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Dan’s 5k Fun Run 2009


What a gorgeous day for this event!

Dan Fosters 5k Fun Run and Walk is now in its 7th year event and this year had over 250 participants.

The Brooklyn Borough presidents office, declared todays Dan Fosters 5K Run Day

Benny, from Victorias gave a small speech

and senator Golden came literally running in from the Irish fair, jokingly winning the run. He gave a good send off to Dan Foster and the runners.

Spiderman was even on hand for the race but instead of racing he would jump out and run with the children. This was definitely a highlight.

All in all everyone was very happy, except for one person who can’t help but call GerritsenBeach.net a “little sleazeball” for coverage of the 9-11 memorial service.(video)

Here are the results of the race!

Top Three Male:

  1. Matthew Bilgore 20:57
  2. Gregory Bianco 21:30
  3. Eddie Demaio 21:40

Top Three Female

  1. Kelly Friedman 23:44
  2. Jessica Staniszewski 24:13
  3. Johanna Wilson 24:41


  • Under 9: Joseph Coffee 29:07
  • 10-12: Brendan Maloney* 28:30
  • 13-15 Shane Blundell 23:01
  • 16-19 Patrick Kirk 24:02
  • 20-29 Brendan Fogarty 23:20
  • 30-39 Christopher Foster 23:44
  • 40-49 Jim Hayden 22:02
  • 50-59 Sal Rosina 22:19
  • 60-69 Brian Culley 24:00;
  • 70+ George Broadhead 41:12.


  • 10-12 Kaelyn Edwards 33:47
  • 13-15 Shannon Miller* 34:48
  • 16-19 Katie Burke 50:48
  • 20-29 Jenna Demaio 32:00
  • 30-39 Linda Cappiello 31:48
  • 40-49 Donna Denver 27:29
  • 50-59 Elicia Breen 28:07
  • 60-69 Lauren Olsen 47:38
  • 70+ Claire Ackerina 1:02:53.

Squire’s Trophy: Michael parker 31:07
Gerritsen Beach Rat: Jessica Staniszewski

* These were the trophy recipients announced at the Post Race Party: Due to omitted ages on the finish tags John John Sarubbi with a time of 26:00 won the 10-12 male and waill receive a trophy and Kristen Zwosta with a time under 29 minutes was first female 13-15 and will be adressed by Dan Foster.

Vollies On Hand!

53 comments to Dan’s 5k Fun Run 2009

  • Gene B.

    I had a GREAT time walking the 5K! I didn’t send a blazing pace by any stretch of the imagination, but I really enjoyed walking through the area, seeing the gorgeous sites on the Salt Marsh trail and around the Creek, and talking to a lot of great people! And it was a great way to honor my aunt who passed away from cancer 20 year ago last December.

    I’ll be back next year!

  • Paul

    Dan, keep up the good work. It’s people like you that makes this neighborhood what it is..

  • Prove yourself all th time

    Once again, this website takes a positive and turns it negative. Why would this site add a negative video or a controversial video to this posting? You simply are pathetic and do not care for your neighborhood. The only reason is to create drama and get more people to visit and now, you are promoting the sale of your photos from a charity Fundraiser for your own profit? It is dissapointing what you do. Hopefully you will be donating your profits to charity.

  • Jim

    I would have to agree this website has once again turned a positive into a negative. It’s a shame because it is a good source for information but now it seems it wishes to be the news. This was a nice charity event and there was no need to post that video. I also wonder why this site is charging for pictures taken at charity events such as this one and the September 11th memorial. The whole story was it was a nice day, everyone had fun except for one person who called you a sleezeball.

    • @Jim, Isn’t information and new the same thing?

      As I said below: The sale of photos isn’t anything new and it is certainly not immoral or wrong as you suggest. People contact me frequently to be able to use the pictures, there needed to be a mechinism for people to buy photos.

