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B31:Daily News Writer Walks from Lois to Avenue U for B31

A Daily News writer set out to see how long it would take for our neighborhood to reach public transit if the overnight B31 is cut. It was a

Via NYDaily News

I set out on foot to see just how bad it will be if the MTA abandons Gerritsen Beach.

This neighborhood of tidy brick houses sitting on a peninsula in Southeast Brooklyn looks in parts like a small fishing village. It has no subway line and just one local bus route, the B31 – which will no longer run late at night unless Albany passes a bailout for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

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It took him an hour and a half to walk from Lois and Hyman to Avenue U, which is a mile and a half. Your supposed to be able to walk a mile, even a slow walk,in 20-25 minutes.

Nevertheless we do stand to lose a lot of service if/when these cuts go through and I’m glad this reporter brought some light to our situation.

24 comments to B31:Daily News Writer Walks from Lois to Avenue U for B31

  • Michael P. Judge

    This is lazy as sin.
    It doesn’t take that long to get to Ave U.

  • bagels

    He did make his point but that was one extremely fluffy piece of journalism.

  • anonymous

    What a croc, we all know it never ever took that long to walk to Ave U. Why didn’t he just print the truth, we need the service even if it would take 10 mins to walk!

  • blueMagoo

    Walking directions to Avenue U subway station from the end of Gerritsen Ave.
    2.4 mi – about 47 mins

    The above according to Google Maps

  • ??

    The Avenue Train Station is definetly not a 10 min walk. It would take me at least an hr.

  • bagels

    I think a penguin could make it in less than an hour.

  • anon


  • Carlo

    If you take that walk today, (In the pouring rain), it would feel like an hour regardless of how fast you walked it. Public Transportation is useful in poor weather and for our elderly citizens. A cut in service is a cut in service.

  • Beachwalker

    Whos side are you all on? So what if he walked it slow? The point is that for some people the situation would be impossible. We are also talking about there being no bus in the middle of the night. My kid is 20, goes to college and works in retail in Manhattan. There are nights that they do inventory or “flip the store” and she doesn’t get out until 2 am. What is she going to do? I mean, we’ll have to drop 10.00 on car service, but that is ridiculous. We need that bus!!!

    • anonymous

      We are not taking sides, the point is the reporter said it took him an hour to get to Ave U & Gerritsen. I think the amount of time it took him to walk is irrelevant, even if it took 10 mins that is too long for some people.

  • George Broadhead

    Similar responses about the time it took the writer to make his walk, appear in the Daily News. What is more important is that he walked the walk, he didn’t just talk the talk. One person, who commented in the News, stated having personally tracked how few people were on the bus at night–from his/her home on Gerritsen Ave. and Ave. T. I can’t help but wonder if the tracking was done between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. If so, I envy that person the full life he or she must lead. When the people in Gerritsen Beach ask for one traffic light, they get lines down the avenue. When the same request is made to change from a Stop sign to a light on Ave. X, it’s there. It may be fiscally more sound to change the time between bus runs late at night, but to cancel the run to and from the Kings Highway station affects the working person–not the head of MTA, who has already made known he will not give up his limo to ride public transportation. Let’s turn the article (however long it took the writer to make the trek) to something positive: How about a day put aside for a walking race covering the same route. The only requirement is that each person in the race carry a sign calling attention to the cancellation of the B-31 bus. If the “fluff piece” had indicated it only took 20 minutes to make the walk, it would have ruled out the time it would take many senior citizens, the handicapped, or city employees retired on disability. Of course, if any ladies are coming home from work after midnight, they could always take a short-cut through the projects. Stand up for your community.

  • Beachwalker

    Well said, George! Lets walk the walk and carry the signs!!!Get all of our residents in wheelchairs to join in. Its the only way to get the MTA to listen. Lets embarrass them into it.

  • trainman

    I have a suggestion that may alleviate the conundrum we find ourselves with, here in the beach.

    I call upon GerritsenBeach.net and its connections with Mr. Lew Fidler and Mr. Marty Golden, to pass this proposal on if they fine merit with this option.

    During the hours the B31 bus will not be servicing the beach, the MTA should have the Avenue U bus traveling from the E. 16th St train station to Mill Basin take a detour into GB. Then the Avenue U bus can make Regular drop-off stops to the end of Seba Avenue swing around and picked up people leaving the beach and drop them off at Avenue U. The bus then turned right and continue on to Mill Basin. The people who get off at Avenue U could then walk across the Street and take the bus to the 16th St Station. At that time of the night this whole operation to add less than 15 minutes to the Avenue U buses trip.

  • bagels

    But then the Ave U folks would have to wait an additional 15 mins on top of the usual long wait you have at that time of night. This could be a problem for some folks.

  • George Broadhead

    Trainman… It sounds a little complicated to a layman, but at least you are offering a positive approach to a problem. More residents should come out to the GBPOA meetings. Lew Fidler attends our meetings faithfully, and he is very aware of the problems we have in the beach. He addressed the matter of the B31 at the March meeting, and without putting words in his mouth, most of us got the impression the MTA announced cutbacks may be more negotiating posturing than carved in stone facts.
    Beachwalker… I’m not sure we can embarrass the MTA, but we might be able to light a fire under those who are seeking to be Mayor, and get more vocal support from our representatives.
    I have invited Barry Paddock, the Daily News Staff Writer to the next GBPOA meeting, May 6th. Maybe we can get him to join us on the walk before then….

  • jimbo

    tidy brick houses sitting on a peninsula? Where are they? No brick houses I know of.

    • Beachwalker

      There is the cute little one on Melba and Madoc that Joe Moran built and the old beauty on Noel and Seba that his father built, that is stucco on brick. Just to name 2 that are classics.

  • George Broadhead

    It was about 10 pm., when I started from the point the Daily News Reporter described–which he may not have known, began outside of Kiddie Beach (By the way, Kiddie Beach Opening Day is Saturday, June 6th). The boat to his left that he mentioned is located in Jimmy LaMana’s yard. Following the same route to Gerritsen Ave., turning left and walking up the avenue (never even gave it a thought to enter the Bantry and Ice Cream U Scream was already closed.), I made it to the bus stop at Avenue U and Gerritsen in 25 minutes. That isn’t to say, it wouldn’t take some of my more senior friends another half hour. Which leads me to a new thought. A few of our onetime lean looking candidates are looking well-fed now that they are elected representatives. Maybe we can convince them to make the walk. They might make the reporter’s time look like a land speed record.