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Flock on the Block


Madoc and Cyrus

For the past few months residents living in the Madoc and Cyrus Avenue areas have become overwhelmed by large flocks of pigeons. The pigeons are settling on roofs and utility cables creating “dirty” conditions, damaging cars below and giving a Hitchcock feel to the area.

According to residents, someone may be feeding the pigeon’s bird seed every day. As a result this is keeping the birds around as they sit perched up waiting to be fed. Pigeon numbers are dictated by the extent of available food.

Some of the residents are having a difficult time trying to wash the birds droppings from their windshield’s every morning as they leave for work. One car looked as if it were hit by a white paint ball drive by of some sort, as the front windshield was covered in a complete mess. Others are recommending that if you plan on walking by to have an umbrella handy to avoid droppings.

The pigeons also seem to be spreading out in different areas such as Cyrus and Hymen Court which according to residents, there are now about 25-30 pigeons sitting on roofs in that area.

Pigeons are rarely found in small communities like Gerritsen Beach. They’re usually seen in busier areas where food is available, like Kings Highway and Manhattan.

Although it is not illegal to feed pigeons on the street or in city parks (unless it is posted otherwise for a specific area), well-meaning pigeon lovers realize that unlimited feeding on a regular basis causes overpopulation.

Residents were also concerned about disease but after researching; the New York City Department of Health has no documented cases of communicable disease transmitted from pigeons to humans.

As there is no telling how long this invasion is going to last, residents are already discussing calling the A.S.P.C.A in an attempt to air out and get rid of the “flying rats” once and for all.


Madoc and Cyrus

107 comments to Flock on the Block

  • Sexton Hardcastle

    I will gladly offer my services as a pigeon hunter, with my bee bee gun if the good citizens of madoc ave pay a small fee.

  • poppajoe

    Bee Bee Guns ae a wonderfull solution to pests……..

  • Anonymous

    I hate those flying rats! Kill them all :P


    A B.B.Gun would take time, you gotta handle this in a practical manner.. A single 12 guage buck shot at the right angle should do the job. Then maybe another at the idiot feeding them. Good Luck!!

  • Andy

    Well-meaning (I am sure) but ignorant bird lovers breed rats and kill more pigeons (through overpopulation and resulting outbreaks of disease) than they feed. This is a big problem in Sheepsheadbay where people leave bread along the bay and on many occasions I saw a rat or two helping itselft to the leftovers otherwise ignored by birds.

  • Diann

    Birdie, Birdie in the sky…..WHY YOU DO THAT IN MY EYE?

  • JenJie

    I don’t mind them. They’re just birds. It’s not fair to call them vermin when they don’t transmit any diseases to people (unlike rats, which are mammals). Besides, it’s lovely to see them fly as a flock. Wallace Stevens described them in his famous poem, Sunday Morning: “And, in the isolation of the sky/ At evening, casual flocks of pigeons make/ Ambiguous undulations as they sink/ Downward to darkness, on extended wings.”

  • tisIsaidthefly

    I can’t believe that threats of animal cruelty are being made here
    and not only is it not being discouraged but the webmaster even
    seems to be encouraging it, calling these
    poor birds flying rats. For so many years now people have been
    trying to say that pigeons carry all sorts of disease – well they can’t say
    that anymore so here’s the next indictment – pigeons
    “bring rats etc.” How ridiculous. They’re actually no “dirtier” than
    any other birds but just a little bigger. Otherwise, they do almost
    all the same things as starlings, Robins, sparrows, and mourning
    doves etc. Often you’ll even see them all gather in the same place
    competing for the same food. But for some reason only the pigeons
    are singled out for criticism. Now true, I can’t say what the deal
    might be in your lovely neighborhood, but here in NYC, the truth
    is that if it weren’t for the garbage the pigeons eat, THERE WOULD
    BE TEN TIMES MORE FOR THE RATS. I suggest they aren’t there
    because someone is feeding them and they won’t disappear if it
    stops. Isn’t it better to have healthy well fed
    birds around instead of starving sickly ones? Last but not least,
    it is my opinion that the unhappier some people are, the more
    inclined they are to hate defenseless groups like pigeons etc.
    Yes – the pigeons caused my last divorce and they foreclosed on
    my home too – all because of those rotten birds.

