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How Many Wood Chips Would a Contractor Dump if the Contractor was Dumping Wood Chips?

Image above: 2004 and 2007 aerial

A 100 by 120 yard field (about 2.5 acres) behind PS 277 and next to the soccer field has been cleared and leveled with literally tons of wood chips. The wood chips have been coming in almost weekly via a local Brooklyn contractor (dragonetti) who has been dumping the wood chips and various other debris there for the last few years.

At first it was assumed that this was a parks department project because of the markings and logos on heavy machinery (caterpillars, bobcats, etc..) and trucks. However, this is not a parks department project. When asked, the parks department currently has no projects being constructed in Gerritsen Beach and has no knowledge of this project.

According to the parks department wood debris and wood chips generated from hired tree contractors are considered commercial waste and therefore cannot be used on park land.


Rumors are going around that it may become a parking lot for PS 277, a ball field, etc… Who knows? More rumors include an agreement for dumping in exchange for use of heavy equipment.

Does anyone know?

Photo Gallery


Update: April 20th 2009

This is a GB Cares project to: (via a comment)

“to help solve problems on the parkland. This area was covered with garbage and weeds before GB Cares started the project. The school had concerns with people hiding in the weeds, the softball teams could not find foul balls, the soil conditions were not very good, and this overgrown garbage filled area was changed by GB Cares.

We removed 10 (20) yard dumpsters of garbage, planted 1,000’s of daffodils, tulips and over a dozen trees in this area. GB Cares requested the wood chips as they turn into mulch (Dirt) it is used around the park. The GBPOA community gardens, bus stop gardens, GBLL area have all benifited from the mulch from the area. The insured contractor has helped St. James, Kiddie Beach, GB Little League, GBPOA gardens, Olga’s Bus stops gardens, NYC Parks, and GB Cares with Free tree removal and landscaping services for years.

The wood chip area would be clean, groomed and level right now. But, the Parks Department has requested GB Cares to stop work and resubmit a written request for approval of all the volunteer projects we do on the Parkland.

Update: April 25th 2009 Sent in Via Email:
Turns out GerritsenBeach.net was not the only one asking questions.

Pks Letter

Take what you want from this letter.

130 comments to How Many Wood Chips Would a Contractor Dump if the Contractor was Dumping Wood Chips?

  • GB Cares

    As GerritsenBeach.net knows this is one of the many GB Cares projects to help solve problems on the parkland. This area was covered with garbage and weeds before GB Cares started the project. The school had concerns with people hiding in the weeds, the softball teams could not find foul balls, the soil conditions were not very good, and this overgrown garbage filled area was changed by GB Cares.

    We removed 10 (20) yard dumpsters of garbage, planted 1,000’s of daffodils, tulips and over a dozen trees in this area. GB Cares requested the wood chips as they turn into mulch (Dirt) it is used around the park. The GBPOA community gardens, bus stop gardens, GBLL area have all benifited from the mulch from the area. The insured contractor has helped St. James, Kiddie Beach, GB Little League, GBPOA gardens, Olga’s Bus stops gardens, NYC Parks, and GB Cares with Free tree removal and landscaping services for years.

    The wood chip area would be clean, groomed and level right now. But, the Parks Department has requested GB Cares to stop work and resubmit a written request for approval of all the volunteer projects we do on the Parkland. I guess this website can take credit for something…

    • ??

      Mike-How cocky can you be? Who’s approval did you get to do this.? Thanks for all the good you do…but honestly. Seems like it was a hazard. Layoff.

    • Screw this!

      Waaaaa! I have to get approval now! Waaaaaa!

      Go buy your mulch and dirt like everyone else and not let someone DUMP ON OUR COMMUNITY!

      The wood chip area is LEVELED. What are you putting there?! You don’t dump woodchips on 2.5 acres for a dirt farm. Give me a break!

    • Screw this!


    • eyes open

      wow Mike it must be lonely up on that pedestal . You forget that there were many people before you that helped clean up the parks and there will be many more after your forgotten .

    • yourallidiots

      @GB Cares, Can youupdate the photo with years, so everyone can see the land from 1995,96,97,98,99,2000,2001,2002,2003, etc compared to today? I bet you will love the comparison.

      • @yourallidiots, I actually am the one with all of those pictures.

        I don’t think anyone is arguing that GBCares has done and will continue to do great things.

        I will put up those pictures.

        • yourallidiots

          @GerritsenBeach.net, please do so, so Everyone can see th eimpact you have had on hurting a positicve thing, Sat down at the point last week and was attached by nats! They wouldnt be ther if you never started this entire mess. Theweeds woul dhave been cut and the area cleaned.

  • MackAttack

    While sometimes you have a usefull post here and there,however this time you screwed the hard working people both GB Cares volunteers and the community service workers from the Brooklyn DA’s office whom work tirelessly every saturday.Maybe if you would strap your little camera around your neck and come up to the containers at Larry Veling Feild and volunteer some time then you would know what is really going on in your community.We already have enough heat on various community groups such as GB Cares,Gerritsen Beach Little League since the fire in the skate park trying to get various projects done.In my opinion any phone calls that are made to the N.Y.C. Parks Department concerning any projects on the parkland,the person wishing to find out whats going on should seek the advice of local community group officials prior to making these phone calls.More tasks get accomplished when the people we elect to run our local community groups are left to do their jobs rather than people going off on their own and stirring up the pot.Hope to see you and any other people who read this up at the containers to volunteer a little of time for their community and at the same time ask questions and find out what is really going on in your community.

    • Anonymous

      ” community service workers from the Brooklyn DA’s office whom work tirelessly every saturday”

      WHAT!?!?!? the only reason they are over there working is to stay out of jail, they are CRIMINALS!!!! what do you think they’re doing this out of the goodness of their heart?

    • Screw this!

      These elected people you speak of? They were really elected? How long has Mr. Taylor been elected?

      Check this out. Your saying I need to go up to the containers to find out more information about an ILLEGAL project from the people perpetrating it? Amazing. I’m glad whoever was making calls was making them to the Parks department.

      and really! What does the fire at seba avenue park have to do with putting heat on GB Cares? Did GB Cares light that fire? or the parks department noticed all of the projects? Why is it now that the little league is part of this mess?

      I did noticed a 6 foot high wall of wood chips there too blocking the main trail as well as some new construction going on at the little league. Im assuming the GBLL got permission from the city to put whatever they are putting there, or if the league owns the field itself got permission from whomever.

      • Anonymous

        Mike was elected more than once. No one else wants to spend the time to at least try to make this neighborhood cleaner and a nicer place to live. John Douglas is the new President.

