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Frank Court Lake Still A HUGE Problem


Frank Avenue between Seba and Lois Avenue still has a huge lake on the block, and they cant get any help from any city agency or any local elected or local group.

Here is a letter sent in Via email with an open Letter:

“Dear Lew Fidler, yes I do think you do a lot for the beach. But I must tell you that one night over a year ago the “politicians” were at the vollies hall for a meeting and we brought them on our block “frank court” between Seba and Lois to show them the swimming pool that is on our block every time it rains.

The street is sinking so is the sewer we have had the DEP , and the dot went and put tar a big patch right by the sewer that never drained the street properly to begin with now just backs the water up even more. A million documented complaints to 311 a video on this web site we were thinking might shed some light on this problem but nothing. Don’t know what else to do. And to shed further light a few years back after again many complaints because the water lays like a lake and cars pass by it undermined the beams in the front of my house from the constant water which in turn cost me a lot to have it fixed.

Something needs to get done to repair these streets. I know that it was discussed at the vollies meeting that night.

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Frank Court Lake from Gerritsen Beach on Vimeo.


Update: April 23rd 2009 GerritsenBeach.net was contacted by Lew Fidlers office who explained that they were not part of that vollie meeting and was not contacted before about this, but now since they have, they are coordinating with the DEP and appropriate agencies to have this problem resolved ASAP, DEP is even sending an inspector TODAY.

13 comments to Frank Court Lake Still A HUGE Problem

  • trainman

    Let me be the first to offer an Idiotic solution.

    Take down the Frank court sign and replace it with a Gerritsen Ave. sign.

    I’m sure some DOT city worker would notice it and bring one of those huge scraping machines there and repave the street.

    Let me know if it works :-)

  • Anonymous

    Is it really news if it happens EVERY TIME WE HAVE A LOT OF RAIN?

    I truly feel for the residents of Frank Ct. I guess they just haven’t found the correct gov’t dept. to handle this. Maybe they should try withholding their taxes or water & sewer & see who shows up.

  • Nosy

    Did you ever think of trying a news person like Help Me Howard on Channel 11 or any of the other stations that will embarrass the local elected officials who offer no help?
    Might be worth a try.

    • trainman

      Nosy that sounds like a great idea.
      I think channel 5 and 7 also have people who do news segments for people in distress. At this point I think the GB Association should write letters to these TV stations. Perhaps with an association requesting help, it would provide more leverage than an individual. Fronk ct. residents have been putting up with this inconvenience much to long.

  • iwiodfjdofh

    get a life loser

  • anonymous

    Help me Rhonda, help, help me Rhonda…..help me Rhonda…yeah….to get out of the Beach!

  • annmarieminze

    I live on Frank ct between seba and cyrus and had the same problem more than 30 years ago during the cities budget crisis. and i wrote our assemblyman and mentioned the president of the gbpoa who told me to write to him and a few weeks later they were at my house asking what I wanted to do to fix the street. give it a try

  • George Broadhead

    The problem of flooding on Frank Court has been addressed and brought to the attention of our ‘representatives’ many times in the past. As new president, I am currently reading back files of GBPOA meeting minutes to find what the individual representative’s responses were in this matter. When an entire avenue (Gerritsen Avenue) can be torn up and repaved,, suddenly, out of the blue, we can only wonder why one residential Court can be ignored!

  • George Broadhead

    Spoke with Lew Fidler at CB 15 meeting the other night, and again last night. He is applying as much pressure as he can to correct the problem on Frank Court. Today, Reeves Eisen, of his office, called with news that an ultimatum has been made to have something done asap or something in writing giving a time table. You will be getting a notice from GBPOA to attend our/your next property owner’s meeting, WEDNESDAY, MAY 6th at St. James, at 7:30 pm.

  • […] Fidler stepped in to rectify the situation after an open letter posted on GerritsenBeach.net. Armed with pictures and video, they made calls to the DOT who blamed the DEP, who blamed the DOT. […]

  • George Broadhead

    As has been noted, the outrageous neglect of the needs of the residents of Frank Court was addressed at the GB Property Owners meeting; following a letter I personally delivered to the homes on Frank Court, residents attended the May 6th meeting and expressed their concerns. Councilman Fidler, with whom we had been in contact, arrived and told about his contact with authorities at DOT and DEP. Not one to mince words, Councilman Fidler made clear that DOT and DEP each pointed the finger at the other for responsibility for correcting the problem on Frank Court. At the meeting, residents expressed their anger about a promise made over 2 years ago at a town hall meeting called by Senator Golden, and inspection of the Court. Joan Byrnes, representing Senator Marty Golden, advised the property owners that Senator Golden would hold a meeting at the corner of Seba Ave. and Frank Court, at 1245, May 15, at which authorities from both DOT and DEP would be present. This took place on the driest, sunniest day in a week, but there was still large puddles of water that had not made it to the drain–because the water cannot make it to the drain– thanks to an inept patchwork job blocking drainage. This has gone on for over 9 years. The immediate problem of drainage is supposed to be taken care of within 48 hours, according to RAY A. EDWARDS, DIRECTOR OF ROADWAY REPAIR & MAINTENANCE. His number is (718) 222-7290/91 and his Fax is (718) 222-7288/92 and his email address is redwards@dot.nyc.gov Make your rights known, and don’t let anyone off the hook. Senator Golden established a due date of June 12 for a follow-up meeting to determine the future of what is to be done to correct the problem on Frank Court and other Courts in Gerritsen Beach. Dare Court and Ivan Court are two that we are familiar with, and we would like to know about any others. DEP was about as willing to be helpful as a hole in the ground. One contact at DEP is Effie Ardizzone, Assistant Director COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS:
    (719) 595-3493/3496. fAX: (718) 595-3481. Email address: eardizzone@dep.nyc.gov. As a “community partner”, you may want to contact DEP to motivate them.

  • […] What started in January with GerritsenBeach.net post “Frank Court Pond” . then again with an open letter to Lew Fidler in April “Frank Court Lake Still A HUGE Problem“. […]

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