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Marty Golden Awards Local Women


In Honor of Women’s History Month, Marty Golden issued state senate proclamations honoring: Janet Behrens of Gerritsen Beach Property Owners, Mary Powell of the Madison Marine Civic Association, Debbie Garafolo – Principal of IS 278, Madeline Girlando American Legion, and Winifred G. Powers – Rosary for Lifeservice.

Check out the photo gallery here or read more!

Janet Behrens – Gerritsen Beach Property Owners and Gerritsen Beach Cares


Mary Powell – President of Madison Marine Civic Association


Debbie Garafolo – Principal of IS 278


Madeline Girlando – American Legion


Winifred G. Powers – Rosary for Life


12 comments to Marty Golden Awards Local Women

  • anonymous

    Way to go…………….

  • Bk Proud

    How wonderful, congratulations to all!!!!!!!!

  • nocheesehere

    Congatulations to them all, but I have one question. Aside from a very well paying job as Principal of Marine Park, what is Debra Garafalo receiving an award for? Running the jump rope contest in Roy H. Mann 10 years ago? All schools participate in that. Senator Golden says that she “has turned IS 278 into a premier school for the arts”. What a crock!! The parents of children in PS277 would be happy if it were a nice, safe junior high school to send your children to after graduating from PS277, as it should be. As it was MEANT to be. Instead, parents of children in Gerrittsen Beach have to scramble and vie for spots in schools in other neighborhoods, such as Cunningham, Mark Twain or Bay Academy. They are stuck paying the cost of travel to those schools or pay the cost of parocial school. Some people just move when their kids graduate PS277. It is clear when you pass by Marine Park that the school is not populated by the students that it was built to serve. Walking around the park recently, I was startled by books flying out the windows. There are police frequently there. I don’t know why parents don’t demand that school be cleaned up for use by the children of Marine Park and Gerrittsen. But they don’t. But why give the self serving Principal an award? I’m baffled.

    • bagels

      I’ve always wondered about that. What is it that keeps local parents from sending their kids to IS 278? Why is that so many kids from all over Brooklyn go to that MS but kids a few blocks away want nothing to do with it? Why can’t the school up it’s game and provide real programs that would attract more community kids? What is Mark Twain and Bay academy doing that the Marine Park MS can not do?

      • anonymous

        Local parents have to have their kids take a borowide exam for entry into JHS. Depending on what your child is interested in, for exampl…Bay Academy is great for Drama, Twain is great for Math & Science, and Marine Park is excellent for a law program. You have to compete to get in these schools now a days, not like the old days when you just wnt to where it was close to home. Anyway, back to the subject:


      • Beachwalker

        I wonder about that too. Now IS 278 is applying for Title 1 status. Congratulations Bagels, you now officially live in poverty. Sorry M, for your comment below. Its not what it seems. Like a rotten egg, it looks good on the outside, but its stinks inside.

    • anonymous

      You are not only baffled, you sound like you are also bitter. And since you know so much, why aren’t you the principal? Don’t answer that, I know people like you just like to hear themselves talk and complain about what everybody else should be doing. We all pay taxes and that school is for everyone, not only GB and MP.

      Congratulations to ALL award recipients!!!!!! WTG !!!!!!

      • anonymous

        The above is in response to nocheesehere

      • nocheesehere

        I’m not bitter. My kids went to Marine Park when Mr. Sheedy was Principal and it was okay. I just don’t see now why kids 11,12 years old need to be traveling all over Brooklyn to go to a decent, safe school. I also was just saying that all of these women who were honored have devoted their time to community service, and a Principal is just doing her very well paying job.

  • M

    Sorry nocheese..but Marine Park JHS has dramatically changed for the better…I was one of those parents who were hesitant about sending my child there but now that I have…I’m extremely pleased that I did..They have alot to offer (band,drama,art,clubs) and the curriculum is the same as Bay Academy (I’ve had a child there as well). Take a walk through the hallways on any given day and you will see that Ms. Garafalo takes pride in her school and keeps those children safe and sound… : )

  • Rose M

    Way to go Wyn!!!! Never under estimate the power of prayer! And God Bless you Senator Golden for having the courage to acknowledge Wyn and Rosary for Life’s Spiritual mission!!