        No the GBLL did not get permission – they do not own the field.

        • Anonymous

          I hear mike taylor gets 150 thousand dollars a year to keep the ball fields clean that’s a lot off money for community service workers to split up huh. Where is the money going ol mikey boy

          • Anonymous

            maybe you are right about 150 thousand, one thing I did find
            was in the nyc budget for 2008 as follows:

            Gerritsen Beach Cares Funds will provide Graffiti removal program and other
            Community Programming. DYCD $22,500 from the

            City Council
            Fiscal Year 2008
            Adopted Expense Budget

          • Bobo

            You crazy people, the truth is that Mike does or did not receive 150 K to clean up.

            Rumor is that along with all the members of the GBDGSS (Gerritsen Beach Do Good Secret Society) found Gold while cleaning up the neighborhood. Rumor is that while cleaning up the garbage, someone stumbled across an old prospect Gold mine off of Seba Avenue Park. Truth is, the Model airplane field is a cover up, for years they have acted as the security to make sure nobody finds the secret hatch. Every time a Model plane crashes, it is the security detail secretly knocking out a person who “got to close”.

            Mike has secretly buried the “Gold Treasure” on Mau Mau Island. Rumor has it that all the sand bags that are holding the giant crap pile together are filled with this gold.

            Get to it. Build a boat from all the garbage in the Back weeds and from the shore line and row across to the island and start digging. You can gather up some old scrap dock wood and build a raft with the Styrofoam floating around or washed up.

            Supposedly there are millions of dollars in gold from the Secret Gold Mine

            Oh by the way. The picture of the end of Gerritsen avenue on top of this wonderful website would never have looked so good without all of the volunteer efforts and clean ups that took the crap out. Which removed the old docks, the drift wood and floating Styrofoam? Good Luck building your raft.

            I also heard that beneath the old Bobo stores, remember them selling smoke bombs in that crap hole. Rumor is there is a secret tunnel that has been dug out across Gerritsen Avenue, and is half way to Mau for the biggest Gold Heist Ever. Along with a secret Militia, they will be taking control of the Island. I wonder if they will pull out some old smoke bombs to set off for a diversion while stealing all the Sandbags.


          • Anonymous

            this program has been sponsored by Lew Fidler (his grant) and GB Cares for several years. All ANYONE has to do is call1-800-668-6618 for removal of Graffiti with the GB Cares boundaries. This has been announced at all GB Cares meetings and put out in all their flyers. I would hope no one has any objections to that – unless you are doing the tagging.

          • Anonymous

            You must be one of those undesirables in the neighborhood we rather not have – you have been using too many drugs. Mike doesn’t get a dime and sometimes spends his own money. GBCares is not one person – they have a large following and by the membership applications and comments many more people like what they are doing than NOT.

          • Anonymous

            Your an idiot for thinking mike is stealing money, that’s wrong to accuse somebody of that.

  • Dewrock

    I must say, wood chips are a good thing to use as decoration in gardening & make the soil rich. Here it comes, BUT the amount of chips in the back of the school is well over too much.
    not only is it spred out in a large area. it is also at least three feet deep & that is too much, doesn’t do any good being that deep.
    I think it’s time to end chip dumping or reduce the amount of dumping.

  • Anonymous

    GB.net is doing the right thing. Lay off ‘em. You’re just upset that the blog is independent and impartial, and reports on the good and the “bad” or questionable in the community. but it’s a good idea – point fingers to keep eyes off of what you’re doing.

    Instead of deflecting “blame” onto an inquisitive person who cares about his neighborhood, how about answering with a little more fact? Like what authority you had to dump someone’s tree trash behind our school? Or what steps you took to make sure it’s all clean so no one is harmed? Or how about what permission you had from Parks to use woodchips when THEY DON’T ALLOW IT?

    It’s probably a good thing that Parks is checking up on what’s going on – it’s not GB Cares’ land! You can’t just dump sh*t there and do what you want. Talk about arrogance!

    Look at the pictures! Dewrock says it’s THREE FEET DEEP! Lord knows what vermin and insect infestations are breed near the school! That’s a service to the community?????

    Is there something to hide that you’re bitching and crying about big brother watching you? Are you afraid they’re going to find out a few dirty deeds? I would think a community group would WELCOME closer relations with city agencies! That way they have direct contacts and more gets done.

    Then again, you can’t get away with as much if Parks is lookin.

    Don’t scapegoat the site! Man up and take responsibility for what you’re doing!

    The blogger didn’t screw GB Cares – it looks like you screwed yourself.

    • what-if

      OMG..3 feet deep…moisture stays underneath due to the inability to dry out….heat gets trapped and puff…lots of fire, smoke and it will stink all summer……

      • Disgusting!

        not to mention the animal fecal matter / urine (sorry to gross you out, but wild animals do go to the bathroom too!) that’s probably soaked in. Yucko! And by the school, too? Has anyone called the principal?

        • Anonymous

          Why don’t you address the people in this neighborhood who walk their dogs all over the streets, sidewalks and even on neighbors property and don’t pick up. I won’t even mention those with cats the crap and kill neighbors gardens.

          • Bob

            GB.net has posted about the dog walking…want to see cat problems? I called the Department of Health about a neighbor with in excess of 30 cats in her yard that make the entire block smell of cat urine & DOH said they found no problem or hazard…cause they probably never showed up.

  • none of your business

    I see you took off the posting that called you a name you did not like, thats not true reporting i guess you are the asshole the other poster claimed you to be.

    • Anonymous

      how about being a decent human being and stop using expletives. You’re a real class act. I guess this kind of behavior is reflective of GB Cares, huh?

      Insults and slander have nothing to do with fair reporting. Go read a book, if you can.

      Or better yet, go climb back under your pile of wood chips and crap you’ve been dumping – and stay there.

    • I did take off the comment. There was nothing there. I do have standards of commenting.

  • Anonymous

    How low can you go… What the hell is wrong with you? You’re willing to do a hatchet job on someone’s family over a pile of woodchips? This must REALLY be some big coverup if you’re willing to intentionally harm people who have nothing to do with this story.


  • Wow

    at first i thought this was nothing but now people are being threatened? maybe there is something illegal or dangerous going on here.

  • Jim Donovan

    Anonymous, that comment is unwarranted and uncalled for; Dan Sr. has accomplished a great deal for this community and has been involved with many organizations over the years. Have You? As president of The Cort Club, I welcome his ideas and comments and never thought at any time that he was working against this community or his son for that matter. I do agree however that the situation could have been handled a little differently whereas Dan Jr. might have talked with our community leaders to gather information for his article before approaching the parks department. Because of this approach to contact the parks department first, a small project to enhance the little league field and all the other work that has been done may now be in jeopardy.