  • tisIsaidthefly

    how miserable would someone have to be to
    come to a public forum and threaten to start
    exterminating birds with bb guns? In particular,
    a bb gun would probably not even kill the birds
    but just hurt them badly so they can go off to
    die a long and agonizingly slow death. How wretched
    is that? No character – that’s what I say – a person
    like that has no character. Oh and in case you forgot,
    it is NOT legal to be cruel to animals.

  • Anonymous

    I live on Hymen court and feed the birds daily! Have yet to see a rat, but have seen some beautiful birds as well as pigeons.

  • Bill B.


    I am a bit confused. What exactly is the problem? You are concerned about some pigeons? Are you actually serious? In these times–or any times, for that matter–if the biggest problem in your life is that there appear to be some pigeons hanging around your neighborhood, then I would suggest that you have a very fortunate life indeed. I mean, with all due respect, is your life so free of troubles that in order to find something–anything–to complain about that a bunch of harmless pigeons is the best you can do?

    What, again, is the worst-case scenario with having some pigeons in your neighborhood? That they might poop on your car? Here is a helpful tip that you may not have been aware of: if there is something you don’t want on your car such as pigeon poop, you can always wash the poop off. I have a car. I have had pigeons poop on my car before. It washes off quite harmlessly. It is bird poop, not permanent paint or battery acid or toxic waste. If you apply some water, it completely is washed away, leaving behind no trace it was ever there! I have also stepped into dog poop left behind by uncaring owners, and that is unpleasant, but, again, guess what? It washes off. If you are seriously concerned about avoiding all contact with animals and the inevitable waste left behind, perhaps you should move into a hermetically-sealed shopping mall and never go outside. Again, is this really the most pressing issue you have to worry about?

    Pigeons are birds. They are not rats. They do not bite. They do not spread disease. Mostly, pigeons eat, coo, make little pigeons and, yes, poop. It would seem to me that it would take approximately 12,657,854,304 pigeons all pooping precisely on Madoc and Cyrus Avenues to cause a significant pigeon poop problem. Here’s another tip which I have found works wonderfully 100% of the time: if you don’t want to be bothered by pigeons, leave them alone and they will leave you alone. Not to repeat too much, but if this is really your most pressing concern, I would strongly urge you to write a book about your apparently worry and trouble-free life so that other, less fortunate folks who have somewhat more urgent concerns can get in on the secret.

    If someone else wants to feed the pigeons, then I guess since we live in a country called “America” where we have something called “freedom,” those folks can do so. As you pointed out, there is no law against the feeding of pigeons. While I may not choose to feed pigeons myself, since I live in a free country, if someone else chooses to, then I should at least respect their choice. That’s part of the point. We are not all supposed to agree on everything, but we are supposed to respect other folks’ rights. And, it seems to me that someone feeding some pigeons is a pretty small issue. From what you wrote, you indicated that you seem to be concerned that the pigeons would a) poop (which we already covered); b) create a “dirty” atmosphere(what does that mean???); and c)(my personal favorite) “giving a Hitchcock feel to the area.” I am guessing here that the reference to Hitchcock refers to the movie “The Birds” in which birds attacked humanity for some unexplained reason. However, my recollection of that movie is that there are no pigeons in the movie at all. There are, I believe some lovebirds, crows, seagulls and sparrows but I don’t remember any pigeons. Perhaps that is because pigeons, even lots and lots and lots and lots of pigeons couldn’t hurt anyone even if they got it into their heads to try. Although, perhaps there was a section of the movie that was cut out where pigeons attempted to work together and poop someone to death, but I am somewhat dubious.

    While the person who wrote the post should certainly be commended for his/her (anonymous, I might add) concern for the neighborhood, perhaps that laudable inclination would be better served actually targeted toward a REAL problem or challenge instead of complaining about a bunch of harmless birds.


    Bill B.

    • unknown

      @Bill B.,

      when you live where they poop all over your car day in and day out then you can say they are just birds and that they are not dirty….