      Also photographers are usually hired for events like these. I don’t know if you noticed but stadiums, like Citi Field, have “fan photographers” that take pictures and the website charges a minimum of $10 plus shipping when you check on their respective sites to get the picture.

      • So What?

        @GerritsenBeach.net, Were your a hired photographer or peeping tom?

        • Tired of it All

          @So What?, Hey So What, were you hired by someone to type that comment? If you don’t have anything constructive to say then shut the hell up already. Maybe if someone else followed that advice none of this would’ve happened. Let’s all move on and stop dragging all this out AGAIN.

          • your right

            @Tired of it All, IF the negative video was not posted in the middle of this post about a positve event, then none of this would have happened. So, you shut the hell up.

          • Tired of it All

            @your right, WRONG. If the star of the negative video would’ve kept his damn mouth shut to begin with, THEN none of this would have happened.

          • If Woody

            @Tired of it All, would have gone straight to the police, then none of this would have happened. !!!! hahaha your a loser. gb.net turned a positive thing into a negative.

          • Tired of it All

            @If Woody, WRONG AGAIN! If the star of the movie would have respected the fact that he can’t make side deals with friends for dumping on parkland (oh and threatening to drop someone’s car in the Creek fi they told) then none of this would’ve happened.

            and by the way, if GB.net had gone to the police, a certain someone would be up on charges.

            GB.net didn’t turn anything into anything, the minions did.

          • Loosers

            @Tired of it All, Seems as if you have alot to say about this. Again, None of these negative comments would have hapened on a positive post if a Sneaky video was not posted about someone expressing there feelings to someone. This semed like a conversation between two people that then got secretly recorded and then put up. Now there are side deals and cars being dumped in the creek. This sounds like a great movie or great info to get more people talking.

            Great job for your neighborbood, you all have proved that GB has and will remain a trashy town.

            keep it up.

            no more comments from me as this Jerry Springer show has come to a boring end.

  • Nad

    The Pictures are only $1.99 a piece.

  • I disagree that this post was turned negative. have you seen the pictures and video?! absolute gold! funny and conveys the sense of the day!

    I’ve been covering the run for three years now. The sale of photos isn’t anything new. People contact me frequently to be able to use the pictures personally, and every now and them comercially, there needed to be a mechinism for people to buy photos and the license. Also photographers are usually hired for events like these (non or for profit), even the newspaper photographers have their own websites in which they charge 5 – 20$ a photo.and had out their cards. everyone has to eat.

    Isn’t offering information the same thing as news? The team at GerritsenBeach.net will continue to call things as they are seen, positive or negative.

    The event was great! Dan Foster deserves much thanks and appreacation from everyone.

    • Another Success Story!

      @GerritsenBeach.net, you got people to turn on themselves again! Why do you stir up controversy. Even if this guy was speaking his mind directly to you. So be it. Sounds as if it is true and not it is apparent that you want this stuff.

  • Community Volunteer


    • Joe C.

      @Community Volunteer, Hey i see you think this site is an “embarsment” Maybe we can all go to the site you have busted your nuts to create for GB….What is it again? http://www.ohyeahyouhaventmadeone.com ? …Jerk!

    • Tired of it All

      @Community Volunteer, THe real “embarsment” to the community is that someone can’t seem to let go of a grudge and is dragging this on. Save your outrage for a “man” (if you can call him that) who is going around badmouthing people, and making a point to go up to someone to cal them a sleazeballWhen is enough enough already? The guy got caught doing something he shouldn’t have done. Suck it up, grow a brain, learn some decency and move on already! I mean, seriously, the act is tired already. If I was the owner of the site and this @$$ kept coming up to me like he’s been doing, getting filmed would be the least of his worries! And to all his apologists out there: quit shifting the blame onto this site. There is no issue if he doesn’t go up to the owner of the site to badmouth him. There’s no issue if he didn’t cut a deal that was ILLEGAL. There’s no issue if he acts the way he’s supposed to act. Put the blame squarely where it belongs. Everything on this site has been REACTIVE. No one’s gong out of their way to hurt anyone except the “man” in question. So please, peddle the garbage somewhere else. GB.net is doing a great job.

