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Sheepshead Miss Russian Finalist: “Russian Girls are Just Prettier than Americian Girls”

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RUSSIAN GIRLS are just prettier than American girls,” Anastasia Somchyk, a Russian beauty pageant contestant, told the Brooklyn Diary last week, matter-of-factly.

“That’s 100 percent,” she added.

Somchyk, a 22-year old advertising sales woman from Sheepshead Bay, is vying to become Miss Russian New York, a pageant in its seventh year that will crown one lucky Russkie its princess when the finals take place this fall.

This year’s competition, which began with more than 100 Russian speaking girls last fall, has since been whittled down to just 10 finalists, including Somchyk, who said she learned how to sing in order to compete in the musical portion.

“It shows your hidden talent,” said Somchyk, who sang a version of “Orientation North,” a hit by Russian pop songstress Lolita, during an early round of the pageant.
“I never thought ‘l could sing, and now I started.” The Russian dolls will perform in Central Park later this month, and the winner will snag her tiara in October.

60 comments to Sheepshead Miss Russian Finalist: “Russian Girls are Just Prettier than Americian Girls”

  • nosy

    “russian girls are just prettier’….Says Who? I doubt any Americans would agree with that biased statement.

    • Anonymous

      If the Russian girls are hotter, let them try to win the Miss New York State beauty contest.

      Even the playing field baby – then make your bigoted statements.

    • Anonymous

      American women are fat, and I have never met any American woman who is genetically slim and beautiful, unless she had some major make over (that is what they are best known for). Plastic procedures have not been introduced to former Soviet Union countries till late 1900’s. Accordingly, not a lot of Russian women have done and do any plastic operations. It is not that affordable. Russian women are genetically pretty. I work with American women different ages: neither one of them is slender, tall or gorgeous.

  • local broker

    the comments on this post should be very entertaining

  • yes

    they are also much sluttier.

    • B Favre

      @yes, Which does make them a lot hotter!!! Russian girls are very hot.. won’t bang u unless u driver a bmw or mercedes…

      All nationalities have hot girls… this ignorant rusky is just like all other ruskies, who think they are the best and do not care for anyone but themselves.. gotta love the old rusky grandmothers driving around in their mercedes wearing a fur coat and then paying with food stamps.

      • Anonymous

        @B Favre, What’s the point? If you were smart enough you could earn more money and buy their used bmw or mercedes.

        • anonymous

          @, too bad they screw our government to get that money

        • Anonymous

          why should we pay them for something we paid for originaly? Why don’t they try buying it themself in stead of taking taking taking and being rude??!!

  • Woodchip Gate = LOL & FTW

    This is why I hate sheepshead and russians.

    A young, blonde, 22 year old russian girl would more than likely be very attractive give her 5 years and shes done and then an old ugly babushka.

    Anyone notice the ads that are showing on the site now?! Russian Beauty ads lol

  • LQuinlan

    “Russian girls are just prettier…”

    They may be pretty but they sure are rude.



  • M. Galli

    Pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside.

  • Raskolnikova

    All I have to say is that her eyes are too far apart and I can see her skunk roots from here. Someone send her to Duane Reade with one million rubles so she can buy some Miss Clarol.

  • Russian Girl Lover

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with this statement. I’ve tapped many a Russian girl in my time, MOST of which I was proud of. But I have a girlfriend now, so those days are long behind me. (Side note…she’s not Russian.)

    THOUGH…her statement is only valid until they hit the ripe ol’age of 25. In some cases, they keep the hot’ness going until 28 or sometimes 30. But this is documented as very rare and there’s not much proof that it’s 100% true.

    So let this be a little tidbit of advice. Catch them while they’re 18 or 21 and let them go when they hit 25. And no later then 30…or you’ll be sorry.

    Sincerely yours,

    Russian Girl Lover

    PS – Eyes far apart aren’t a “bad” thing, just means that Mommy drank a little too much while she was in the womb. And “skunk roots” do it for me.

  • trainman

    As that old saying goes: beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

    While I’ve certainly seen a number of beautiful/attractive Russian women walking through the neighborhood, to make a blanket statement that
    “Russian girls are better looking than American girls”
    tells me more about her character and intellect than all the aptitude she’ll be able to demonstrate in the talent show.
    I would like to interview this women after a decade or so of eating our fast food cuisine and ask her how beautiful she feel now.

  • Bob

    The only qualification for Miss Russian New York is that they speak Russian. They don’t have to be immigrants. I’d like to know if this moron is a citizen. If not, I’d love to pass her photo and comments to whoever at INS is going to handle her case.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody remember the Evening vear (wear) commercial with the fat Russian lady?

  • Anonymous

    Wait till she gets a little older, gets fat, wears clothes 3 sizes too small for her along

    with ugly european shoes on her wide feet, all the while paying with food stamps and

    squeezing her fat a** into her new mercedes which she bought with American money

    from her many welfare checks each with a different name and social security number…

  • Anonymous

    No I just saw you at the supermarket with your benefit card…

  • trainman

    Catfight….. wait till I get my popcorn

  • Offramp

    In Soviet Russia, hair dyes you.