    Finally, although the dumping of wood chips may have been a mistake or maybe not and which is easily fixable, GB Cares does more for this community and our parkland than any other organization or the parks department combined. Imagine if they (GBC) did not do what they do on a weekly basis and what the avenue and the surrounding areas would look like. When is the last time anyone has seen the parks department doing anything in our area except busting chops for parking next to the ball fields when work is being done that they themselves should be doing?

    Good job people, keep it up.

    • Anonymous

      Who’s to say that the author didn’t approach GB Cares and was told to stop investigating? For all we know, he did try to talk to GB Cares and was stonewalled.

      I don’t think he has to explain himself, but I do think GB Cares does.

    • anonymous

      two weeks ago parks took out two trucks of stuff from the weeds and last week they took another truck full . to say they do nothing is unfair . our recognized community leaders are the GBPO not Mike

      • Budgets

        They may make an appearance, but with all the budget cuts looming and the lack of support from the Parks Department in the Past, there is no way that they will be able to provide the same level of service and commitment that the neighborhood volunteers have provided. This overall subject and blog has created an unnecessary mess and is a shame.

  • Anonymous

    Judging by this reaction, this kid has huge balls.

    Why is it when gerritsenbeach.net goes after kids no one really cares or pays much attention. This woodchips only seem like only a grown ups doing something wrong instead of kids.

    ive wanted to know whats going on back there for a long time now. I dont want a parkign lot and i dont care about losing a softball. They should leave it along all of the atvs and quads go there anyway and use the hills as jumps. Maybe its an ATV PARK!?

    Like someone said before if this is wrong…man up!

  • Friend

    AnoMyMous LOL! Your an idiot

    Im sure both Mr. Cavanagh’s are working against the community. lol. This website is awesome. Big Cav, is great, he does alot lil Cav is great. but they are completly seperate people,

    do you realize that lil Cav was attacking green streets (a marty golden project) while his father was working for the senator? They are seperate people

    I know for a FACT that lil Cav was threatened over this… and he RECORDS everything….He even has dragonitti on video expalining everything.

  • Jim Donovan

    Hey Danny, were you threatened over this?

  • Anonymous

    Listen, you’d better find out where these wood chips are coming from – there are areas all around NYC as well as in Brooklyn that are infested with Asian Long Horned Beetles. If infected wood is present and has not been chipped to a very small size, you could be in for a BIG problem.

  • Anonymous


    This kid needs to find a job and grow up. Find something worth reporting rather than persecuting the ppl who work their butts off for this neighborhood. Im so tired of this child with a site and his childish BS.

    Good Job GB cares and the court club and who ever else is helping the Beach.

    GB cares I think you should learn to put your foot in your mouth.

    • eyes open

      He’s not a kid but a man and he’s doing a mans job which takes a lot of balls . and why you bring the court club into this . If anything I would think they are behind him .

  • webber

    How much money is the company paying GBcare to dump the wood chips????

  • eddie

    this is bull****. how come the parks department can give my son a $50 fine for playing paintball, or a $35 fine for bringing a chair into the weeds, but you guys can dump stuff back there and get away with it. i think that its a great idea and dose look better then it was, but its tottally not fair. you guys should have to pay just like they make these kids for doing something that has no impact on the weeds.

  • Dewrock

    Of course this is just an idea, the woodchips can be dumped at the saltmarsh pathways,


    1)Gardening with Woodchips
    2)Burning Woodchips for Fuel, Etc…
    3)Farm Animal Woodchip
    4)I also bag some up in burlap bags and sell them for $10 as dog bedding.
    5)for areas that get snow..use untreated wood shavings for traction on sidewalks etc. better for the plants than using salt products
    6)growing mushrooms
    7)Clean a floor. Moisten a pile of sawdust with water and use a push broom to sweep it around the concrete floor of your garage, basement, or shop. The wet sawdust will capture and absorb fine dust and grime.
    8)I use mine to protect the concrete floor of my shop. I have found that a 50mm thick layer prevents scratching of the delicate concrete surface and deadens the noise of falling tools.
    9)Lighten up cement. Sawdust mixed into mortar has long been used when erecting cordwood walls to aid in bonding the logs together. Do the same when casting lightweight vessels and moisture-loving planters.

    • Screw this!

      Dewrock… me and you need to start a dog bedding business!

      I know where to get tons of wood chips!

    • Anonymous

      can’t the nature center get Parks to do anything for them either? you should put in a formal request to your boss to keep your pathways covered so the poison ivy doesn’t get onto the pathways.

  • ray schaefer

    I think everybody should go back and read Jim Donovan’s letter. We should be together here. Honestly ask yourself what have you done for the beach lately. Name calling just ain’t in it.

  • Screw this!

    I like this website a lot. I like this “news” alot. This is a SERIOUS issue. (note the CAPS)

    Last year gb cares had a cleanup at the point and took away a lot of garbage. They had a lot less garbage to take away because there were a group of guys during the week that cleaned the area on their own. I remember this because I saw them taking pictures in front of the dozen or so garbage bags that these guys cleaned up and not cares.

    I also saw what was going on back there and I did notice the ATV’s using it as a playground, I wondered and wondered and figured something was going to start happening soon. Now we all learn that this might even be illegal.

    Isn’t it the job of GB Cares to do everything the right way?!
    Isn’t it the job of GB Cares to have permits and written consent for a project of this size?!

    • Sign up to Help

      Lots of great thoughts, you should help out and you will then know that all is legal and aimed at bettering the community.

  • Screw this!

    Anomymous is an idiot. Like someone said, this must be a big deal.

  • Jim D

    Does anyone really think that the parks department is not aware of this and has not been for the last few years? With all the great work that GB Cares and Dragonetti has done, do you think that they would jeopardize the area and their reputation with infected wood chips. During the fall of last year who do you think was pruning the tree’s, fixing the planting areas around the bus stops and trimming and sweeping the curb edges beatifying the avenue, Parks, DOT, Webber, Anonymous, WOW, Anomymous, Disgusting!, anybody? No it was GB Cares and Dragonetti the tree guy who is placing the wood chips. Oh and by the way, who do you think was urinating next to fence along the softball fields when the bushes were there? And by the school too. Hmmmmm I wonder. So, for all the crap that has flying about this issue, years of hard work by many may be for naught now, thank you concerned citizens!

    Leave the issue alone and if you have questions or concerns regarding anything in our great community, PLEASE GET INVOLVED your help and participation is always welcome.

    • Screw this!


      So if parks knows about this then why is everyone freaking out? attacking this kids father? saying stupid and horrible things, even GB Cares from comment 1 was taking shots at him, saying he has to get approval now.