      • BillB


        Good comment, “unknown.” Yes, I live in an alternative universe with no animals, no birds and no poop of any kind. Have I ever found bird poop on my car in the morning? Yes. Was I happy about it? Not especially. Did I run to the internet to complain about the avian menace that is destroying my car? Um, no. Honestly, don’t you folks have anything better to do with your lives than worry about a few birds? Maybe you could donate some time to a homeless shelter (it’s a goody way of keeping those disgusting homeless folks out of the precious neighborhood, don’t you know?), or volunteer for your favorite charity. Failing that, perhaps you can get a hobby. Take a walk. Get some fresh air. The world is not such a bad place. You live better than 99% of the humans in the world. 99%. Think about it, and then complain because you have some bird poop on your car.

    • GET

      @Bill B., billy maybe if you live in a clean neighborhood like we do you would understand that we like to keep it that way, and maybe we should wish for you to have lots of pigeon shit all over you, your house, and you car … EVERYDAY

  • tisIsaidthefly

    Oh Bill B – you are a man after my own heart. I am laughing my head off.
    “Giving a hitchcock feel to the neighborhood indeed LOLOLOL.” If some
    of these people would like to have a Hitchcock feel – I know some really
    horrible people who could come to your neighborhood and quickly make
    everyone forget all about the pigeons.

  • Hey! That's my house!

    I would first like to explain that I started to feed the birds this summer after one of our neighbors who renovated his house and left the soffets open for many months and suddenly decided to close them up in around mid July. The problem was that by this time there were many, many nests of Sparrows and Starlings in the space between the roof and the siding. No problem for him. He just threw the nests to the ground, 3 stories. It was one of the saddest things I had ever seen. There were well over 20 nests. There were dead and severely injured baby birds all over the ground. The parent birds screaming and flying around unable to do anything. Frantic.
    Some were just under the age of flight. I tried to explain to him that once the babies could fly that they would all leave the nest and not come back. (Birds don’t actually LIVE in nests, they just nest when they are rearing young.) He claimed to not know what I was talking about, denied that there were nests. This as I was holding a baby Starling in my hands. The worst came the next day when I realized that he had closed up the soffets with baby and adult birds inside as well. I guess they were the ones that he couldn’t reach. The parent birds were flying into the side of the house trying to get at their babies that were starving to death inside. So that is when I started to buy seed and feed them. To me, it was the only thing that I could do to try and make up for this horrible carnage. To make up for people who exist in this world who are capable of such evil, senseless cruelty. I was completly suprised by the pigeons. I had no idea that there were any in the beach except for those kept in coops. But they are just birds. They are actually the worlds earliest domesticated animals, much earlier than dogs and cats. They were domesticated and then abandoned. Thats why they are not as afraid of humans as other birds. I only feed them once a day. After I do, they pretty much leave, sometimes a few come back and peck around at the ground, trying to find anything that they missed in the am. There are other people on Cyrus who feed the birds too. Their only crime is that they are hungry. As far as the car that looked like it was paintballed, it was probably ours. It’s funny that not one of my neighbors has ever said anything to us. Deciding instead to do this anonymous public forum. I have a good idea who it was. They don’t even live on Cyrus, but the wife runs by with her hands over her head, some kind of irrational fear of birds, I guess. Oh well. And oh yeah, to KDunne, why don’t you just c’mon down and bring your shotgun with you. We’re waiting.

    • Hey! That's my house!

      @Hey! That’s my house!, Oh, and to the people who drive as fast as they can from the end of Cyrus, TRYING to run over the birds, SHAME ON YOU!!! Gerrittsen Cares?????? Bad Karma. Very bad Karma.

    • Anonymous

      @Hey! That’s my house!,

      I don’t think its a horrible thing to feed birds but the problem is it is just not fair for your neighbors to feed any kinds of animals because of the annoyance given to everyone around you. I think now that you know it bothers people it should be time to call it quits. Its just not fair to do in a small neighborhood like ours.
      Just go back weeds if you want to feed some birds the horrible carnage is over.

  • Andy

    bird poop is actually quite acidic and may leave marks on your car’s clearcoat

  • LAB

    I am a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. This article is replete with mistakes (and grammatical errors).

