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News 12 Picks Up on SSJ Development and ETO Creek Mess

Link to their story

46th City Council District Video Debate!

On Tuesday, Sheepshead Bites and GerritsenBeach.net sponsored the first blog-hosted political debate in New York City, rounding up candidates for the 46th City Council District. The debate featured incumbent Lew Fidler (D), Gene Berardelli (R), and Derek Sacerdote (L) with Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association President George Broadhead serving as moderator. The 46th […]

D-Day is Saturday…. Halloween In Gerritsen Beach

This Saturday is D-Day in Gerritsen Beach: Halloween! Halloween is usually trouble for any car, bus, city worker or delivery driver, and of course, any store front on Gerritsen Avenue. Gerrtisen Beach is so notoriously hazardous on Halloween that the MTA refuses to allow the B31 bus to continue past Ave U through […]

ETO Creek Disaster

Our good friends Stephen Jemal and ETO have been up to no good lately.

First, A boat sank while docked on Stephen Jemals property at the old riveria marina and as a result the gas and oil leaked into the creek. The coast guard was notified and filed a report. Separately, On the […]

NYC District 46: Debate to be Hosted by SheepsheadBites.com and GerritsenBeach.net!

Sheepshead Bites and  GerritsenBeach.net are producing the first debate hosted by local bloggers in New York City. We’ve drawn together the three candidates running for the 46th City Council District, including the sitting councilman, Assistant Majority Leader Lew Fidler. The 45-minute debate will be taped tomorrow afternoon, and then streamed on both sites […]

Seba Avenue Park Expansion to Force Out Larry Veling Scoreboard

[Soil Sample Truck – October 23rd 2009)

With the future extension of Seba Avenue Park with Phase II (Comfort Station) and what GerritsenBeach.net will call Phase III (sprinklers) the Larry Veling scoreboard based at the Little League Field will be forced to be moved.

Moved where is the question the Little League and […]

The UA “IMAX” is not actually IMAX

The United Artist movie theater in Sheepshead Bay months back (somewhere around the star trek release) added I-MAX to its venue. The theater was opened in an attempt to draw more audiences and give Sheepshead Bay access to IMAX. The question is, “Is it the real I-MAX?”

Turns out…The screen is just slightly […]

Vollies: Atlantic City Fundraiser Trip

Saturday, November 21st 2009

$35 per person

9am – 9pm

All guests recieve $15 Cash and $5 food voucher Cathy 718-769-4448

Belt Parkway Rain Runoff Pouring into Creek

At the last property owners meeting it was brought up that there is a pipe across from kiddie beach, connected to the parkway, that has water pouring out of it during and after rain storms draining into the creek.

If true this is true this would be in violation of federal law. Highway […]

Residents Concerns Over “Traffic Calming” Bike Lanes Dismissed by DOT

DOT August 2009 Gerritsen Avenue

Councilman Lew Fidler recently held a meeting held to have the community input their voices into what would be the new Gerritsen Avenue north of avenue U.

The DOT plan includes installing bike lanes, making the lanes narrower, and of course a single lane (north and south) with a wide median ending at Nostrand Avenue. This has all designed to slow down traffic for good reason too, the average speed on Gerritsen Avenue according to their published reports is 40-50MPH.

With all of the elected officials and community leaders in the room the main concern at the meeting was the addition of bike lanes. Everyone agreed that they were a bad idea. The meeting argued against them citing amongst other things that no one would use them, and safety concerns because Cars, Trucks, and Buses would be sharing a lane along with the bikes. They even suggested Stewart and Burnett streets as viable alternates for bike lanes.. Commissioner Palmieri informed the group that the bike lanes would remain, as proposed, effectively brushing the room off. Since that is the way that they were designated in the “master plan”, designed approximately 10 years ago. Councilman Fidler said that this is unacceptable, and urged Borough Commissioner Palmieri to speak with NYC DOT Commissioner Sadik-Khan, stating that this could be revised cooperatively or through legislation that he would introduce as early as next week, if necessary.

It should be noted that these changes were scheduled to have already been installed. However, Councilman Fidler insisted that no work be done until the community was able to review the proposal.

Here are some notes sent in by Councilman Lew Fidlers office of the concerns of the people in attendance.
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Marine Park Halloween Walk 2009


This years Halloween walk was a mixed bag of fun and some disappointment. Disappointing only because the threat of rain forced the walk inside the nature center, and not on a trail like it was in previous years.

Fortunately enough…all of the volunteers stepped up and played the hand they were dealt offering the community a great event.

Once inside the nature center Marine Park Civic was offering free group pictures that they would print for you on the spot.

Local politicians State Senator Marty Golden and Councilman Lew Fidler were handing out apples and candy. After getting candy and apples for the kids, family’s walked into the nature center yard where characters were, then out the path to the street with more characters along the way.

Photo Gallery

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Doreen Greenwood Office Transplant

Doreen Greenwood’s Real estate office has moved next door to the newly finished buildings next door.

Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Meeting Roundup

[The good parts of the meeting]

On Wednesday October 7th (and every first wednesday) the property owners held their meeting in the St. James basement.

It was a normal meeting nothing out of the ordinary. Except here are some things to note.

The Bantry Bar is now a cause for major concern within […]

Knights of Columbus: Oktoberfest Family Day


The Knights of Columbus Rev. Edward J. Matthews Council No 5989 held it’s annual Oktoberfest/Family Day Saturday October 10th 2009.

Complete Photo Gallery!

It was a great event, complete with German Ompa Band, Brats, and Rides!

More importantly spiderman from Dan’s 5k Fun Run returned to dance to michael jacksons thriller and play with the children.


Venom also showed up (spiderman’s rival) for an epic battle which the children loved.

Click Read more for more pictures!
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Breaking: Shooting In Gerritsen Beach

Gerritsen Beach resident Bill Dunphy, was shot in the leg while standing outside his car on Burnett Street and Whitney Avenue at approximately 1:15 p.m.

Bill Dunphy Sr. explained that he was standing on Burnett and was shot “maybe…..somewhere from the weeds”. and then he was able to drive home to Aster […]