      My questions is why is this such a big deal if parks knows about it? If they do know then why does parks know nothing about the project? Why do they want written consent now?

      The original post boiled down and asked what is this 2.5 acre are going to turn into, other than a dirt farm.

      No one is saying they cant remove the garbage but to clear an area larger than the softball fields is crazy without thinking someone was going to ask questions.

      • Anonymous

        If you asked that question to start with it might have curtailed some of these nasty comments. One big reason is that there has been a “change in managment” – new park manager and we all now from our business lives what that can mean. Information is not passed on from one to another, etc. I’ll leave it at that since I don’t want this to continue.

      • Jim Donovan

        People are freaking out because they jump to conclusions and make assumptions. Assumptions are the mother of all screw-ups.

        Apparently, there is a new person in charge over at the parks and information was not passed on thus leading to a bit of confusion, therefore GBC had to file again. However, the problem is with the new filing, they now have to wait for approvals. This wood chip dumping has been going on for about 8 to 10 years now with each of the parks department managers being aware of the project. If GBC were trying to hide something, why would they place the chips in the most viewable area next to the school? They placed the chips there for easy access for the machinery needed to carry it down the avenue along the fields.

        The area is just that, a dirt farm and wood chip mulch area. I for one can’t wait to watch my first softball game on field two without getting bitten by thousands of flying insects

        • man up

          I think your a little off with the eight to ten years . If you look at the dates on top you will see its less then three years and most people would think that behind the school was not in plan sight . Its only when it got to big to hide that anyone notice it . Also if he had a permit why didn’t he say so and stop this line ?

  • anonymous

    I’d like to know whats going to be done about this ?

  • George Broadhead

    There is a distinct difference between ‘one hand washing the other’, as opposed to ‘being on the take’. From everything I have come to know about Michael Taylor, he is a person of character, and honest as the day is long. All one has to do, is walk up or down Gerritsen Avenue (25 minutes from Lois Ave. to Ave. U) and you see the voluntary contributions of time and labor hanging from the poles for each holiday. The men who climb up and down the ladders putting the American flags or holiday lights in place, do not get a dime for their effort. The people in this community know who they are. They know Bob Banham when they see him, or Bob O’Reilly, or Buddy DeWitt, and others, working for the betterment of our community. Ray Schaefer and I, know that much of the success of the annual Memorial Day Parade sponsored by VFW Post 107 can be attributed directly to Michael Taylor, who gives of his time setting up the loud speaker system, breaking it down and racing down the avnue to set it up again. (That being just one of the things). The annual Halloween festivities for the children is one more of many things that take time and effort, and determination to accomplish. Michael has, against the odds, managed to keep many of the most charitable and giving people doing what it would take 10 times their number, if it was left to the city. Having retired from a career of over 40 years in publishing, I’m one of GerritsenBeach.net biggest fans. I hope he succeeds beyond his imagination, but in this instance, I personally feel, he should have engaged in more thorough investigation before he dropped the first wood chip. If Michael wanted to derive any benefits for himself from the many projects he has engaged on behalf of our community, he would not surround himself with good people, as he has. I defy anyone to come up with one iota of evidence that any of the people on GBCares Board has benefited financially from the work they do. We can only hope those memorials that do no harm, but bring some solace, don’t have to go…. Any “anons’ who want to help the GBPOA prune the trees, and dig out the weed trees, and maintain the Community Gardens either side of the library, please sign-up at the next Property Owner’s meeting, because we may not be able to rely on help from GBCares, as had been planned.

    • Lets Try to be nice...you never know when your day will be your last!

      I don’t know you George, but it seems like you are a asset to our community. Thank you.

    • Beachwalker

      George, I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m happy that the GBPOA has got some great, level-headed people running the organization. We are lucky to have both the GBPOA and GB Cares working for the betterment of the community. We are also fortunate to have GB.net. People who can’t or don’t for whatever reason, attend meetings can be engaged and informed about what goes on in the neighborhood. We are also lucky to have the Cort Club, still around after all these years and more active than ever thanks to the leadership of Jim Donovan, another obviously level head, and the guys up there who have worked together with the other organizations to make this place everything it should be, everything it could be. Does anyone remember what the Ave used to look like? The weeds grew all the way to the Ave guardrails, there weren’t even guard rails, you couldn’t even find the busstops! I don’t know about anyone else, but when I come down the Ave, it looks beautiful, flags blowing in the breeze, green grass and trees. The lights at Christmas, with Santa waving at the kids at the school, where else in NYC do you see small town, Main st. USA? I feel nothing but pride and gratitude to the people who have worked tirelessly at making this possible. I think that attacking MIchael Taylor or any of the citizens or put so much time and energy into this community is dispicable! Ray is completely right too, we have to be together!

  • Lets Try to be nice...you never know when your day will be your last!

    The Bible tells us that “a perverse man stirs up dissension, and a gossip separates close friends” (Proverbs 16:28). Many a friendship has been ruined over a misunderstanding that started with gossip. Those who engage in this behavior do nothing but stir up trouble and cause anger and bitterness, not to mention hurt, among friends. Sadly, some people thrive on this and look for opportunities to destroy others. And when such people are confronted, they deny the allegations and answer with excuses and rationalizations. Rather than admit wrong, they blame someone or something else, or attempt to make it sound like the sin committed isn’t so bad. “A fool’s mouth is his undoing, and his lips are a snare to his soul. The words of a gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to a man’s inmost parts” (Proverbs 18:7-8).

  • anonemous

    come on people what he did was wrong .

  • ray schaefer

    The hard won right to free speech did not come cheap, those men put their lives on the line. With the right comes responsibility……if you wish to validate the strength of your conviction give us your John Hancock. He did. It seems most of the negative comments are anonymous. Anonymous sniping ain’t in it.

  • Tom

    Hey Ray . no flag waveing , no passages for the good book . no story’s from when he was a kid . Just a simple yes or no . is it legal what he did ?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, talk about hijacking a conversation!

    Tom’s right – focus on the issue at hand. Is this legal? Is there some arrangement between the parties in question for use of land neither owns? Do the local elected officials know about this story (i’ve seen that they know about this blog!) and if they know, what are they doing to straighten this out?

    Instead of quoting scripture and writing love notes about GB Cares, how about some of our community leaders actually take some action instead of letting in just drag on online? Or is it more about “damage control” than acting in the community’s best interest?

    • Jim Donovan

      I believe all the permits required have been re-applied for and all work has been postponed until they are approved. It is not illegal to place the wood chips when you have permission. I really think it time to put this story to and end and focus on more important issues like barbeques, little league games, pagan softball games, opening day of kiddie beach and the thanking of all who help this great community.

