61 officers stops kids just walking on the street to pat them down for no reason but to harass. One kid was arrested for riding his bike on the sidewalk (because there is no room in the street, no bike path or lane) brought to the precinct and handcuffed to a chair. The father had to take a day from work to go to court only to have the issue thrown out. For what?

          Unless you leave a real name this will be my final post on this issue.


          Jim Donovan

          • John Smith

            @Jim Donovan, Well Jim…did you really see with your own two eyes two men in uniform brutalizing an innocent 11 year old? Or are you spreading rumors?

          • Robert Smith

            @John Smith, I dont believe he ever alluded that he actually witnessed the event… Are you trying to make an event seem like a rumor?

          • John Smith

            @Robert Smith, Here is his quote “From what I understand,
            the kid was standing with other kids that were throwing eggs and when the police approached
            the group they all started running” So, what I want to know is how he came to his understanding. Did he actually witness any of the events he is reporting here as police brutality or is he spreading
            rumors? It’s not that hard Robert.

          • Joseph Smith

            @John Smith, I think its obvious that “From what I understand” is an admission of not having actually witnessed the event. His story is the “circulating” story in the beach. Everyone in the beach knows that circulating stories are usually less than 100% true. The complete truth only comes out in the Bay News. LMFAO!

          • Joseph Smith

            @Joseph Smith, No offense to the Bay news, I just picked a local paper…

          • John Smith

            @Joseph Smith, Well, if it’s so obvious why doesn’t he just come out and say “I wasn’t witness to it, but I heard….” Charging the police at the local precinct with brutalizing an innocent 11 pear old is serious enough to make sure you have your facts straight before you start
            “circulating” the story. Are we not old enough to figure this out? Or is someone still mad that the cops picked on him when he was a kid? HMMMMMMMMMMMm

          • John Smith

            @Joseph Smith, Let your brother Robert answer for himself LMAO

          • Christopher Smith

            @John Smith, Well, if it’s so obvious why doesn’t he just come out and say “I wasn’t witness to it, but I heard….” semantic, semantic, semantic…. I think he said or implied that

          • John Smith

            @Christopher Smith, EXACTLY……….

        • annonymous

          @Jim Donovan, So you forget the times when officer O’Rielly took your beer then kicked you in the ass or hit you in the knee with his nightstick, then sent you on your way. You were then thankfull that he did not take you home, because our parents would have beaten our asses. See that was when a)we did not want police involved in our business because it used to be an embarrassment and b)kids were afraid to do something wrong. Now kids could care less and disrespect our police all of the time for fun!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jim Donovan

        @joe, Where is my comment?

    • Anonymous

      Wow ..no respect.. I hope this isn’t another “Not my son”, because that’s what it sounds like. I hope mommy didn’t buy the eggs and shaving cream for her son that didn’t do anything wrong.

      • GB resident

        @, I think it’s disgusting that the cops were looking for trouble and harrassing kids. If they get out of hand, thats one thing, but going around confiscating harmless stuff like shaving cream, please, it’s not like these kids are shooting each other. I, for one, don’t want to see kids who are being kids manhandled and bullied by cops. It’s one day a year and people have to put it in perspective. Bus Shelter Repairman, you need to cover your precious car or put it in a garage if your THAT worried about it. To call an 11 year old a ‘little prick’? What is wrong with you?

        • annonymous

          @GB resident, yeah that shaving cream in the eyes of children in costume just looking for candy is harmless. Who are the bullies, scaring little kids. Oh and medicated shaving cream yeah why buy that oh probably all that was left in the store yea that wouldnt hurt some kid. Eggs yeah they are harmless to, lets go your dozen to mine see how harmless it really is. Fun is fun but some of these kids are viscious!!!!!!!!!Oh no not my kid

  • l

    Give me a break its just shaving cream let the kids have some fun. No one is gonna get hurt they make a big deal about nothing. Remember when you were a kid?! How would it look for a 14 or 15 year old to go trick or treating? Redicilious!!!!!!!

  • anon

    I think that if the kids just stuck to throwing eggs & shaving cream at each other in the weeds no one would care. It’s the fact that they throw them at private property and others that is the problem.!!!

  • M

    All I can say is my kids had fun going up and down the courts and staying off the Avenue…
    That was the smartest and safest way to go…Got their candy, saw their friends and saw no trouble at all…

  • joe

    everyone of us did it when we were kids its just people complain more now do u remeber fire exting with nair water what ever else went in it give me a break kids will be kids we dont live in russia but its getting there

    • Jim Donovan

      @joe, Those were the good old days!!!

      • annonymous

        @Jim Donovan, These kids are now throwing eggs at police cars!!! And on 4th of July they are shooting fireworks at Police!!! Where is the respect, cause when they bring the kids home the parents stick up for the kids

    • annonymous

      @joe, Yeah that was smart to see where your head is Nair in a fire extinguisher, hope that doesnt happen to your kid. Come on Jimmy listen to yourself, Please! (good old days)

  • neighbor

    I didn’t grow up in Brooklyn but in Jersey and we had mischief night which was the night before Halloween. The whole point was to cause mischief, without getting caught. In other words it was like playing hide and seek, except with shaving cream, eggs and toilet paper. We didn’t want grown ups to “see” us and it was considered harmless fun. We were not screaming and egging buses, but sneaking around trying not to get caught. The kids here blatantly stand on the avenue and throw eggs at buses and cars. That more like war than mischief.

