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4 comments to Your call is important to us!….

  • Tom

    RCSMP was not invited to Mr. Lew Fidlers meeting nor was anyone contacted from RCSMP that a meeting would take place. Again they LEAVE US OUT!!

  • ray schaefer

    I agree with George there has been an improvement in GBnet. It seems to me a filter has been placed in the line to reduce the hurtful, hateful, slanderous stuff from the anonymites that had been coming through the pipe months ago. People were hurt, and there was colateral damage. With freedom comes responsibility. It is not freedom of speech to shout FIRE! in a crowded theatre, in fact it is a crime. Editing is not easy but necessary. Discretion, compassion, common sense, maturity – “all the news that’s fit to print”.

  • ray schaefer

    Continued, got cut off. …. Gerritsen Beach is a unique community – friends, neighbors and family going back 4, 5 even 6 generations. It is a pleasure to read thoughtful comments from our people. Keep up the good work; it’s not easy but appreciated