      Signing off on this issue.

      Jim Donovan

      • eyes open

        wow you think a barbeque is more inportant then this .

        • Jim Donovan

          No, I do not think a barbeque is more important then this. I do think however that this story has been blown out proportion because of uniformed people and now everyone is making accusations that, it was done illegally and that they are trying to hide something. It is important that we all live together, work together, and play together as a community and as I’ve said before, get involved and then you can get a first hand look at what is actually been done and accomplished.

          • eyes open

            I think it very inportant that we live and play together , But to do that we must also trust each other . I hope that one day I can trust him again . He has done a lot of good but as we all know one ooops takes away alot of that a boys .

  • Nikki

    I find it absolutely amazing that people are so hard-struck on legal/illegal. If we were persecuted for everything “illegal” that is done in the beach, there would be no double parking, parking by hydrants, jay-walking, speeding etc. Does anyone have any idea of how many driveways are “illegal” in the beach, and how much money it would cost people to get the permit to even make their driveway legal?

    I understand these do not have anything to do with the issue at hand, but they are good examples of how everything is not so black or white.

    People, stop calling names and start asking questions!

  • ted

    I don’t think it so much the legality that people are getting hung up on as its the smoke being blown in their faces . rather then addressing the issues , we’re told what a great guy he is . Whenever someone asked what’s going to be done about it , someone waves a flag in our face or talks about the good book . I like Mike and I think his people do good work , But I would also like the truth and please don’t give me some story about loosing a softball back there . That story was just so bad

  • George Broadhead

    Everything is black or white, right, Ted… Have you taken time out to check the actual location of the wood chips? They are already doing what nature intended: they are decomposing. I wouldn’t go so far as to say, Mike is a great guy, but his character was being attacked by insinuation, and his character is being defended by people who know him to be honest. The legality of the dumping is a moot question now, since it was done in the daylight of the Park Department eyes. Have you participated in the betterment of our community? Who do you call on to help remove abandoned boats or cars?

  • ray schaefer

    Amen George. Wood chips spread around in broad daylight fopt eight years! Outrageous! Call the authorities!

  • ted

    ray you didn’t answer the question . but thats ok I’ll answer your . I was an alter boy , I did volunteer work for two different churches , I helped the elderly in nursing homes , I was a volley and yes I worked with Gerritsen beach cares as so did my child . no one attacked him a question was asked . he over reacted and started pointing finger saying how this one knew and that one knew . then his friends tried blow smoke up our you know what . maybe if they stopped yelling about god and country and simple stated we will look into this , this would of been over a long time ago . I personally never planed to write another thing about this , but you asked . so here’s the deal you and the other damage controll kids stop trying to Change my opinion and I’ll stop telling people what I think . you seam like a good guy Ray and I don’t want to argue with you

  • George Broadhead

    Ted, I don’t know who you are, and I’m not trying to change your mind. Like you, I hadn’t intended writing about this matter at all, but a man’s character was in question. You seem to have a thing about “flag waving”. You missed the intent, which is that there are men and women in this community who give ‘freely’ of their time and effort to maintain the quality of life we have enjoyed here (for me, on and off since 1938). The reference was to volunteering their time and effort to put up the flags and holiday lights that grace Gerritsen Avenue, having nothing to do with “waving the flag”. Although, there is a Childe Hassam appearance as one looks down the avenue, that may stir the soul….

    • ted

      no george When I said flag waving , I was refuring to something the Ray wrote . I too think the flag flying is a beautiful sight and it does say something about us as a whole . I have read all these postings again and don’t see anything that said he’s a bad guy . I do think he handled this hole thing badly . If you look back at the posting all negative posting stopped as soon as Jim D. said that he does take this seriously . I think that most people here would have been satisfied with a we will look into this . anyway that’s all water under the bridge now . You George are the president of the GBPO and the recognized leader of Gerritsen beach and I’m sure you will take the necessary action if any . I would guess its time to end this now and let you get back to running the GBPO . God Bless

  • Anonymous

    Why do people feel the need to cover ass in this community instead of getting down to facts? Instead of going on and on about Mike Taylor’s character, how about going to people who know what’s going on and reporting back to all of us some facts. You’re supposedly community leaders – lead for goodness sake, instead of covering for one of your own.

  • anonymous knows

    I think we should make sure Mike Taylor is not allowed to do any volunteer work in the community. He thinks gb cares has cleaned up this area. What good did he do? Why has he not responded to the anonymous comments or questions? Does he think anonymous id not a person? He should go away with his bad attitude and his false claims. He pretends to help GB organizations, kids sports groups, community, local school, churches. I think not! Mike thanks but no thanks stop ruining my community and park. Just go volunteer some where else. Go to the nature center on Avenue U. That may be to close. Just go away Mike!!!

    Community residents know better…

    • Jim Donovan

      anonymous knows, do you have a name, do you have the guts to speak your mind with a name attached to it? I didn’t think so. Because Mike or GBC did not answer these foolish remarks/comments does not make them guilty of anything in which GBC is not anyway. The jumping to conclusions on everyone’s part here shows your true colors and it has become evident that all the naysayer’s are the ones who don’t help in any capacity. If you did you would show your names. So do yourselves a favor and get off you’re a__ away from your computers and show real support for the community instead of bashing organizations that are trying to better it.

  • one of many

    I don’t know why he didn’t answer . but I can tell you something he’s done . back in the beginning when GBC was mostly mike and Joe . The three of us ( mike , joe and myself )spent several weekend cleaning the front of the field so that the community could enjoy benny’s beach party without stepping on garbage or tripping over weeds . I don’t think he ever told anyone that it was us three who did all the work . the work was hard but he ‘s an interesting guy to talk to . I bet most people would think so .

  • webber

    Why is GBC cleaning the NYC Parks Dept property, isn’t it the Parks Dept responsibility to do that?? If the Parks Department is
    not doing there job complaints should be made to the city !

    Please don’t tell me as a community we mess up Gerritsen Avenue and GBC is doing us a service of cleaning up after us all
    We have many people from various communities using the fields leaving a mess behind not only Gerritsen beach residents.

    GBC seems to be taking credit for the community service workers who clean along Gerritsen
    Avenue on Saturdays. Please don’t take credit for that since the D.A.’s office is the one who does it ( people who have
    committed crimes and are sentence to community service in various city owned parks, jails and other properties to avoid
    jail time, many of these workers have rap sheets as long as your arm).