      • MT makes me yawn!!!

        @Tired of it All, I agree. It’s so wrong to blame GB.net for causing the problems for GBCares. Obviously M.Taylor is still upset about being outed in Woodchipgate, Geez, I wish GB.Net would publish the amount of salary that he drew as Pres of GBcares. (Do you know where your donations go?) He acted like some out of control polititian/CEO who felt that he could do whatever he pleased, make whatever back door deals that suited HIS personnal vision of what GB should be. He should have stuck to his original mission of Mau-Mau. He would like the site to be taken down and for the webmaster to just go away, but that’s not going to happen. Although some posts get out of hand, this site gives a voice to everyone, good or bad. If it weren’t for his verbal attack on Dan C. that day, all we would be talking about would be how DAN FOSTER IS ONE OF THE BEST HUMANS IN THE WORLD AND DESERVES OUR UNDYING GRATITUDE FOR ALL HIS HARD WORK IN THE FIGHT AGAINST CANCER. Thanks to you, your family and all the other wonderful volunteers that make the 5k and all the other community events possible. Dan F., stay well and know that you are truly loved and have our thanks. Gotta love that Marty Golden too!!

        • Out of touch

          @MT makes me yawn!!!, You obviously no nothing about the GBCares organizstion. They have been very generous with all the groups in the community. To insinuate that he was making back door deals or he was pulling in a salary and taking the donations is ridiculous. He is the one who started GB Cares and led the way to building an excellent group for the neighborhood of Gerritsen Beach, He started the GB Games, a low cost event for the children and families of the community. The GB Clean Up was his vision and he got the entire neighborrhood to care again about their community. The Halloween Event or Fall Festival is one of the things he has organized and ran. He started the Christmas tree decoprations on the Avenue. All of these events and activiteis, he got moving.

          Try to remember what the Weeds looked like and the avenue looked like prior to everything that MT started. All of the Members of GB Cares and the community have stood behiond him with helping the neighborhood become a much better place and for you to make the comment above is sad. How much have you done for GB. Have you donated your time or $5 bucks. HAve your children benefited by any of these events.

          That WoodChip thing was a clear attempt by GBnet to stir up the website and cause issues for the people of the neighborhood. Nothing was illegal and the Wood chips all turn into dirt.

          • Anonymous

            @Out of touch, He is the one who started GB Cares and led the way to building an excellent group for the neighborhood of Gerritsen Beach, He started the GB Games, a low cost event for the children and families of the community. The GB Clean Up was his vision and he got the entire neighborrhood to care again about their community. The Halloween Event or Fall Festival is one of the things he has organized and ran. He started the Christmas tree decoprations on the Avenue. All of these events and activiteis, he got moving.

            I seem to remember Joy Foy Having a great deal of involvement, or maybe your rewriting history.

          • Michael P. Judge

            Joy Foy?
            Don’t you mean Joe Foy?

          • Out of touch

            @Michael P. Judge, Oh yes, that is correct Joe Foy was very involved in getting the GBCares Organization up and going.

  • Great Job

    Excellent Job by Dan foster for a positive day for a great cause.

    Poor Job by Dan from this website for putting a hidden video clip about some issues he is having with that person in the middle of this post. The placement could have been a seperate post or something. Did that guy even know you were videoing him? Once again, it shows the continued poor judgement of this negative site.

    All the Volunteers, Excellent job on Saturday.

  • Anonymous

    Hi all first time long time. wacka wacka

    I don’t unstand why everyone is going after the website and not the a-hole who can’t keep his comments to himself at a charity fundraiser.

    I also don’t understand and would welcome someone to explain: how a website can harm all of the orginizations listed above in the all CAPS comment. I would love to understand that one.

