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Breaking: Confirmed Swine Flu at Good Shepherd…

Two cases of swine flu have been suspected at two Catholic grammar schools in Brooklyn. Rev. Kieran Harrington said that two schools, St. Brigid in Bushwick and Good Shepherd in Marine Park, would be closed at dismissal today and remain closed for the rest of the week.

Update: 3:00 pm – Well place sources are telling me that the Good Shepherd case has now been confirmed.

29 comments to Breaking: Confirmed Swine Flu at Good Shepherd…

  • anon

    I worry now that it might spread to PS 277, as so many children from there attend CCD at Good Shepherd…I also wonder if they will have to cancel First Communion on Saturday – I hope all the children are OK, and this doesn’t turn into an epidemic for either school.

  • mike24611

    Are they suspected? or has there been confirmation yet?

  • 352

    what about Kearney? anyword on that school?

  • MPman

    Thanks for this important update. I wonder if you know how big school enrollment is at Good Sheperd, and if any other students have been sick or been tested.

  • Kerry

    swine flu? dont you mean dirtbag beach rat flu??????? learn to wash your hands you filty people this is all easily avoidable. teach your kids what to do instead of drinking bear all day and collecting unemployment checks!

    • Lets take a walk day

      Are you crazy or just dumb. Dont you listen to the news. I started in Mexico. You should wash out your mouth with some soap. You dirtbag.

    • bagels

      Calm down, Kerry. It’s going to be OK.

    • Anonymous

      what did you just pick up your unemployment check and hop over to the deli and buy a 12 pack and now go on a rant!!! shut your mouth dumb ass!

    • trainman

      Tell me Kerry,
      in order to drink a bear, do you first need to put it in a blender and purée it?
      And how big of a blender to you need?
      While you’re melting your brain thinking about those answers could you please also explain why GB home prices have been stable while the surrounding communities are experiencing double-digit declines in their home value? Could it be because we don’t drink our bears?

    • seamus

      What do filty mean?

    • marina

      i absolutely agree with you, this could be easily avoided if people would just learn to wash their hands, and cover their mouth when they caught. But they are all not educated and discusting

  • Anonymous

    I did not know that people drank bear…

  • anonymous

    I wonder if he/she spelled its own name right .

  • Bob

    I’m going to start gathering supplies & learning some skills like cooking, hotwiring cars & how to repair nuclear power plants…better reread “The Stand”.

  • anonymous

    Good Shepherd is full of children from the lowest of lows from Gerritsen Beach. What do you expect.

  • bagels

    I’m not really worried about this right now because it seems to be relatively mild, though I still carry the hand sanitizer and get after the kids about staying away from anyone that looks sick. I’m more worried about this thing mutating and coming back even stronger when the winter flu season starts. Lets hope they develop a vaccine in time and that there will be enough for everyone.

  • local broker

    I Am Legend

    • local broker

      Years after a plague kills most of humanity and transforms the rest into monsters, the sole survivor in New York City struggles valiantly to find a cure