    It is true that at Christmas time the avenue looks pretty and and now the flags look great that is a nice thing that GBC does
    andI do appreciate it. But unfortunately the thing that I remember
    most when someone mentions GBC is the time a few years ago when one of there members wrote on the guard rail on Gerritsen avenue

    “DON’T CRAP ON OUR COMMUNITY” now that is very classy!

    • Jim Donovan

      Weber, we as a community should be thankful for the time and energy that this organization puts in. To have the audacity to claim that they should not take credit for what they have done is ridiculous. The parks department did not set this program up nor did the DA’s officer it was Mike and GB Cares. I see them up on every Saturday morning directing these service workers on their own time, they don’t get paid by the city it’s volunteer work. Haven’t you seen them up there? Is the Parks or the DA’s office up there? Have you been up there? Do you help anywhere in the community? As for the guardrail, get over it. It was done primarily to stop our kids from writing on it and it seams to have worked to some extent. Stop bashing and get involved.

    • anonymous

      uh huh

  • Tim C

    Some of u guys have no clue about the time and effort many people of GB.To the many organizations who better this community…Thank you..Keep up the good work.. and dont let these idiots get to you.And to GBC a special thanks for all the trash and debris removed from the weeds ,the waterways,and the ave over the last 10 years or so. [ i am wondering if u guys have a total of tonnage of trash removed]

  • George Broadhead

    Attend the community meetings. That’s how we can each participate in oversight.

    • Anonymous

      george and mike keep doing what you do. don’t all of you realize this is our community. please enough with the negative bs. if we wait for the city to help us out it will never get done. these people all give to this community above and beyond. ITS OUR COMMUNITY and your right George attend a meeting!

  • jimbo

    Sorry, I have to disagree with you all. I think it is positive to give the GB thugs a clean place to congregate at night.

  • Dissapointed


    I am an outsider and can not believe the childish behavior on this site. The site owner and all of the anonymous post are obviously attempting to get a reaction out of mike and I am very glad that he has not acknowledged nor replied to the negativity and name calling. This shows his professionalism and maturity.

    One thing in life is that true volunteers don’t want to be recognized. He is driving a used car and lives in a small apartment with his family. Nothing that would portray someone who is making money off of strategic placement of woodchips that will benefit the community. These insunuations are pointless.

    All of you who are posting the comments and post’s most likely are to young to remember how Gerritsen Avenue looked prior to the First Garbage Bag (GB) cleanup, then the second one which drew in more than 1000 neighboorhood people up on Gerritsen Avenue. Once it was done, GB Cares became organized and has provided positive rewarding community based services and continues to find ways to beautify the neighborhood.

    This will be my one and only post, and recommend that everyone simply stop commenting. By doing so, you are adding fuel to a pointless fire that is ruining your neighborhood. Gerritsen beach has lifted itself up and now, for some unknown reason Danny, Dan Jr. or little Dan and his multiple personalities is bringing it down big time.

    Shame on you. Your Dad was a baseball coach for the little league and he was great coach. The Little League never looked like it does now. We had to climb over a hill and through overgrown weed trails to get to the minor league Fields. ( Larry Vehling Field ) What you started lil dan, dan jr, and your personalities is terrible and you truly should be ashamed. What is wrong with making a neighborhood look nicer? Who Cares about Woodchips being placed to help build a soil base, Do you have nothing else to do except cause issues within the very neighborhood that you live? What was the point?

    How will you feel when these programs stop and the avenue goes back to the way it used to be? You need to take a look at old photos when the weeds overgrew the rails and invaded the bus stops? When the Skate Park was nothing but a glass park, when you could not walk down Gerritsen Avenue on the side of the “weeds” because everything was overgrown.

    Your recent action toward a positive community organization and Mambers show your lack of Maturity, Selfishness and a “hey look at me and my website” attitute. You are attmepting to ruin the very neighboorhood that you live? Why?

    Disappointed and Ashamed of Dan jr.

    • Anonymous

      What a crock.

      This guy (I refuse to call him a “kid”) has been providing a community service for years, too. He’s not causing issues – he’s reporting on them.

      Isn’t it amazing that the people defending GB Cares for being good for the community are the same atacking a young adult and badmouthing him? I guess he wasn’t so bad when he was going along with everyone, or causing waves for kids, or taking pictures of bus shelters. Better to go along and get along than to have real integrity, I guess.

      Now that he’s going after “the establishment” and calling it as he sees it, all hell breaks loose and he’s a community menace. That’s a sad comentary on our community.

      And since when did GB Cares become the end all and be all? “whatever will we do when they’re gone, oh heavens!” Please. People will step up and will the void.

      And talk about lack of maturity – how about the name calling and attacks on this site towards the owner AND HIS FAMILY. that’s called for, right?

      I’m more disappointed and ashamed in the community and how it has acted than I ever would be at this site.

  • Anonymous

    Dissapointed you say that you are an outsider, well don’t make recommendations who do you think you are?
    You think you have the right to post here and call people childish, excuse me I am 62 years old and not
    childish. I have helped with cleanups of GB many times in the past and did not ask for recognition or Thank
    you’s from the community, I did it for my neighbors and myself.
    I really could care less where This guy Mike Taylor lives or what type car he drives. This is all a diversion to
    take away from the fact GBC was having wood chips dumped Illegally in our community, and the
    person who runs this website only was reporting as he usually does about what is going on in our neighborhood when he
    innocently called the Parks Dept to find out what they were doing. I see nothing wrong with that, what I see
    something wrong with is that people are getting way off the subject to hide what the problem actually is
    a group of people who apparently consider themselves “community leaders” even though no one I
    know elected them or gave them that privilege. What I am wondering now is what
    is GBC going to do about this pile of wood chips i the parks dept is saying that commercial waste is illegal, well
    we sure do have a hell of alot of it, don’t we

  • anonymous

    News Flash…… GBcares has permission to dump the wood chips there with the blessing of the prior parks dept. manager nothing illegal going on there however there is new upper management in the parks dept. that was not aware of the wood chip project which they are now.

    GBcares has submitted all the proper paperwork to resume or discontinue the project depending upon what the parks dept. says.

    Also the Little league feild work which was also stopped by the parks dept. had to have the proper paper work filed will also be either allowed to continue or deemed improper and taken down.

    More than likely i would think both projects will be approved and work will continue the final say is in the hands of the parks dept. and not anybody who blogs here.

    • Anonymous

      So let’s get this NEW story straight – blessing of the prior park manager? Shouldn’t this have been mentioned before? Where did this come from?

      And by the way, “Blessing” of the prior parks manager and approval from parks department are two different things.

      So really, nothing’s changed – GB Cares has to apply to do projects just like everyone else instead of doing whatever it wants. That’s a good outcome for the community.