    • Crackheads

      @, Well if you have every volunteer beleiving that a creepy little boy is going to video them and post anything and everything people do and then try to spin things around to make money, they may be concerned about being a volunteer. I think all the volunteers should stop and that all the neighborhood organizations should request that he not be present if he is not going to be responsible.

  • Duke1971

    I do think the comments about the 9/11 memorial was inappropriate. GB.net shows up at these events does not participate in organizing. Trying to organize and take into consideration many things, i.e. what happens if it rains rather than where we should position people who are coming to remember those affected by that terrible day so he can get a good picture. You want to take portraits rent yourself a studio. Organizers are all volunteers from KofC and other organizations and do the best they can, if you keep up these comments no one will volunteer in any of the worthwhile organizations in the beach. Most people just want some place to go and think about others – not themselves.

    • @Duke1971, I welcome and appreciate your feedback! Yes although I have not participate in the actual organizing of this event, I still help out with this and other events, by sticking around to clean up, offering rides, etc. on top of the normal pictures and video I take.

      My comments about positioning the crowd and picture quality were not meant to be taken seriously. More as an lighthearted observation about the crowds view of the event, that downward slope killed peoples views of the tent.

      I actually think the staging area for that event should be by the trees and the crowd should be in and around the flagpole facing southbound on the Ave.like Oktoberfest.

  • Jerry Springer

    @Tired of it All, Your very confusing? Who is holding a grudge? Is it the person being filmed or the person filming and posting in the middle of a positive story to get attention? dont see shift in blame to this site, it is a garbage can were everyone can talk trash and hide behind a computer. nothing like building a nice solid family and protecting your own. Cant wait to see when this site really gets someone angry, so far its been the painballers, the Biker Bar, the Bagel Store, the cleanup people, Kiddie Beach, thats off the top of my head. All negative to create a garbage can site. This all could be solved 1 – 2 -3. Force anyone who is going to post a comment to register and leave there names.

    • @Jerry Springer, I think you should practice what you preach! You didn’t leave your name or email! :)

      A grudge?
      * Am I going around to people taking negatively about a website?
      * Am I going around calling people names?
      * Am I saying things like “We need to see what we can do to take that website down”? (Yeah seriously on that one!)
      * Am I the one who recently fliped out and threatened the Property Owners president, for innocent comments left on the 9-11 post?
      * Am I the one who threatens people with ultimatums that GBCares will not help you or your organization if you comment or help GerritsenBeach.net?
      * Am I the one flipping out personally on whomever comments on the website?

      Where is this anger coming from?

      The whole situation saddens me to see someone lose their mind over what should be nothing.

      I will continue to call things as I see them both positive and negative. I welcome positive and negative comments.

      The comments are an essential part of this website. They genuinely get people to think and not FOLLOW!

      I will never disallow anonymous commenting, I may add registered comments for the regulars in the future but since our neighborhood has a strong history of retaliation anonymous comments will stay.

      I respectfully ask that if you believe that GerritsenBeach.net is a “garbage can site” (I appreciate the PG language) that you stop submitting comments under different pseudonyms and/or stop visiting completely.

      • interesting view

        @GerritsenBeach.net, Why leave my name when I dont have too???

        So you monitor everything, but do not make it mandatory. You will eliminate all negative comments by making all mandatory.

        You webstie and you are an enabler. Allowing people a location to post comments without names or a registeration. By enabling people to do so, you are responsible for all the controversey that you create. If you would limit posts, you can control the posts instead of monitoring ip addresses. I disagree with the anonomysous commenting because once again, you are enabling anyone to make a false comment or whatever to stir things up. You, the owner of the wenbsite, are in control, who cares about what I have to say or anyone else. Makke your posts and only allow people who reigister to comment. It will be safer and control the comments and BS. Its only a fe wpeople who vistit and comment, so take control.

    • Tired of it All

      @Jerry Springer,
      Who is holding a grudge? The guy stepping up to the owner of this site and picking a fight, that’s who. It’s obvious. You think the site is a garbage can – great. I don’t see anyone with a gun to your head making you type or read it. Do us all a favor and disappear. Oh and writing without putting in your name is as American as anything else. Ben Franklin did it why can’t I?