    For example, this quote is not accurate: “[W]ell-meaning pigeon lovers realize that unlimited feeding on a regular basis causes overpopulation.” In their book _Feral Pigeons_, the ornithologists Johnston and Janiga cite several studies that show that feeding by humans does not cause over population. Moreover, the U.S. Geological Survey’s annual bird census actually shows the population of feral pigeons in New York State is steadily declining.

    Feral pigeons are not “flying rats” and it is time to put that tired old insult to bed. Many famous New Yorkers have loved pigeons: Andy Warhol (artist), Nikola Tesla (scientist), Mike Tyson (athlete), and Bert (Sesame Street puppet) to name a few. And many other ordinary folks are delighted by the presence of wildlife in the city. Seeing birds makes me happy and I wish I lived in the house in the picture. It’s too bad when a few curmudgeons try to ruin the fun just because of some water-soluble poo–next thing you’ll be threatening to cut down the city’s trees so that you aren’t faced with a “difficult time trying” to rake the leaves off your lawns.

  • tisIsaidthefly

    Dear Andy – I can assure you I don’t feed the pigeons bread. It isn’t good for them you see
    and can actually cause yeast infections not to mention bread isn’t very nutritious for pigeons.
    I do feed pigeons but not in your neighborhood. I feed them in NYC and I feed them seeds
    which are appropriate for pigeons.

  • Denise Breslin

    OH MY GOD — do the words “get a life” resonate with you people. I’m sure you all consider yourselves good people, go to church, etc. How do you live with your cruelty toward innocent birds. Bee Bee guns, shooting pigeons — what is wrong with you??? Are you hypocrites or just cruel or both. I find pigeons are worthy of humane treatment as are other animals. Maybe skip the beer and get a grip and look into yourselves to see what you really are about. Do any of you care about any animals anywhere? Serial killers start out by abusing animals. Check out your neighbors — who knows, right?

    Really I am shocked and dismayed by the amount of effort and venom in this persecution of both pigeons and people who care about them.

    There are many many causes that could use some elbow grease and some fire in the gut.

    Why don’t you direct your anger and hard heartedness against those who are the real villains in this world. Or is this all just an excuse for you to be mean and not have to commit to doing anything worthwhile.

    Shame on the bunch of you. You shouldn’t be allowed in civil society.

  • Twyla

    I think many people in the city grow up hating pigeons and don’t even really know why. It’s actually an interesting (and disturbing!) example of how bias develops.

    Cleaning poop off one’s car is a pain in the butt, but not something that makes one want to kill. Dog poop is soooooo much more disgusting and pervasive. Why do you pigeon haters hate pigeons? Do you know anyone who has ever been afflicted with a disease borne by a pigeon?

    I didn’t know much of anything about pigeons or even particularly care until I rescued one that had been hit by a car. Then, my life changed forever!

    • Sexton Hardcastle

      @Twyla, Bird flu check move to you sir!

    • Hey! That's my house!

      @Twyla, I wish you had been around a few days ago. One of my “neighbors” ran one over in front of my house. I guess I should be glad it doesn’t happen more often, G-d knows they try to run them over all the time. Usually, they get out of the way quickly enough, but this one didn’t and died in agony. I don’t understand that kind of hatred and cruelty. I never have. I never will.

  • Sexton Hardcastle

    Good lord do you people take everything anyone says on this site soo serious!!!
    I know this is the internet but sarcasm and humor can still be expressed through the written word. My posting name is Sexton Hardcastle for Christs sake. Your gonna turn a thread about pigeons into a God damn PETA movement give me a god damn break. Everyone needs to relax, and just have fun. Maybe ill go out and club some baby seals to calm down, ” Oooooohh was he serious” “He must be because he wrote it down in the intrawebs” OOOOOOOO I’m in trouble now.

  • Beachwalker

    FYI- pigeons carry neither Bird Flu or West Nile Virus.

    • unknown


      so what if the pigeons don’t carry either one of those viruses.. what about those who have to deal with them everyday….all you people who say those complaining about the pigeons have no lives, are not dealing with it ..such as roofs being destroyed and cars always having to be washed(daily) not to mentioned the poop all over the streets, baby carriages and baby toys left in our yards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I don't get it??

