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Gerritsen Beach on Radar to Get a “Dog Run”

Gerritsen Beach may be getting a dog run!

At Marty Golden’s town hall meeting there was a group was ‘lobbying’ for a dog run in Marine Park. Dog runs are large, fenced-in areas for dogs to exercise unleashed.

That group brought the issue directly to Julius Spiegel Brooklyn Commissioner of NYC Parks. They […]

HLA to Go Away! Will Not Be In I.S. 278

Sources tell GerritsenBeach.net that the Hebrew Language Academy has agreed NOT to use IS 278 as their temporary location. Details are still coming in, but sources claim that our own State Senator Marty Golden played “a significant role” in the negotiations with HLA, who are reportedly looking for an alternate location, possibly in […]

Community to Hebrew Language Charter Academy “HLA Go Away”

Enormous Crowd
Complete Photo Gallery

“HLA Go Away” was pretty much the sentiment of last nights Department of Education public hearing. The hearing is to decided if The Hebrew Language Charter Academy will be housed in I.S. 278
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Welcome Home: Billy Shaleesh

Welcome Home: Billy Shaleesh

No Bio Provided.

Cort Club Memorial Day Block Party and Derby Races


Tuesday, May 25th the Cort Club held their annual Memorial day block party. There were games and rides for the kids, lots of food and raffles. A good time was had by all.

Thanks to the Cort Club for hosting the event

There are a ton of pictures from this event. If you need prints or copies email: info@gerritsenbeach.net

Click Here for a complete Photo Gallery


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Marty Golden Town Hall Meeting: The Movie

This is the whole meeting in its 80 minutes plus glory! (Part 2 has the HLA)

If you watch it all, you deserve a medal!

Marty Golden Town Hall Meeting Roundup: All About HLA

Marty Goldens Town Hall was held at the Kings Bay YM-YMHA on Nostrand was again packed with parents opposed to the Hebrew Language Academy Charter School (HLA). Unlike the Marine Park Civic Meeting, this town hall had John White from the Department of Education available to pitch the “proposal” to the community, then […]

Lew Fidler: “Seba Avenue Park Repaired in “Record Time””

In Lew Fidlers May 2009 newsletter (available here as a PDF), the councilmen features Our Seba Avenue Park.

Those are some nice pictures they used…wonder who took those.

Picture of the Week: Seba and Frank

Another Gun Recovered in the Creek

Since the Hi-Point Carbine rifle that was found on the Beach at Garland and Allen a week or so ago, another gun was recovered in the creek Wednesday.

This time a silver 9mm was recovered during low tide near the point.

Community Gardens Gets a Walkway

The community gardens adjacent to the library on Gerritsen Avenue got its concrete walkway. This will allow more people to enjoy the gardens.

Lines Being Repainted on the Avenue

Since the resurfacing is complete, the DOT has been busy outlining what will be the lines that will be going down Gerritsen Avenue. We here at Gerritsenbeach.net can’t wait for the driving free for all to end!

One minor problem and its something to take note of now, it appears as though they […]

Woodchips: A Response

With all of the recent wood chip controversy … wait a second. Let’s read that again, “wood chip controversy”. Did you ever think wood chips would ever start a controversy? Yeah, me neither.

I recently received another statement from Gerritsen Beach Cares, who have apparently decided to “clear up” the wood chip controversy once and for all, dispelling all of the rumors so the community can finally put this all behind them!
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GB Cares Needs A New Kind of Help

GBCares Newsletter

Gerritsen Beach Cares recently issued two press releases asking for community support for their community projects.
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Bagel Store Painted Away Whats to Come?

We last left you off with the Bagel store signs being taken down, Recently, over the past week months the old bagel store has been going under some renovations to become another bagel store/deli. They repainted the side wall a solid red.

Whatever it will turn out to be we wish them luck […]