    • anonymous

      really ? then how come a few years ago the park dept had a compost pile near the end . mike was against it and had it stopped . why is it better now that’s its hidden behind the school and why as a community can’t we stop it ?.

      • Seba Parks

        The former parks department garbage and compost site is now Seba Avenue Park.

        • Anonymous

          point being GB cares came out againest it becaus it was a dump site and would cause problems for the area . redoing glass park into Seba Ave park came much latter . one wasn’t dependent on the other .

          • yourallidiots

            you are clueless and dont realize what positive things have occured over the years. I assume you ar just to young to remember.

  • anonymous

    disappointed Wow as an outsider you sure do know alot about Gerritsen beach . You know where people live and what they drive . Hell I lived here all my life and don’t know as much about Dan and his dad as you do . I never said this about anyone on this site before but your full of crape pretending to be an outsider . as for remembering the fields , I remember them well . I remember no fences to keep people out . I remember trucks traveling the back roads dumping garbage and i remember stolen car’s being set on fire . I also remember the property owner demanding something be done about it . I remember 61 stopping cars and trucks on the ave that were fill with garbage , I remember 63 sending motor cycle cops into the field to ticket and arrest people for dumping . I remember the park dept putting up fences and blocking access roads . A lot of people down here have been cleaning out the field for many , many years and it will continue long after we are all gone . so for you to infer that if we don’t shut up , thing will revert back is an insult to this community as a whole . so try to remember that .

    • The good Old Day

      Wow, i remember, no guard rails, the mounds being built, finding old pron magizines all ove the back weeds, building forts from the roofss of stolen cars, using the car seats for the furnisings, shooting bb gunbs and bow an arrows in the back weeds, finding dump sites of all types and Stolen cars and looking rhough them. That was all fun and, i guess, now looking back. Illigal and kind of stupid. I remember being scared to wlk down the avenue to Old Dutch because of the number of kids or groups or Gang in front? The Wild Bunch, although no problems to locals, still had to watch your back. I remember walking the other way and the three run dwon stores on the corner, cant remember a name, but they sld sothething out of there?? I will tell you, from what I read above, I from what I remember – I woul dlike for my kids to rember the Beach in a better way then the run down place i grew up. I agreewith disspointed as if the clean up people go away, the trash will come back and it will look like crap again. whats wrong and why are you so angy “anonymous” ?

      • anonymous

        If you remember as much as you say , you should remember that gerritsen beach kids played in the fields , fathers and sons fished in the back fields . The point was the place to swim and it was the people not just one man that cleaned the fields . .I’m not angry because of what one man did or didn’t do . But more so because of the lies . Its obvious to me that this outsider is not what he claims to be . you sound intelligent , does what he says about being an outsider seam real to you ? Its things like that , that keep this thing going and by the way none of this has anythig to do directly with the posting . So now you and I are to blame as well . Maybe we should both start The “I remember Gerritsen Beach ” web site.

        • The good Old Day

          I dont really care about the outsider or what he claims to be. What he said seems real and again, I dont care, After readign over everything, it all is upsettign that this even started? Wouldnt you agree with that?

          • anonymous

            YES I do . the personal attacks on this man is unforgivable . To accuse him of steeling is foolish at best , slanderous at worst . The posting was valued , it simply asked what is this . It was the response from a very few on both sides that sent this posting out of control . and in the end its Mr Taylor that suffers . I don’t know the man well mostly what I read in the GBC flyer , but god know I couldn’t do what he does . If you look back at my posting I never say anything wrong about the man himself . I just don’t like people inferring that if we all don’t just sit down and shut up the world will come to an end . not in those exact words but you get my meaning . Lastly to the people who say we can get fine without him , I hope your right , because when the smoke clears you may not like what you see .

          • The good Old Day

            Reading it again it seems that the person thinks this shouldnt have started, which from everything on hear, it is very obvious that people are joking or just trying to start wild fires. So I would agree that personel attackts , threatening or whatnot. This does go back to a very very easy solution and that is for the person who called up the parks dept to speak with the people who are doing the work. From what it seems like, he opened up a can of worms for no reason and now the neioghborhood is suffering. Do you see how high grass/ weeds are after this weekend. I noticed and looked more because of all this. Even if they get the proper approvals, I hope they take the summer off to let the neighborhood realize once again what it is getting.

          • Anonymous

            The grass isnt that bad. THEY SHOULD HAVE THE PROPER APPROVALS

            And taking the summer off isnt that just called spite?

            Word on the street is that this is going to be VERY BAD for GBC’s MT, meaning it isnt over.

            How is the community service program related to parks at all? It isnt! There is still a whole avenue to clean.

          • anonymous

            your reply makes no scene to me . what workers , what phone call . . are you suggesting by one person talking to some workers the fields will be mowed ? What workers ?

  • 352

    how do you like the avenue now with the weeds growing and the garbage piling up ?? just look at it this is your fault !

  • Anonymous

    352 says:
    May 5, 2009 at 4:17 pm
    how do you like the avenue now with the weeds growing and the garbage piling up ?? just look at it this is your fault !

    What are you talking about ???? Gerritsen Avenue does not look any different except for the paving going on!

    I hope that friends of GBC will not start adding garbage to the avenue just to prove a point, I certainly hope that

    I am wrong about that.

  • Baffled

    I am not leaving my name because I care too much and I also care too much about my children. But Dan I think you opened a can of worms here, say goodbye to all the hard work and dollars the community has put in to make this neighborhood beautiful. Say goodbye to our ball parks and you know what I mean, 50 years later all the time, money and energy.
    The Parks department wants all THEIR PROPERTY BACK so they can manage it.
    How did Gerritsen Beach become part of Marine Park anyway? Why are we not on our own?
    Now what stinks is the paintball story running around that it was paintballers that blew the whistle on those CRIMERIDDEN wood chips, BUT you admit you were a paintballer.
    Something stinks and it is not the sweat of the people who are breaking their back
    In an economic crisis where is PARK getting their money from they now want to take care of the land we have always taken care of. So great job done here

    • Wow

      I agree, GREAT JOB!

      If there’s no responsibility, then what’s the point of a group doing anything? It can appear to do all the nice things in the world, but if it doesn’t play by the rules, then you and your cronies gotta go.

      It’s not an end, it’s a beginning – let’s get some REAL responsible people to step up to fix the trust that was lost with parks dept.and let’s get back to making this community great!

    • Anonymous

      Looks like there’s a new scapegoat in town – paintballers!

      I wonder who will be to blame next week… stay tuned!

  • Anonymous

    Baffled ….. WHAT????