        @unknown, Why would you leave baby toys, and carriages outside in your yard? All kinds of birds, seagulls, geese fly over all day, not to mention cats and racoons and possums etc. Don’t you worry about your child contracting ringworm or any other conditions that these may cause? Roofs aren’t destroyed by birds, everyone all over the world who has a roof over their head would be complaining. Thats just absurd.

  • The New Dutch Cat

    Maybe if someone will bring me there I can live off the birds instead of living in the aisles of the store.

  • Richard Grayson

    A pigeon sent me to the ER the weekend before last. I was sitting with a friend from Sheepshead Bay in a small park in the East Village under a tree when droppings fell on me. They hit the inside of my glasses and bounced into my eye. It burned a lot, but I got an eyewash at the drugstore and thought I could get rid of the burning. But it never let up, and the next day I went to the emergency room at the NY Eye & Ear Infirmary. It turned out I had an allergic reaction to the pigeon shit which resulted in a case of conjunctivitis.

  • Nick Lak

    Point the volleys horn at them.

  • Anonymous

    I would not be happy if these pigeons were roosting on my house. Bird poop is disgusting to clean up, especially if it were all over the front of my house. I have no idea if the droppings carry disease … it is really just disgusting and ugly to look at.

    I also would not want to do anything to hurt the birds. There has to be a way to discourage their roosting without hurting them.

    • Al

      It’s easy to keep pigeons off a building. In fact, only the cheapest and simplest methods work. On the other hand, if you kill them, you make room for other pigeons to roost.

      Wire spikes (plastic are better), wire stretched & over posts (check them out at MSG), and electric strips, which don’t hurt the pigeons (they work like electric fences where 1 strand of wire keeps cows in the field).

  • tisIsaidthefly

    Richard – I’m sorry you were so unfortunate regarding the bird poop. I just want to relate another little
    story that’s similar to yours. I too was in a lovely park in the East Village – it was Indian summer and I
    was enjoying the last of the green leaves when all of a sudden out of nowhere came a wicked thin
    waisted wasp! That beast was enraged to start with and got even angrier when it somehow found itself
    trapped between my sunglasses and my eye. I ripped off my glasses, hoping to provide it with a means
    of escape so it wouldn’t sting me but alas, it was too late. Bam – I got it right on the corner of my eyelid.
    The perils of nature I guess.

  • tisIsaidthefly

    by the way – I wish the reporter responsible for this biased story (and photograph) would
    have taken a more attractive photo of the house. It’s very well kept with lovely window
    boxes filled with trails of flowers. Every home should be so pleasant to see.

    • Hey! That's my house

      @tisIsaidthefly, Thank you, and although the birds roost on top there isn’t any bird poop collecting on it anywhere, I guess the rain washes it off the roof, maybe it even helps the flowers grow! Maybe next someone will complain about the butterflies.

  • Enough is enough

    Jeez, you’d think I was a serial killer and not just someone who feeds and enjoys the birds. I have been feeding the birds for as long as I have lived here, so do many other people both on Cyrus and everywhere else. As I mentioned before, the pigeons showed up this summer when I started to put out seed. I was suprised, but it made me feel better to do something for them. I think people owe birds something, we have taken away their food sources and their habitats. We kill them for pleasure, and at our convienience. Pigeons are among the smartest of birds and they get such a bum rap, mostly because they just like to hang out with each other. They are family. They mate for life and the generations stay together. People domesticated them and then abandoned them. That’s why they are friendly. What you see isn’t what I see. But enough is enough. When News 12 was outside my house today I wouldn’t speak to them because there is no story. The news person couldn’t even find birds to photograph, so they had to use GB>nets footage. But of course someone else did. She pointed to one lone bird on top of her next door neighbors house, someone who, I might add, also feeds the birds, and bemoaned the terrible conditions. What bothers me most is that since July when the pigeons started to come not 1 person came and said, “could you please stop feeding the birds?” Not one. Not to me, not to my husband. As a matter of fact, this summer i bought I a bird feeder to hang in my yard. Only the sparrows ate at it. I filled it only a couple of times and then heard that same neighbor complaining to someone loudly about the birds in her tree, that they were pooping on her deck, and I never filled it again. Why couldn’t you just act like adults and say something? Did you think that seeing you trying to run them over was going to do it? Did you have to turn it into the news story of the century? Have people threatening to COME AND SHOOT ME, Have you had your 15 minutes? The problem now is that they pretty much leave after I feed them but they will be hanging around all day if I don’t. I have been told it’s best to ween them off for a few days. Cut each day by half. Would that be acceptable? Could my kind, compassionate neighbors give it a few days?