  • Anonymous

    this article is written with a lot of sarcasm and just provokes the stupid stereotype that the russian community trying to avoid all this years. What is upseting is the author is russian in her roots and should have known better than to write such crap. So much for being a legitimate journalist. What is scanky is the newspaper that makes up its own headlines and stories that has nothing to do with the true content.

  • Rainford

    If the Russian girls are hotter, let them try to win the Miss New York State beauty contest.

    Even the playing field baby – then make your bigoted statements.

  • Anonymous

    This Girl will be busted at 30.

    30 years old comes around fast. It will be a awake up call when she wakes up one morning and it looks like her ass imploded.

  • The organizer of this event got in touch with me, they mistakenly thought I wrote the daily news article and took offense that she was misquoted.

    Nevertheless they invited me to go to their next event @Russian Girl Lover you can go in my place if you want to.

  • yes

    while rereading this,i can’t help but think how dumb this girl is.

  • liz

    russian girls are beautiful when they are younger..but they peak about 35 years old then its all downhill from there..with all thier constant smoking ,drinking,partying,and chasing money,around 35 they go from swimsuit model contestants to pirogi eating contest contenders…and they deserve it because they are shallow,think they are better and above any american woman,arrogant,nasty,and if you really look close,they all have the same face..and the squeaky high pitched voices are hard on the ears…keep your russian women..i’ll take a good ole american woman anytime!

  • From a guy

    Right on Liz! I will take a down to earth American girl any day of the week over those arrogant, shallow, plastic Russian girls.

    • russian girl

      @From a guy,
      guys, its just because of the fact that russian girls prettier than american girls pisses u off!!!
      while reading all this stuff i havent read any bad stuff about american girls(only that they are not that pretty than russians), no russian girl writes here that americans are fat, ugly, arrogant, nasty…
      ….and if u go to Europe u will see what they think about american girls….
      i dont care what u write here, but def it wont change anything, cause “the fact is the fact”
      sorry guys, but its ugly truth:))))

  • realist

    she will be a prostitute in 5 years.

  • Lisanne!

    I’m just amazed that this was even published. This is a rather minor pageant and quoting the ignorant remarks of one of the contestants wasn’t very newsworthy. However, if I was promoting this event, I’d disqualify Ms. Somchyk. She needs to learn to think before she says something idiotic to someone from the media.

  • Katya

    I am Russian and I am ashamed of this statement as well as of some comments both from Americans and Russians wich sounds insulting to women of both nations

  • Brian

    What’s up with all the hate? Replace the word “Russian” with “black” and there’d be hell to pay.

    Russian girls are very pretty and have good senses of fashion. A lot of the perceived arrogance is due to the intonations of the Russian language compared to English. They’re not especially nicer nor meaner than any other sampling of women might be.

    And really, you all say that you would take an American girl because they’re not so fat? I don’t know what America you live in; but this one has an obesity rate of more than 50%.

  • Nonka

    All of these comments are just rediculous,I feel like it’s just an exchange of insults. Ok,this closed minded girl made a statement like that,so what,it’s her opinion,which all of us “normal”people don’t agree with anyway,because there are beautiful people in every country,and it’s a known fact,and anyone in their right mind will say that there are tons of gorgeous american girls. What makes me angry is that all of you become defensive and try to condemn russians,put them down and say how bad they are, and all you really do is just being stereotypical. How can you judge all russians by the Brooklyn standard, all of them who live there are closed in their little world,they don’t move on,don’t progress,therefore they make statements like the one above. Calling all russians sluts and easy,and whatever else, makes you look dumb,because it’s just your prejudice, and as long as these prejudices will exist, we will never move on. Being Ukrainian,i often get people to call me russian and stick that label on me,and i hate it,hate it as much as Brooklyn and all of those who live there and leave a bad impression about all of us! You can’t judge everyone based on the stereotype,it’s just not right. And yes, russian women age,but so do american, spanish and so on..the only ones who look young for a long time are African Americans!
    And the comercial about russian evening wear was hilarious,i have to agree. In a reply to the Russian Girl lover,you just make yourself look like an ass!!!

  • Tanya

    Agreed with Brian and Nonka……………

  • The Duke

    Looks like that Russian girl doesn’t like competition — many American girls are stunning – take a walk on 5th Avenue in Manhattan (if she ever goes to Manhattan, that is). This “beauty queen” should be thinking about getting a good education here in the US. Being a Sheepshead Bay princess will not take her anywhere in this country.

  • Jerry Butler

    Man I would like to get next to this Babe.A few years back you could buy these Russian Babes on line and have them shipped to the US from Russia.

  • Peter North

    Now this is some Hotttie. I always noticed these Russians on Brighton Beach Ave.May I say they are great in the Sack as well.

  • ds

    Let me guess. Whoever wrote this is mentally comparing the best pictures they could find of a few Russian women to some podunk town in a backwoods county. If you walk in the streets of the big cities or at major college universities, you’ll see women who floor these arrogant, smoking, yellow toothed, bulimic bitches!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, there are some very beautiful Russian girls, as there are beautiful girls of any ethnicity.
    This particular girl just happened to be a poor example of one, because she is not pretty at all, but is one of those rude people who think that they are perfect.