  • Joe

    I agree … what . Just so theres no misunderstanding a few weeks ago and thats after this hole thing started . I was talking with two other people . One of them stated what a good paintball field the wood chips would make . I replyed yea but its to close to the school and we would be blamed for every broken window . besides the park Dept would never allow it . That was the whole extent of the conversation . If thats what your talking about why didn’t you just come talk to me . Mike has always been a friend towards me and has stood up for paintball . To suggest we had anything to do with this is stuped . but if you would like to talk about it more , come talk to me . maybe you know something I don’t .

    • Anonymous

      why were you telling the paintballers coming to you that the woodchips were illegal dumping. don’t you think these guys talk to other people -or was that your point.

      • joe

        I didn’t one 16 year old kid was talking to another about how the wood chips would make a good paintball field . Then one of them was talking to the other about something his aunt told them who by the way both teenagers are volunteer for Gerritsen beach cares . I simple said I don’t know , its has nothing to do with me . I also told both of them that mike has always been on our side . This happen way after this came out on the net . What we have here is a classic case of telephone . .people Chang the conversation as it retold . if you wanted to know what happen why didn’t you come to me ? I have nothing to gain by talking bad about mike and a lot to loose .If you were just anyone here I would of told you get bent what right does anyone have to ask me about a private conversation . What are we a polices state now ? . But because I have reason to think your someone who should get an explanation I told you what happen and again it was way after this thing came out . You’re looking for a someone to blame for what happen to Mike . I don’t think you’ll find them in GB . someone said the park Dept wants their land back . maybe that so . but I think that there is a lot more people looking at GB and thinking why can’t I have that . When you see Mike —If you see Mike Tell him for me it was just an innocent conversation mainly having to do with paintball and that if something was said that offended him on my part I’m sorry it wasn’t intended to be . But I’m not the one keeping this thing going , my opinion is to look outside the beach for that .

  • Anonymous

    GBC could have a problem allowing this company to dump: The Law states as follows:

    § 16-119 Dumping prohibited. a. It shall be unlawful for any person,
    his or her agent, employee or any person under his or her control to
    suffer or permit any dirt, sand, gravel, clay, loam, stone, rocks,
    rubble, building rubbish, sawdust, shavings or trade or household waste,
    refuse, ashes, manure, garbage, rubbish or debris of any sort or any
    other organic or inorganic material or thing or other offensive matter
    being transported in a dump truck or other vehicle to be dumped,
    deposited or otherwise disposed of in or upon any street, lot, park,
    public place or other area whether publicly or privately owned.
    b. Any person who violates the provisions of this section shall be
    liable to arrest and upon conviction thereof shall be deemed guilty of a
    misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine of not less than one
    thousand five hundred dollars nor more than ten thousand dollars or by
    imprisonment not to exceed ninety days or by both such fine and
    c. (1) Any person who violates the provisions of subdivision a of this
    section shall also be liable for a civil penalty of not less than one
    thousand five hundred dollars nor more than ten thousand dollars for the
    first offense, and not less than five thousand dollars nor more than
    twenty thousand dollars for each subsequent offense. In addition, every
    owner of a dump truck or other vehicle shall be liable for a civil
    penalty of not less than one thousand five hundred dollars nor more than
    ten thousand dollars for the first offense and not less than five
    thousand dollars nor more than twenty thousand dollars for each

    • Cut abd Paste

      When you cut and paste our LAw or something and insert it you are showing one side,. My understadnign is that the companity that provied the serviuces is beyond qualified and Qualified by Parkd for removal throughout nyc,. The company knw whati is good and whaty is not.

  • Old Section

    WOW…Been out of the beach awhile and just came back.

    Do the wood chips look good along the fence line along the avenue?

    I do I remember as a kid playing with All American Soccer having to swim across the mud area after it rained just to get to the fields to play.

    Mike Taylor- yea he has done a lot for the community with the beach clean up. You can’t take that away from him.

    Dan Senior- I remember him when I was playing Little League from the Pee Wee’s straight up to the senior division. My old man was even involved as a coach and helped out fixing up the ball fields every year because the fencing always got damaged (Hum I wonder how that Happend).

    Dan Junior- Being hung out to dry because of asking questions and reporting on things.

    Come on people get your head out of your ass’s and go on with your life. I was one of those kids back in the days with my BMX bike hanging out at Cherry Hill trying to do something constructive with my life; Hell when that phased out I was one of those kids that played paintball over at cherry hill in the 90’s. Did I vandalize the land with my BMX bike by digging out trails and jumps and picnic tables I sure did. Did I vandalize Cherry Hill by playing Paintball back there yes I did but in a couple of months the gelatin casings degraded into nothing and the paint washed away after a couple rain storms unless you were using the cheap stuff and well that left a nice little stain.

    My feelings are these issues would go away with the proper communication between the community groups of G.B. and the staffing of this website. Why not get further involved together and let each other know what your plans are and report the issues on this site.

    Hell I laughed my ass off reading some past articles on here throwing eggs at bus’s as they went by. Hell I was one of those kids throwing eggs back in the days till my old man found out and kicked my ass all the way home.

    Mike Taylor: Having a verbal agreement to dump back there. I think that was a very poor choice on your part your smarter then that. In a court of law where is that going to get you? You should be looking out for the protection of G.B. have have the proper paperwork filed and or email/letter stating the approval as evidence. I ask that you continue with what you are doing for the community.

    Danny Jr. Being I’m getting back into the beach and don’t know where you stand as far as getting involved with the organizations of G.B.. Have you gone to them for information to put on your site or do you get the door slammed in your face? Either way reporting any type of news is bound to ruffle a few feathers keep up the good work.

    For the community of G.B. what can I say…You take the good, you take the bad,
    you take them both and there you have The Facts of Life, the Facts of Life. LOL i’m such a ass I love it. Peace ALL

    Can I file a noise complaint against that damn parrot on Gerritsen Ave. :)

  • Anonymous

    REPLY TO Cut abd Paste
    May 7th, 2009 at 11:28 pm
    When you cut and paste our LAw or something and insert it you are showing one side,. My understadnign is that the companity that provied the serviuces is beyond qualified and Qualified by Parkd for removal throughout nyc,. The company knw whati is good and whaty is not.
    Please learn to spell!

    You said that ” I am Showing one side” are you for real!!! Where are you from?

    The Law is the Law and there is only one side .

    Whether the people who dumped are qualified or NOT, makes no difference they Still need to follow the law and get
    a permit to be able to dump commercial waste in New York City and as a matter of fact the company that dumps is
    charged for the privilege of dumping there waste.

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  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t anybody get it?? Danny is leaving all those anonymous posts, please.

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