    • GB Neighbor

      @Enough is enough, I live in the Beach and happen to know the person you are talking about and maybe you should get your facts straight, she never pointed a finger at you… Channel 12 news showed up one day knocking on doors asking about these pigeons, Really, wasnt that big a deal… No one was looking for “15 mins” of fame … thats sounds just ridiculous , I think you are taking this alittle too far, She simply said that there are alot of them, and yes maybe at the time there was “one lone bird” on the rooftop but as we know there are alot more usually, Here nor there, she just gave her opinion on the recent flock that has formed, Should she be dragged through the mud for giving her opinion??? Something else you should know is that channel 12 news cut up her interview and added things she DID NOT even say… she never complained about anyone feeding the birds, If you seen the interview THE REPORTER said that not her…she is an animal lover herself, and has no reason to cause problems among her neighbors… This a truly a sad story and has all been a misunderstanding that has gotten way out of control… And just for the record i am someone who is also an animal lover and wouldnt want to see anyone trying to run over these birds, that is just terrible… But we are all neighbors living in a good neighborhood and should get along, Like i said this has been a misunderstanding you really shouldnt be pointing fingers at one person.

      • Animal Lover

        @GB Neighbor, yeah, when i pass their house and the door is open you see the heads of some kind of little animals with antlers hanging on the wall and i always think wow they must really be animal lovers.

      • Hey! Thats my house

        @GB Neighbor, I had really hoped that by me completly agreeing to stop feeding the birds, that this would be over, but after checking this today, I see that not only is it continuing, but really degrading into a free for all. I just wish that before someone (?) contacted GB.net, that they would have simply asked us to stop feeding them. This didn’t start with news 12. It all would have been much simpler, and caused alot less pain all around. I am not obsessed, if I were I would continue to feed them because there is no law or ordinance that prevents it. But I DO respect and like all my neighbors, and wouldn’t do that. I am not the only person who feeds them, but since it was my house up on GB.net as well as on the news, you can’t blame me for feeling singled out. Dragged through the mud? Believe me, I’m the one being dragged through the mud. I know first hand about how the news cuts up interviews and tries to make news where there isn’t any. That’s why I wouldn’t speak to them. I agree that my neighbor is an animal lover. She loves her dogs very much and they love her back. She and the rest of her family have always been kind to strays, helped find owners of missing pets and have been kind and accepting of mine. That’s why I kind of don’t understand why this couldn’t have been handled differently. Please, can’t this just be over? I have stopped feeding them and although they are still hanging around my house hoping that I’ll change my mind, I have been assured that they will stop in a few days.

        • denise

          @Hey! Thats my house,

          To all of Gerritsen Beach:
          I am the person who gave that interview to the news, which I am sure most of you know who I am. Just for the record I would like to state I was not the person who contacted either the GB.net or the news. As for my neighbor we have never had a problem before nor should this cause one. I would like to say that I appreciate the fact that you do know I am an animal lover and would never hurt an animal of any type..This is all blown way out of context and I made a comment to the news never mentioning a person’s name, address etc. I didn’t think this warranted a prior conversation, because it wasn’t that big of a deal. It wasn’t til recent the amount of pigeons increased and when the news knocked on my door ( in which I have no idea how they got informed about the pigeons) they asked what I thought and I replied. Again never mentioning why I thought the pigeons were here such as a neighbor feeding them. That never came from my mouth. For anyone who knows me I am the first person to help with hurt or missing animals and I myself would be pissed if I saw someone trying to purposely kill the pigeons..As I said to the news I just don’t really care for them and there are just too many. I do not want people pigeon hunting of any sort…This all needs to stop. The are so many more things in life to worry about, then this. Have a great weekend.

