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Marty Golden Marine Park Concert Series

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July 1st Generation Gap – Dance Music
July 8th Dr. K’s Motown Revue – Best of Motown
July 15th Alive N Kickin – Hit Song Tighter and Tighter
July 22nd Risky Business – Best of the 60’s and 70’s
July 29th The Bronx Wanderers – Tribute to Dion, 4 Seasons, Jay Black etc
August 5th Larry Chance and the Earls – Remember Then, Life is but a Dream, I believe, Never, and More
August 12th Eclypse – Classic Disco and Top 40 Dance
August 19th *5PM start* Family Day
(Karaoke with DJ Joey of MPAA, games, rides games, face painters, etc.)

5 comments to Marty Golden Marine Park Concert Series

  • Mike Bloomberg

    Can’t Marty G. get ONE name act? When Marty M was State Sen he was getting tons of big names. Enough of the tribute bands, just get a couple of real oldies acts, they are still around & reasonable. Can’t we get the REAL Dion or Jay Black? I think you can hire Jay Black with a scratch off lottery ticket. Dion, it might take a large square pie from Spinoni gardens. If I have to see Pepe from A&K without his wig one more time I will vomit. larry Chance? who?? PLEASE!!

    • hope

      That’s what I love…someone complaining about what’s for FREE. It figures. At least its not costing the taxpayers anything. Are you going to the Brighton Beach concerts? yeah famous people are performing there but do you know who’s paying for it? I’ll give you a hint…… Not Marty Markowitz….

      • Anonymous

        Nothing is for “free”. All the acts are paid, just as the acts in Brighton are paid, the acts in Marine park & elsewhere are paid. We all know Marty Markowitz is not paying for “his” acts, sponsers are. Sponsers are also footing the bill bill for Mart Golden’s “entertainment”. Just because it is for “free” to the public does not mean the schedule can not be improved. If Sen Golden reduced his schedule a little maybe he could hire the real deals, not local tribute acts. South Brooklyn deserves the best, not imitations.

  • audrey chapman

    I am extremely upset regarding the marine park concerts in august. I do not have the list but some of my friends tell me that there is only 1 wednesday concert in august. please try to have another 1 or 2 the summer goes fast and we look forward to them. like bring back carribean night and also what happen to family night with the kareoke contest. see what you can do even if enough people pay 5 or 10 dollars I know that I would not mind. In the winter we stay in but the summer is when we like to come out.

    thank you
    audrey chapman

  • I think the concerts are great…good entertainment, a nice crowd, nice fresh air, and FREE. To all of you who are complaining, just stay home.