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Fire Destroys Seba Avenue Skate Park

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That’s it… its over. What opened in November of 2007 has now died in March of 2009.

One of the skate parks ramps at Seba Avenue Skate Park was set on fire destroying part of it, and damaging the overall structure. The whole thing will have to be replaced. Which might not happen anytime soon.

Why is it that we can’t have anything nice in this neighborhood? Bus Shelters? Parks? Things in our yard? Sidewalks in the Old Section? Out of all of the things that could of been built, they built a skate park, and it was great and wonderful, but now it’s destroyed.

The Parks Department actually closed the park with a magic kid barrier, called yellow caution tape. They wrapped the whole skate park with it and they were telling kids to go home and to find somewhere else to skate. Being that the tape was not magic the kids just went around it, through it and over it, they wanted to skate.

I was told parks didn’t care that the kids went through it, I mean what could they do? Kids will get though it it they want, and if a kid gets hurt, parks technically closed it and there is no liability there.

It was sad, one kid said I just came up here to skate and now I just want to go home.

Update 4/02/2009: Joan Byrnes, Director of Community Affairs, Senator Golden: Commissioner Spiegel of the Brooklyn Parks Department has informed us that damages to the skate park are being assessed today and an estimate is being worked out. Once the estimate is proposed, Senator Golden will speak with other local officials and attempt to forge a partnership to provide the funding for the restorations to the skate park at Seba Avenue. In the meantime, Senator Golden would encourage the NYPD and the Parks Police to make the Seba Avenue Park a priority in their patrol


Seba Avenue Fire from Gerritsen Beach on Vimeo.

49 comments to Fire Destroys Seba Avenue Skate Park

  • monsterzro

    that’s really sad, f***ing sad.

  • MRDR1007

    will this type of stuff ever stop Just because you have no intrest in something why destroy it
    If SOMETHING IS NOT YOUR OWN PERSONAL PROPERTY leave it alone. sad for all those who enjoy the skatepark Maybe the ones who did this should take up a sport and then they might not have the time to be so destructive. another sad day for the good people of the beach

  • distressed

    Just goes to show you the amount of lowlifes and losers that live in our neighborhood

  • I am waiting for a response from local elected officials. To see what, if anything will be done.

  • Anon-Anon

    Nice. Just when my son was getting into skateboarding and felt brave enough to go on those ramps.

  • Anonymous

    Gerritsen beach is filled with lowlifes

    • Anonymous

      you are the lowlife gerrisen beach is not filled with low lifes i will make you say on tv you are sorry for what you said or else

  • Beachwalker

    What a shame!! I still don’t think that GB is FILLED with lowlifes, its just that the bunch of bad apples in every generation are so destructive that they ruin it for so many. I feel bad for all of the kids that skated and played up there all the time. That park was filled all the time with kids using it for its intended purpose,all year long. Its too bad that someone in the group of lowlifes that lit it up didn’t have the balls to stand up and say “this is wrong”. I’ll bet at least one of them wanted to.

  • trainman

    Just wondering where all those teenagers that were complaining to the adults at GB.NET about why we were sticking our nose into their business with their activities in the parks. Where is their sense of indignation now? They preached loudly about their righteous behavior to us so why aren’t they stepping up to the plate now and exposed the lowlifes that denied our youngsters from playing in the park?
    Is it only when they feel their presumed rights are being violated? Let’s go guys and make an anonymous phone call to the right person and give some names so we could weed out the bad ones from the rest, and you know, prove to us YOU can do the right thing.

    • anon

      just terrible…..I don’t see other communities destroying their skate parks. What is going to happen when the put in this new “bike path” and all that goes with it? I guess these kids have no pride in their community!

    • teenager

      The most ridiculous I think I’ve ever heard.

      • trainman

        Dear Teenager,
        I expressed my opinions in that paragraph using approximately 80 to 90 words, while you’re response to that opinion, used exactly 8.

        Perhaps you could elaborate a bit more in detail and explained to me why you feel that was a ridiculous statement and what your opinion is on the vandalism in Seba Avenue Park also what you think needs to happen to prevent further senseless destruction of our neighborhood recreation areas.