  • tisIsaidthefly

    shame on all you petty minded people. it’s a sad day when it’s okay for folks to leave huge mounds
    of dog poo around, but don’t feed a couple of pigeons who might coo a few times or make a tiny speck
    poo here and there. Yes – pigeon poo – strong enough to knock down whole cities and kill entire
    populations with disease. suuuuure. so tell me, what else do ya’ll do out there to have fun when you’re
    not having witch hunts and lynch mobs? Too bad you couldn’t be nice to people and show some appreciation
    to God for the good luck you’ve all had to live in such a nice area.

    • yes


      I have to agree about the dog poop. It is so disgusting and everywhere in this area.The pigeons are just here for whatever reason.no one owns them. But the dog crap by dogs with owners is so disgusting.i wish the poop scoop law was enforced in GB area.the city could make a fortune off the tickets given to those who do not clean up after their dogs.when you walk your children to school its almost an obstacle course of crap.

  • Nick Lak

    Channel 12?? Really?

  • cyrus ave resident

    Just so you all know channel 12 news came knocking on the doors to everyone on cyrus and madoc. know one in that area called them to give them a story or complain not one of the people who lived there complained that somebody is feeding the birds.they just were talking about the pigeons in general being there.channel 12 news just asked some questions and they were answered, know body pointed the finger at anyone person feeding them nor, does anybody really care, but they would just like the pigeons to leave.

    • Beachwalker

      @cyrus ave resident, Wow, that is one of the most illiterate posts anyone has ever left. No wonder people from outside the Beach who read this blog bring up Deliverance!! You can practically hear the Dueling Banjos!! How embarrassed we should all be at this nonsense! I have always defended GB to all the people who post negative things about us, people from Marine Park etc. who look down upon us, but this is just so ridiculous. Bagels, if your out there, you have my most sincere apologies, you may have been right, (about everything except Victoria :0) I hope that the pigeons stay and shit on all the ignorant white trash and their cars.

      • cyrus ave resident

        @Beachwalker, pshh and u call me a dueling banjo. go have urself another glass a wine miss and mind ur bussiness. dueling banjoe? hahahahaha asshole

      • kay

        @Beachwalker, The only trash is YOU “BEACHWALKER”… If you have nothing better to do than to sit at your computer and correct grammer written about this story YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE… hahahaha …. LOSER, it doesnt even concern you, And by the way do beachgoers a favor and DO NOT defend us… we do t need a loser like you to even be associated with our neighborhood… now go out and get yourself a life…

  • Catherine

    I have an easy solution…how about going to the fields and feeding them there, making everyone happy. As far as “the people who drive fast from the end of Cyrus Avenue who intenionally try to run the birds over”..or whatever you said, I live at the end of Cyrus. Nobody here tries to run the birds over. We aren’t cruel if that is what you are implying. We used to feed the birds ourselves until tons of pigeons started coming around. We would then find the birds ripped to shreads in our yards because the cats hunt them. This whole situation is ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    first of all beachwalker, stop the nonsense, your just making things worse. this is ridiculous, its just a story. leave the pigeons alone leave the residents along and just shut up already. i think the residents living on cyrus ave can handle this situation like adults and get over it because its not a big deal. whatever happened to peace and love? you dont get that much anymore. maybe we should stop and think about the important things in life..

