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61st Precinct Roundup


Numbers are boring, while certain crime is down others are up for the year. You can see all of the NYPD CompStat numbers here.

Some items worth nothing:

  • Burglary and robberies are up.
  • Deception burglaries are on the rise. Please don’t let anyone into your home.
  • Gerritsen Avenue School Blue Feather  was burglarized twice.
  • Kid cell phone thefts are up. Cell phones are being taken as the kids get out of school.
  • Stop leaving items in the car! GPS, handbags, laptops, etc. car thefts are becoming a serious problem. They are even sending auxiliary cops out leaving notes on a car if they see something that’s worth while to steal.Also please don’t mess with traffic agents that are members of the nypd and you will be arrested if you mess with them.
  • Please go to the precinct with any information, they don’t know everything.

Inspector Vangostein

5 comments to 61st Precinct Roundup

  • anonymous

    They look thrilled.

  • beachwalker

    Looks like some clown is trying to sneak up on him.

  • George Broadhead

    It was the first time for me… No, I’m not the clown in the background. Apart from the reports about burglaries–fair warning has been given at the GB property owners’ meetings about people showing up at your front door under the pretense of being from some city agency or other–DON’T GIVE THEM ACCESS TO YOUR HOME. One report told how a man with a child asked for a glass of water for his daughter, and when admitted to the home valuables were stolen while the child diverted the woman in the kitchen. One man, Rocky, told about H.O.N.K. Inc. (Help Our Neighborhood Kids) a non-profit organization he started to give the young a place to unwind. They will be holding an open house from noon to midnight, Saturday, March 21st, on 17th St. and Ave. Z. The main event is building confidence through sparring and boxing.

  • George Broadhead

    I stand corrected. Should have read his card instead of remembering how much he reminds one of Rocky Balboa.