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Noel Avenue Tree Monster

The other night (Monday September 29th)the willow tree at the end of Noel Avenue (4 Noel Avenue.) fell after a rain and wind storm. Luckily it did not cause any major damage to the home, however it did block the entrance to the home.

The family at 4 Noel Avenue have been fighting to have this tree […]

Flock on the Block

Madoc and Cyrus

For the past few months residents living in the Madoc and Cyrus Avenue areas have become overwhelmed by large flocks of pigeons. The pigeons are settling on roofs and utility cables creating “dirty” conditions, damaging cars below and giving a Hitchcock feel to the area.

According to residents, someone may […]

Picture of the Week: Dan Foster

Dan Foster 2009 Fun Run

DAN FOSTER Foster was diagnosed with rectal cancer a decade ago. His doctor, anticipating surgery, told him that dropping from 230 to 170 pounds would greatly assist his recovery. He lost the weight and, having experienced the fruits of exercise for the first time in his life, has […]

New Outdoor Additions to Businesses on Gerritsen Avenue

[Gerritsen Bagel]

Gerritsen Bagels and Leos Nikey D’s have newish outdoor equipment outside of their respective buildings.

The Bagel Store, put in an ice machine and a dumpster outside it’s store a few months ago. Then more recently the ice machine was broken into. This is why you now see the cages on […]

Knights of Columbus Getting Makeover

The Knights of Columbus Rev. E. J. Matthews #5989 (2882 Gerritsen Ave) is in the middle of getting new siding.

Help Brooklyn Blue Feather with Book and Candy Drive!

Brooklyn Blue Feather School (what used to be Resurrection School) on Gerritsen Avenue is a state approved non public school for students from kindergarten thru fifth grade that are autistic. Blue Feather is looking for the Gerritsen Beach community to help out with donations of gently used books for the students (any age […]

Coney Island Great Irish Fair 2009

The 28th Annual Great Irish Fair of New York was this last weekend and of course we attended. There was a decent Gerritsen Beach crowd there.

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Buckley’s Staff

Buckley’s Staff

Crowd watching MacTalla Mor

MacTalla […]

Dan’s 5k Fun Run Video

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Dan’s 5k Fun Run 2009


What a gorgeous day for this event!

Dan Fosters 5k Fun Run and Walk is now in its 7th year event and this year had over 250 participants.

The Brooklyn Borough presidents office, declared todays Dan Fosters 5K Run Day

Benny, from Victorias gave a small speech

and senator Golden came literally running in from the Irish fair, jokingly winning the run. He gave a good send off to Dan Foster and the runners.

Spiderman was even on hand for the race but instead of racing he would jump out and run with the children. This was definitely a highlight.

All in all everyone was very happy, except for one person who can’t help but call GerritsenBeach.net a “little sleazeball” for coverage of the 9-11 memorial service.(video)

Here are the results of the race!
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Councilman Fidler: BM4 Fight to Increase Service

The BM3 which services Sheepshead Bay – Midtown / Downtown, used to service Gerritsen Beach residents but was cut back in June. The stops that were cut are: Coyle Street & Avenue Y, Knapp Street & Avenue X/Allen Street, and Avenue W & Knapp Street.

Councilman Lew Fidler has been fighting for the […]

Senator Golden: Health Preparedness in Schools Hearing

What to know aything and everything about swine flu in the schools? Attend this meeting!

State Senator Marty Golden With the New York State Senate Minority Taskforce

The Senators will be obtaining testimony from high level City and State officials on Health Preparedness in Schools and how it relates to the Swine Flu.

Gerritsen Beach 9-11 Memorial

Its been 8 years since these memorials started and we always have a great turn out. Amazingly, around 300 people attended the memorial to honor the victims and survivors of September 11th.

The weathers timing couldn’t have been better; the rain had stopped a while before the memorial started.

The event consisted of […]

Complaints About Vollies Horn

Really? Yep! Someone is complaining about the vollies horn. This someone, who complained at the Property Owners meeting, lives within close proximity to the horn, and was inquiring about the rules and regulations regarding the horn. You may have complained about the vollies horn once or twice in your lives, most of the […]

Hibernians Break In

On September 2nd 2009 a little past 10:00pm someone broke into the Ancient Order Of Hibernians, 2750 Gerritsen Ave. This person broke into the office and tried to open a cash register.

Here is the video of the break in: […]

B Train About to be Eliminated for Two Years. Act Now!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/mystandardbreakfromlife/ / CC BY-NC 2.0

Three weeks from now – the MTA will launch a two-year rehabilitation plan for platforms between Prospect Park and Kings Highway. As part of the trackwork the B train will run local at ALL TIMES in ALL DIRECTIONS. This adds upwards of 35 minutes to Manhattan-bound commuters […]