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Picture of the Week: Frank Court 1948

Frank Court 1948
[Frank Court – 1948]

If you think the residents of today’s frank court have issues with flooding, try living on frank court during 1948.

James: “in those days we never wore shoes from the time school closed in the Spring until September, so puddles were just a convenient way of keeping our feet clean. “

5 comments to Picture of the Week: Frank Court 1948

  • ex beach bum

    boy does that photo bring back memories, coming home from school and having to walk around the edges,then in winter it was ice and slush. another thing, look at all the parking spaces three people had cars on my block. ps i lived on frank ct

  • ex beach bum

    yes, sewers were installed in the mid 50s

  • Beachwalker

    Wow, I was born in ’60, so I don’t remember, but my parents always talked about how rough it was with the dirt roads. My mother always said what a workout it was to push a baby carriage up to the Ave. And don’t forget, none of the Mothers drove, so they walked to the Ave and back in that with groceries every day. At last the milk was delivered. Does anyone know where on Frank this is?

  • ex beach bum

    it looks like its between cyrus and seba looking towards the creek . behind the house on the left you can see what i think is the blue star mothers building with the bell tower , when we were kids we would climb to the roof and sit and check out the view . i think the building was also used by vollies,