  • George Broadhead

    To Dan Foster: Before the comments go too far afield, I would like to add to the many voices who appreciate all of the hard work and effort you put into the annual Dan’s 5K run/walk race, plus, all of the other days and hours you spend contributing your time to help raise funds to find a cure for Cancer.

    Thanks to Boy Scout Troop 396 for all they did to help you, and to the Cort Club, GBCares, and your sponsor this year, Doreen Greenwood. It is at an event such as this, we see many of the same faces of those who quietly help at many events. Whether it be a fund-raiser for the Vollies, PTA, Resurrection, KofC, VFW, or any of a dozen organizations and needy causes, there are always those familiar faces selling raffle tickets for prizes or refreshments; setting up a hall, caring for the food, and then the clean-up.

    Elsewhere, I’m going to express my opinion about this website, but not here and now.

  • pathetic

    You are pathetic, he paid himself 10 million dollars from the donations and grants. Didn’t you see the monster home he built. Just one of the bs commentors on this site should put in 10 percent of the free time and laor that he has done for our community, you should all remember what the area looked like or thew again, you may have still been in diapers.

    • MT makes me yawn!!!

      @pathetic, No, not 10 million, but he did draw a salary from the non profit. Legal, yes, but common knowledge, no. The amount is somewhere between 10- 20 k per year. I’m sure that it can be justified, but do people KNOW that’s where their donations go? And no, I wasn’t in diapers at the inception of GB cares. I well remember all the trouble that was caused for Kiddy Beach and GBPOA. They have accomplished many things and the Ave. does look better, but at what cost? They have also brought in many outsiders who were never aware of the existance of GB, and that was one of the things many people cherished about the Beach. The fields look great except when there are 10 schoolbuses blocking the ave. DEmanding local officials pay attention to us and demanding ‘our fair share’ has a flipside. We are now at the mercy of whatever the city decides to do with our parkland. And what about our real estate taxes? If you don’t think there is a connection with the quadrupled assessments and the doubling of our taxes in the last few years, think again. That’s the flipside of the demands for funds/attention by the city. Give me the old beach anyday. It may not have been as pretty, but you knew everyone you ran into and could sleep with your doors open.

      • You are Pathetic

        @MT makes me yawn!!!, Old Beach, doors open so the neighborhood junkies could rob you. You are out of touch. THe Real Estate brought in all the newcomers and guess what, it was / is the legacy Gerritsen Beachers your friends who you knew are the ones who have sold out with the Real Estate Boom. So, were do you get your factgs from about him drawing a salary? I have talked with a few people and learned that it is a volunteer group and that none of the officers have drawn a salary. You are making things up! Come on, and I remember when MT was trying to joint he GBPOA and they would not allow him to and told him to go start his own organization. Which he did, then did everythign that that Organization should have been doing for years prior. GB CARES is a strong supporter of all the organizations and you are pathetic for making the above comments and this website is pathetic for allow us all to say what we want.

        • Anonymous

          @You are Pathetic,

          “this website is pathetic for allow us all to say what we want.”

          wow! I like reading peoples opinions!

        • Tired of it All

          @You are Pathetic, Holy crap that statement says all i need to know about you.

        • MT makes me yawn!!!