  • Anonymous

    It is not fun when hard working middle class people cannot get home from work. Buses are stopped because they can’t see out the windows. Last year a bus windshield was hit with a pumpkin in front of St. James. Eggs will eat the finish off your hourse siding or paint off your car. I applaud the cops for keeping the Avenue as clean as it was. These kids have not respect for anyone or themselves. Young girls about 14 out at 1:30 am dropping their pants and peeing in the middle of the street – I hope it wasn’t one of your daughters that I chased from in front of my house.

  • anonymous

    I want to know what right the cops have to take shaving cream or eggs away from anyone, neither one of these items are illegal and if the cops do not actually see the kid hitting a bus with an egg what can they do the kid is not old enough to even arrest
    . If these allegations are true about the cops kicking the kid and I was their parents I’d put in a complaint and sue the ass off the city, police brutality, it works other places.

    • @anonymous, Having eggs in your hand or shaving cream is not a crime. However, if an officer sees you vandalising something/someone then its a crime.

      What bothers me is the whole searching bags thing. They always consent which equals legal search.

      • annonymous

        @GerritsenBeach.net, Well lets use some common sense here!!! Even if the officer sees nothing! You see a KID walking down the avenue with shaving cream (no Beard) on Halloween..what comes to your mind? Another kid has eggs same situation, what do you think? Most of the kids I seen were covered or had some shaving cream or eggs on them and not in costume. If they were carrying a bag would you check. See Bad apples amongst a bushell also come in kids not just cops. I have seen kids attack other kids visciously try ing to hurt them putting shaving cream in their eyes, then others throwing eggs at cars, what if that was you?

  • It should be noted that I was briefly (cuffed) detained on Halloween after an officer tried to take my camera.

    I was a good distance away from officers while taking pictures, when my partner and I were approached, asking me in brooklyn cop fashion if I had somewhere else to be.

    That’s when an another officer who realized one camera was recording video grabbed the camera. I in turn reacted by grabbing the camera.

    They cuffed my partner and I briefly because “touching” a cop is not and acceptable a situation.

    This is a messed up situation because there were three officers and a supervisor (Lt.) and I never expected actual police officers to be the ones to actually violate first admenmdmt rights.

    It is usually the organge-vest power hungry security guards that do things like this, but only because they don’t know the law, cops are supposed to know the law. In the city or downtown bklyn cameras are everywhere and especially on cops.

    Even more messed up was when the offers and Lt started to rewrite the sequence of events on the spot of why they believe the situation happened.

    Fortunately for me, I have a good deal of the situation on video, contradicting the bull crap story that officers tried to make up on the spot, and relayed to the 61st.

    Note: I have left out many details of the story on purpose. I am regrouping and considering all of my options.

    • Dewrock

      NYC police officers are always rewriting the true story in there favor. What ever you do don’t give all details to the 61pct. Officers have there own brother hood & use it all the time.
      Just like the cop that drove under the influence of alcohol & the officers that garbed him didn’t test his blood levels for hours after he was ditained.

    • Beachwalker

      @GerritsenBeach.net, Wow, I’m speechless!

    • annonymous

      @GerritsenBeach.net, I say we request that the police department leave us alone all together and we take care of our own..That means no 311 calls or 911 calls can be transmitted from this area. Lets go private and police ourselves, it would cost the community less and we would only have ourselves to blame for any problems that arrise!!!!!!!!!!!You could then write your own story! Either that or simply give our Finest a break their hands are tied! Would you let kids disrespect you. Sorry but I would not

  • anon

    So whats so wroing with “asking in brooklyn cop fashion” You don’t like peeps from brooklyn?

  • iMTHeBoSs

    everyone should keep there mouth closed because i do wat i wanttttt ……..

  • anonymous

    Wonder if any of the stores on the avenue in the vicinity of where that kid was stopped have cameras, I know a few businesses have them, this would certainly put an end to all the speculation about what actually happened on Halloween with the kid, shaving cream and eggs.

  • Anonymous

    stop deleting my nasty comments or i egg ur camera next

  • GB RAT!

    yea the 11 year old kid happens to be my friends younger brother & he didnt do anything had nothing on him, but of course these stupid pigs gota be dumb, he had a foot print on his back and ahd a mark on his face it was done by officer santiney or howeva you spell it. whatever you go to anyyyy other neighborgood there all doing the same shit wit shaving cream and eggs but of course they gotta bother gb kids because we so “bad”. tht shits tradition & if the po po didnt bother us so much we wouldnt have so much fun fuckin wit them every year =]…..

  • Anonymous

    I can see a certain criminal in these pictures!

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  • GB alll daaaay !

    Yo kids just wanna have fun one day of the year. Chill out, your gunna tell me you didn't do stuff like this when you were a teenager? No kids in gerritsen beach are NOT gunna become criminals. it's just how we have fun.

  • anonymous

    I think the cops were too harsh on the 11 year-old.
    On the other hand, a separate matter, I think throwing eggs or shaving cream at other’s cars isn’t good either. Imagine you were just driving, having a good halloween day with a good halloween atmosphere, and all of a sudden, eggs and shaving cream came smashing at your windshield. Maybe you’re calm and keep driving, but maybe you would out of instinct turn the steering wheel to avoid the incoming, and what if you scratch a car next to you. And before all that, it’s not really fair that if you’re having a nice day, for no reason, your car has to be smashed by eggs and shaving cream, by strangers, did you do something wrong to get that punishment?