        I await your response.

  • Anonymous

    The shame of this is that the Parks Dept was supposed to close this off completely with a very high barbed wire fence. This was supposed to close at dusk. The Parks Dept better get their asxx here a lot quicker to a. fix it, b. put up the freaking fence they promised.

    • trainman

      Dear Anonymous,
      When a person’s house is broken in to, you don’t blame the owner of the House for not building a fence high enough to keep out burglars; you blame the thieves who broke in. Frustrations are running high and we look to blame anyone to relieve ourselves of the responsibilities we as parents, have towards raising our children. We can’t blame all the young people in GB for the acts of a few. Previously I did put out a challenge to the ones who challenged us to behave like adults so let’s see if they can take on the responsibilities of an adult and do the right thing.

  • I think a block patrol or a neighborhood watch NEEDS to be formed.

    Or people NEED to start calling 911 more when they see things and people there at night, because then if the cops don’t show up, we can demand action for their inadequacies.

  • B

    Y can’t we be gated like breezy? You basically have to get voted in (not exactly). They got their own security and they basically control who comes in and out. They don’t seem to have any problems.

    • Gated

      Gated Community???????????????
      These are people within our community. Its not the outsiders. Our neighborhood is in serious trouble.

      • B

        If we were gated we would have the dinks. The dinks always are around down there. They would be patrolling only our neighborhood and with more of a “presence” than the police. They would crack down. They should/would even give them summonses. Take all the fine’s they give out and give it back to our community and organizations within like GBLL GBCares etc. If somethin is real serious get the real police to come down. Some dinks are retired cops anyway.

    • anonymous

      Yes, great idea, please gate yourselves in, we don’t want YOUR kids in OUR neighborhood.

  • Bdqrl

    Parents dont pay any attention or give 2 shi7s where their kids are or who property they are destroying. Need the parents to open their eyes and pay attention before your kids go to far some day.

  • just me

    glass park all over again stupid from the get go. rather had the streets done

  • Steve G

    Is there any other park/playground anywhere in NYC that was newly built and not have a fence around it? How many people live in Gerritsen Beach? 10,000? I mean there are TWO infant sized swings up there. Granted, a fence may not stop all the vandalism, and now arson, but if the Parks Dept. is gonna build a half assed park, the people using it will treat it that way.

  • Deputy Dan

    Some of these little dirtbags up there need to be caught in the act and PROSECUTED. This is a small community, someone has to know something. Just like the time when these little mutts killed all the trees in the park. All this vandalism since the park opened and not ONE arrest. It will never stop until someone is made an exmple out of.

  • Anonymous

    yea get the dinks down here or lets atleast try out there system whats the worst that can happen?

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  • joe. w (Hello)

    Yeah, i expect people to burn down the skate park…thats not surprising….why not talk about all the old 50 year old drunk men flirtiing with 15 year old girls from this neigborhood. In front of the bars. I dont see you talking about that (From Joe)

    • trainman

      While 50-year-old drunk man flirting with 15-year-old girls in front of bars, is certainly a issue. It’s not the issue were talking about here on this thread. Were talking about, I presume, adolescents who find their time so void of interest they resort to senseless acts of vandalism in order to bring meaning and substance to their life. So, Joe, let’s hear from you what you plan to do about the recent destruction of private and public properties that only hurt the residence of GB.

  • MRDR1007

    those who did this and those in the know are not going to give up that information
    maybe a few of the people who want to use this park could get together with a few pieces of wood some tools and a sheet of skatelite and repair this before someone would get hurt.
    when someone does good it never seems to get noticed but will give a sense of accomplishment to the ones who do it It also about giving back to your community

  • Joan Byrnes, Director of Community Affairs, Senator Golden

    Commissioner Spiegel of the Brooklyn Parks Department has informed us that damages to the skate park are being assessed today and an estimate is being worked out. Once the estimate is proposed, Senator Golden will speak with other local officials and attempt to forge a partnership to provide the funding for the restorations to the skate park at Seba Avenue. In the meantime, Senator Golden would encourage the NYPD and the Parks Police to make the Seba Avenue Park a priority in their patrol

