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Picture of the Week: Memories at 6 Nova Court


14 comments to Picture of the Week: Memories at 6 Nova Court

  • Artie Stich

    I know all about that picture. It was originally posted on Gerrittsen Beach Memories. I have the original picture. The men are adding an extension onto the back of 6 Nova Court. The house belonged to Rose & Joseph Stich, my grandparents. The man hammering is my uncle, Ernst Stich. The 2 girls (1 is in the doorway) are Elizabeth & Bertha Hammer. The man sawing is Rudolf Hammer, one of whose daughters married my dad. This picture was taken in the late 1920’s.

    • hello

      That is a great picture. I know my friends the Giamanco’s lived there for a long time after the Stitch family.

  • Anonymous

    Hi arthur my daughter and her family now live @ 6 nova court. I also saw that photo on memories and it just amazes me. The house of course now looks different as most in the beach do. From the looks of it many good memories were there. I hope my daughters family
    build many memories there too!

    • Arthur Stich

      I heard that the original house is now gone and a new one was built there. The old house had a cellar (one of very few due to the water level) and it had a large cement stoop in the front. Is that true?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if anyone noticed the potential problem which is about to happen in the picture. If that gentleman holding the hammer swings and misses the nail he’s aiming for…something else will be hit on the head…not being a nail.

  • Anonymous

    arthur, the original house is gone and yes there is a cellar. If i can get a picture of it now is will post if for you!

    • Arthur Stich

      @, I’d appreciate that very much. By the way, you can see some other pictures of old the house on the old GBMem site. It’s still available to view but not post to.

      • Lind

        Hello Artie,

        Came across the the picture of 6 Nova Court with grandpa as a young man. Glad you posted it.

        Can you work 10 meters?


        • Arthur Stich

          I trust this is the Lind that used to live on Cross St? No, can't work 10 meters. No rig. Just 2 meters & 440. However, can't hardly reach the 955 repeater anymore since they moved it. I might monitor 955 but that is all. BTW – I've got lots of old pictures all over the web.

          • I'm not familiar with the 955 repeater. The only ones I remember are 31/91 in Dover Twp (do they still use townhip or have they dropped that like Brick?) and 34/94 in Greenbrook. Where was 955?

            Might want to look into 10 meters. Sunspots are on the rise and that band should be jumping in another year. 15 is getting pretty hot now.

          • Artie

            31/91 still in use but not by me. 955 was located at Rt9 & 70 on the water tank behind the shopping center. I fab'ed the antenna brackets for the top. Now 955 is located in Manchester on the township tower just off Rt 70 and Rt 530. I know nothing of Brick or Greenbrook. The only one I talked to was Roger.

  • Lind

    Just Roger?

    Hadn't been on seriously since I left Cross St. Then when I got to Virginia I got a little crazy. In addition to getting my permit to carry (actually a permit to cover it up – open carry is legal) I've gotten active again. All new equipment (and walked out of the ham emporium and into a gun shop – got a 1911 and a Chief's Special and ammo and leather all around – that was a rough day in Plasticville)

    Been working almost exclusively CW. More details on my page at QRZ.com