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Knights of Columbus: Oktoberfest Family Day


The Knights of Columbus Rev. Edward J. Matthews Council No 5989 held it’s annual Oktoberfest/Family Day Saturday October 10th 2009.

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It was a great event, complete with German Ompa Band, Brats, and Rides!

More importantly spiderman from Dan’s 5k Fun Run returned to dance to michael jacksons thriller and play with the children.


Venom also showed up (spiderman’s rival) for an epic battle which the children loved.

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5 comments to Knights of Columbus: Oktoberfest Family Day

  • monsterzro

    fun event! I thought the $20 for unlimited rides/cotton candy for the kids was a good deal. hopefully more neighborhood events take this approach, and you get a raffle ticket out of it too!

  • lauren

    My kids had a wonderful time! Thanks NYKidstime. All the kids enjoyed the rides and entertainment. And I agree the price was a good deal. Thanks to the the Knights and all the volunteers, my family had a great day.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful day! Great job NYKIDSTIME AND Knights of Columbus!

  • Anonymous

    Spiderman was out of control & almost took out a few little bystanders, Venom eats too much. I think Venom must have swallowed a volkswagon & could not digest it. Maybe he ate the other half of Benny. It was still a great show.

  • Anonymous

    Yes I agree the show they put was cute, but watching the video I did see a kid or two almost get taken out. But beside that was a great day for me and my kids, we all enjoyed ourselves. Thank You Knight of Columbus! You are a GREAT asset to our community.