          @You are Pathetic, Our doors were open in those days and sadly if you were robbed by a junkie they were probably members of your own family, because that is what junkies did. Also, lets not forget that at the time many of the “junkies” were vets who were drafted into the Viet Nam war at 18 and came home with the ‘monkey on their back.’ It was a big problem and there was no support for them. When I mentioned ‘outsiders’ coming into the Beach, I was not refering to the people who have moved here, but the day trippers. (although I agree about the people who took the money and ran). I am refering to the buses that block the Ave. especially on fridays, and the people who come in with flatbeds with dirt bikes and ATVs,( and YES, I do know that it is also a home grown problem as well). I was refering to the kids skating down the center of the Ave. going to the skate park. I was refering to the people who just drive around the neighborhood looking at houses and in yards, years ago the only strangers you saw driving around were people who were lost. As far as MT getting a salary, GB cares is a 501c3 charity. It is different from a group like GBPOA, or the Cort Club. It is much like say The March of Dimes or the Humane society, where the donations also pay salaries to the people who run it. (everyone has to eat) It is perfectly legal for a salary to be paid to it’s officers. I’m sure that the amount that he got doesn’t even come close to being remuneration for all his hard work. (Its around 15k per year). 501c3 organizations have many volunteers and people who are paid as well. I am well aware of all the good things that GBcares has done for the community but I question why they are so upset with GB.net, why they so want this site to disappear. Why is MT sooo angry? If Woodchipgate was all so legal, why are they so mad at everyone for asking questions? Don’t we have a right to know whats going on or are you all comfortable with one person, one group, making deals and decisions that effect the whole neighborhood? GB.net went to the 5k to report on the day and take pictures for all to enjoy. When I can’t make it to a neighborhood event, I really look forward to catching up on this site. I love seeing the pictures and reading the commentary by GB.net. He is providing a service to the community, makes only a pittance doing it, why should one person, representing one group, attempt to intimidate him, or attempt to exclude him from anything? Although trouble sometimes crops up with comments made on this site, that’s not his fault. Information is good. Debate is good. Clearing the air is good.

          • ann

            @MT makes me yawn!!!, Jsut becasue an organization has a 501 C 3 Status, does not mean that the the officers are collecting salaries. This stie creates controversary, it gets people worked up and it brings all the attention to GB that you have described above. Promoting or just asking quetions does not help the neighborhood. Look at the issue now with the KofC no need to start that stuff. no reason at all.

          • Tired of it All

            @ann, yeah no one ask questions. everything is fine. go about your business. ignore the giant pile of woodchips. let people in “power” call you a sleazeball in public. don’t rock the boat. go along to get along.


            What is this, a police state? or just another minion? you decide.

  • very sad

    it is very sad everyone can not get along in such a small comminuty and who ever said this comment about where the donations for the DAN FOSTER run should be ashamed i hope you or any of your loved ones are never affected by this terrible disease .

    • MT makes me yawn!!!

      @very sad,Dan Foster is a saint!!! I, or no one else said or insinuated that the donations that Dan Foster collects for cancer go anywhere else but to cancer research. I am absolutely sure that every nickel he collects, and then some, I’m sure, go to the cause. This is something that he works at all year long and not only raises money, but visits and offers support and hope and his experience to those affected. I don’t know where you got that from??? Maybe you should read alittle more carefully.

  • Bob

    Kudos to Dan Foster and all the volunteers and participants! I couldn’t attend but heard it was a great day. Ignore the ridiculousness above…awesome job commentors at turning a positive post into a negative one.

  • Duke1971

    Reading all these comments did anyone notice that this was a conversation where one person spoke to someone else in the street and was recorded being told. Jim was also recorded without knowing it. If GB.net is able to have opinions about 9/11 memorial why are others not allowed to have opinions about the appropriateness or inappropriateness of those comments on such a day when people are trying to find a way to cope with the events of that day. At least the comments were made openly and to his face not hiding behind others commenting on this site or secretly in a back room. All this should also not be brought up on the good deeds of Dan and his 5K Run. Both these events were for others, stop mudding them up with this other crap.

  • Anonymous

    Michael Taylor has done so many great things for this community: GB Games, Halloween Festivals, parades, ceremonies, Canal Party, meetings, clean-ups, donations, etc. and he should be recognized for all he does. He has devoted so much of his time and talents to this neighborhood.

  • Globals

    all good things

  • […] importantly spiderman from Dan’s 5k Fun Run returned to dance to michael jacksons thriller and play with the […]