  • Hey! That's my house

    Well, Catherine, the time for easy solutions would have been before all this. I woke up the other day, went to GB.net to post some free appliances, wanting to help someone out. Can you even begin to imagine my shock at seeing my house as the “big story”? We are quiet, low key people, mind our own business and just want to live in peace. I’m sure that if I began to feed them in the fields I wouldn’t be making everyone happy. I’m sure that other people would complain and if the pigeons started to hang out up there they would be vulnerable to the BB guns and other assinine cruelty. On the big news12 story, it was said that there are “hundreds of them, more every day.” Thats was a lie. There is one flock of about 30-40 birds. The same ones every day. And as far as people trying to run them over, sad but true, and they have been successful at least twice. One was still alive and I brought it to a rehabber. One wing had to be amputated and that bird is now living in a sanctuary where no one will hurt it again. It’s not a matter of aiming for them as much as going too fast for them to get out of the way,( and I know they can be slow moving sometimes), and having a complete indifference to running them over. You’ll know who they are. They are the ones that say,”I hate pigeons.” I don’t understand people who would go to great lengths to rescue one type of bird, but hate and harm another. Maybe you can explain it to me. But as far as I’m concerned, this is over. By this weekend I won’t be putting any more seed in front of the house. I will go back to using the birdfeeder in my yard, but the pigeons don’t use that so just about everybody should be happy. Except the pigeons.

  • Beachwalker

    To concerned, Watch out!
    They don’t like it when you correct their spelln’. lol

    • Anonymous

      Ha ha!!! I have seen.

    • Hawk

      @Beachwalker, The woman who is feeding these pigeons and caused so much trouble for all her neighbors sounds to me like maybe she flew the coop herself… can we say OBSESSED ???

    • Giabombo

      @Beachwalker, Beachwalker more like “Beach STALKER” LOLLOLOLOL I think we could all care less, if you want to spend your day correcting spelling, but really what kind of life do you have ??? YOU ARE MAKING A FOOL OUT OF YOURSELF LOLOLOL over some comment that was made, and your name “beachwalker” is all over thos story, when you should just let the residents of cyrus ave deal with the crazy bird lady… hears a tip being that you like going on your computer to do usless things all day… ok ready… go to http://www.getalifeyouloser.com

    • kay

      @Beachwalker, By the way take notice to how i spelled “thos” =THIS and “hears”=HERE’S. I thought maybe i would help make your day be giving you something to correct

  • Pigeons taste like chicken


    Remove the neck and giblets from the cavity (use the neck, gizzard, and heart for stock; use the liver for stuffing). Marinate as desired overnight, refrigerated.
    To grill, split in half through the breastbone, flatten, and grill skin side down until medium and golden brown in color, then turn and grill on the other side briefly, about 30 minutes total.

  • Anonymous

    OMG you all should be ashamed of yourselves… it was just an interview, now this is ridiculous, going back and forth… looking in people house’s … pointing fingers at one another… just let it go already the poor girl gave an interview with a local new station, let it go already… you people are all pathedic

  • Anonymous

    i agree. the women in the interview just answered questions. leave it be. its just birds!!!

  • GB resident

    Yeah, Isn’t it amazing that people on cyrus would rip someone apart for feeding birds and totally ignore all the other crap that goes on day after day? Priorities people! I just knew someone was gonna call it Pigeon-gate! It was quite a flap!! Couldn’t resist!

  • Anonymous

    Get some owl decoys and put them on the roofs of the houses that the pigeons like to hang around. They will leave the area because they will not want to become the owls next meal. Only thing is, the owl decoy might attract crows.

  • Beach Sucks

    Organizing a Pigeon Hunt this Wed come one come all. Bring your paintball guns (White Paint please this way be can blame the mess on the Flying Rats). Prizes for all. All dead pigeons will be thrown through the wood chipper to supply fertilizer for the new tree to plant on Noel. All Proceeds will go to the Vollies to Raise there Horn 50′ higher and to install bigger horns. We will be mustering behind PS277 where we will have the keg staged.

    Giabombo Didn’t your mom take the wrap for selling drugs back in the days for your guys?

    What happend to Hanna the Bird Lady on Bartlett.

    • Anonymous

      @Beach Sucks, YOUR’E AN IDIOT

    • Anonymous

      @Beach Sucks,

      you are an idiot…..what would bringing up something like that do…..this is exactly why this entire neighborhood is talked about as if we are trash…bringing up things like that and naming people is pretty much a low life thing to do. these people have children, grandchildren, etc……everyone makes mistakes

      • bagels

        @,I kind of like the idea. It’s seems like it would be possible to solve some of GB’s major debacles in one fell poop……. sorry, my bad, I meant swoop.

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