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Bulkhead Construction on $9Mil Knapp Lot

[Bulkhead Construction]

The lot which is currently on sale for $9 million, is currently undergoing bulkhead repairs. This is not the city repairing the bulkhead as some may have first thought, but the property owner. They have also repaired the entire sidewalk on Knapp Street adjacent to their property

3 comments to Bulkhead Construction on $9Mil Knapp Lot

  • taz t

    is this an approved bulkhead as far as the marine and aviation and do they have all the permits that are required what happen to where they can only use trap rock which is a solid and naqtural material which does not disturbe the migrateing fish and resident fish in the area

  • taz t

    trap rock is a natural rock not a cement the same rock that was used to build the jetties around the beaches like coney island etc. this is used to hold back the land instead of useing wooden bulkheads.