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  • teenager

    Not every single teenager in Gerritsen Beach is a “lowlife” and I honestly don’t think it’s fair to blame everyone who hangs out at the skatepark. Believe or not, there are good kids that hangout at the park and I think that it’s very hypocritical to sterotype everyone who goes there. Gerritsen Beach’s reputation is a lot worse than the actual neighborhood, there are hundreds of other kids in Brooklyn who are doing the same thing we are and aren’t getting bashed by rude, ignorant people. I agree that burning one of the ramps wasn’t good for the skatepark, but it could of been anyone (adults, marine park kids etc.). Don’t blindly go blaming the “little dirtbags” and the “little mutts”.

    • Deputy Dan

      Teenager, I respect your reply, it was well written and reminds us all that there ARE good kids that are in this neighborhood. What was said in the comment was the “little dirtbags” and “little mutts” that are RESPONSIBLE for the vandalizing, the killing of trees and commiting of ARSON need to be arrested and thrown in jail, where they belong. No one is blaming the good kids in this neighborhood. There are plenty of them, way more than the mutts and dirtbags.

    • Beachwalker

      Kid, I agree with you completely. I walk back there several times a week and have never seen anything but kids enjoying that skate park. Its always so crowded that I always thought it was a shame that they didn’t make it bigger with more challenging ramps, steps etc. I see the bigger kids being patient and nice to the younger kids. I see kids politely waiting their turn to go down a ramp or whatever- and thats what made the vandalism so puzzling. The broken trees were so sad. The arson is so sad. We all know that no one wants to be a “rat” and turn in who is responsible, you don’t want to be a “rat” and you don’t want to get your ass kicked, but anyone can do this annonomously, and lets face it, the kid who did this needs help. Make a call.

    • Anonymous

      It’s refreshing to see a young person take pride and defend the community’s rep. If you don’t fall into the dirtbag or mutt category that’s great but the people who commit these crimes are indeed dirtbags, and the ones who allow it to happen in front of them are definitely mutts. We need more young people like yourself to take pride in their home. I can only hope that the good kids (who vastly outnumber the losers) get together and figure out who the idiot was who did this to them. Remember that you can anonymously report it.

  • snoreasaurusrex

    Then ho do you explain that the buses do not go down here on Halloween? They stop them at Avenue U . Does that say something about this area? IT SURE DOES.

  • pissed

    i am a kid in this neighbord we can never have anything nice

    • MRDR1007

      you are so wrong you can have nice things but its up to you to let your friends and all the friends they know and then all those friends that this behave is wrong and for the the good kids to stick together and just to continue doing what is right In the end good overcomes bad

  • snoreasaurusrex

    No wonder this is such a white trash area.

  • FDNY Fire Marshals

    The FDNY fire marshals office is asking anyone with information on the fire to call the Fire Departments arson hotline (718) 722-3600. All information will be remain confidential.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, in this neighborhood, you must be careful of the so called low lifes as they have been known to retaliate. I hope they catch the ones who did it but I hope it will be becasue they are brazen enough to brag about it.

  • Anonymous

    Who even says tht it the kids in the neigboorhood if the kids are always there using it why would they wreck it makes no sense. And if there were 4 arsons in the past week what makes it the kids in the neigboorhood, also it happened in the morning i think , so would the kids of the neigboorhood be in school or at least most of them

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  • snoreasaurusrex

    Here is another little scoop for you folks. It seems that there are homeless encampments in the bushes. I have come upon one or two when I was back there practicing my bushwhacking so I can go off the beaten path into the woods. It also helps that I was trained as a surveyor by the National Park Service to check the boundaries of NPS lands for this kind of thing. They are back there and the one’s that were hidden along the belt are still there in some cases as well.

  • snoreasaurusrex

    Does this give any of you an explanation for what may be going on???

  • lol

    i think deputy dan is rite(cough cough)