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BM-3 Rerouted Cuts off Gerritsen Residents

[What used to be a brand new BM-3 Bus Shelter]

In an effort to provide faster, more reliable and more direct service”, the BM3 which is the Express bus service Sheepshead Bay and Midtown/Downtown,
Manhattan, has been rerouted dropping three Gerritsen stops

The BM3 will remain on Batchelder Street to travel between Avenue X and Avenue Z in both directions.

These three BM3 bus stops have been discontinued:

* Coyle Street & Avenue Y
* Knapp Street & Avenue X/Allen Street
* Avenue W & Knapp Street

The BM3 bus stops at Batchelder Street and Avenue X or Avenue Z instead. Customers using the bus stops on Knapp Street will have to walk the block over to Gerritsen to use the BM4, which travels along Gerritsen Avenue, and provides express bus service to and from the same bus stops as the BM3 in Manhattan.

19 comments to BM-3 Rerouted Cuts off Gerritsen Residents

  • Carlo

    About 15 minutes was shaved off the commute time with the new direct route. I’m pretty happy with the change although putting up a new shelter only to tear it down doesn’t seem like the best use of MTA funds.

    • Cathy

      Good for you! They raised my fare AND eliminated my bus! All for your 15 min. how special you are!

      • anon

        @Cathy, ‘You can’t always get what you want….you can’t always get what you want…but if you try sometime…..you just might find…..you get what you need!!!! ahhhhh sing it….”

  • annoyed w/this

    Funny those of us that were cut out aren’t happy at all. And it’s more then one block over.
    The bm4 doesn’t have as many midtown buses and besides it doesn’t run as late as the other buses do. yah and we only had that bus shelter for 2 months a good $25, 000. wasted

  • Carlo

    @Cathy ; Write a letter to the MTA. I was just trying to give my perspective and add some details to the story. No need to get angry with me. If you can get a bus stop put in front of your house – more power to you!

    • Anonymous

      why did they put it in front of your house? What’s your problem?? You made out from the change there’s alot of us who don’t or didn’t. Glad you get your jollies off on others misfortune.

  • snoreasaurusrex

    What the person said was right. I always avoided the BM4 because it stops running from Manhattan and Brooklyn earlier than the other buses. Now I cannot use it any more. A little hint: If you are really stuck, take the BM1 to Mill Avenue and change there for the bus to Gerritsen, or take the other bus to Ocean Avenue and do the same thing. This is ONLY if you are really in a bind.

  • snoreasaurusrex

    I meant Ocean Avenue and Avenue U.

  • Lew from Brooklyn

    FYI, My office wrote to the MTA several weeks ago on this matter and are awaiting an answer. When we get one, we will let you know.
    Lew from Brooklyn

    • Anonymous

      Alot of us wrote to the mta along with trying to get others like yourself to help us. But to no avail.
      But we did apprciate your help in this matter! There’s alot of us who will not walk over to the BM3 @ batchelder because it’s right in the middle of the projects and we do not feel safe.
      Bm4 def does not have as many buses and does not run as late as the BM 1,2 or 3.
      There are those with disabilities that have been having difficult times becuse of the change that has taken place. Funny Command Bus was able to do it for 50 yrs or so from the sounds of it. But the mta does want to go around the blocks to many turns for them.

  • snoreasaurusrex

    I stay away from politics and politicians.

  • Anonymous

    Last week went into the city to see a play. had i not read the web site i would have been waiting on knapp and x like i always do to take the bus to the city in late afternoon. this
    stinks and they should then change the gerritsen line to the same hours coming home from the city to accomodate their riders. now i have to drive to Z and batchelder st and find parking there to catch the bus. i also do not want to get the bus at x and batchelder especially coming home late at night. i hope lew fidler can either get them to extend the gerritsen bus line hours at night coming back from the city or have the bus run again on knapp!

  • […] plans, not alter them. However, the meeting changed direction when Broadhead brought up the recent service changes to the BM3 and BM4 buses, which provide alternative Manhattan-bound service to Gerritsen Beach and the eastern portion of […]