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Teens to White Wave Laundromat : Buy Us Liquor or Else

Laundromat Wine Liquor

It was announced at the most recent property owners meeting that the owner of White Wave Laundromat (2690 Gerritsen Avenue) is being threatened with violence by local teens, if she does not buy them liquor from the adorning liquor store.

46 comments to Teens to White Wave Laundromat : Buy Us Liquor or Else

  • Anonymous

    who would threaten that nice woman in the laundry mat close that lowlife liquor store everything in this beach revolves around bars and beer,liquor

  • John Dough

    That whole section of Brooklyn from the Mall to Nostrand ave needs to be nuked.

  • anonymous

    Pls tell the nice lady………dial 911

    • Anonymous

      To John Dough:

      That’s a very extreme and uneccesary comment. SHEESH! Where do you live?… OZ, maybe

      I find it hard to believe that teens are threathening this woman and think that this is just hear say.

  • Anonymous

    Low Life Liquor Store! You piece of shxx. At least I’ll post my name to this and you won’t. That Liquor Store is a great store. It has been opened now under new management for almost 2 1/2 years. It has been re-done, has quality merchandise and does not cater to the children in this beach. As a matter of fact, one of the lovely “children” came in to my store on Friday night and I happened to be working there. I told him to leave, he is not 21, does not have ID. He said he will be back with his “Aunt”. I said don’t even bother walking in with the lady from the Laundry Mat. We will do everything in our power to make sure she does not suffer that way. Once it was brought to our attention, we were right on it. How dare you rank out the people in this neighborhood the way you have. We should respect this neighborhood, the people who own the business’s and yes, you must respect yourself too. A decent living can be made owning a bar, liquor store, etc but you probably have no idea what a decent living is. Here is some advice, shut up. Post your crap somewhere else. Nobody wants to hear it.
    C Donnery

    • Resident

      I Agree!

      It is a great store.

    • anonymous

      C Donnery isn’t exactly putting your name. Maybe you should have spelled it out after stating you will post your name, you posted your initial. I love………that place toooooo

      • Anonymous

        look who’s talking oh right you didn’t put your anything but comment at least C Donnery listed something.
        Better yet are you one of the kids?? Esp since you think its hear say??? Or are you just one of those that say “It couldn’t be my child”.
        Zip it who ever you are!
        And no I’m not leaving a name I don’t need any attention when I’m out and some kid needs to leash out or parent.

        • anonymous

          Why are you being so obnoxious? If the person is calling out someone else then they should have put their whole name. Go back to bed or better yet visit the liquor store and get some wine, chill out.

          • Anonymous

            Hay 3:43 pm ~~Hello talk about obnoxious~~~OMG look who the hell is talking. Obv liquor is your ans for everything!
            Like the following person said if you live in the area you know who they are!!!
            So bud out a whole!!! Sheeees

      • NSR

        Wow, some people like to swim in a sea of ignorance.

        If you knew the owners are of the liquor store, you’d know who C. Donnery is. The fact that she didn’t put her first name (oops… gave away her gender) means nothing. Her and her husband are wonderful people and her husband and his business partner runs a law-abiding business.

        N. Reilly (not putting my first name because if you know me, you know who N. Reilly is… I’ll give a hint… it’s a name that is not normally associated with “Reilly”)

    • Anonymous

      Well said!

    • anonymous

      Wow, with a mouth like your trashy potty mouth I would have signed anonymous.

    • beachwalker

      You tell em C!!!!! DON”T LET THAT SCHMUCK GET TO YOU!!! You guys have done a great job with the store. It looks great and has a great selection of wines and liquor. You are an asset to the community. The best part about this neighborhood are the people who have true, deep roots here, invest here, and raise the next generation here. That Anonymous person needs to move to a dry state,( Are there any?) They seem to be perpetually angry about bars and alcohol. I am sure that you are doing everything in your power to make sure that you aren’t inadvertantly selling to minors, and are making sure that the people in the laundromat are not being harrassed. (If you need any help with that, you know who your friends are… :) Kids are slick though, I know I was. We all were!! Kids have been doing this since forever, at every deli and liquor store in the world, I love these people who make everything out to be an “everyone in GB is drunk all the time, nobody cares about their kids, all at the bars yada,yada ” And they make the kids out to be so bad. Like every generation there are a few bad apples. Don’t paint all of them with the same brush. Most of the kids and teens are fantastic!!

  • I love the Liquor Store

    You go C Donnery. The Liquor Store has changed. I bet no one rembers what it catered to before but the whole atmosphere has changed for the better. I alway see them cleaning and sweeping in front of the store. It is a store that is owned and operated by the people of this GREAT community.

  • Anonymous

    Gee, how many Donnery’s do you know? Now you’re getting obnoxious.

    • anonymous

      I think that is the point, he or she should have just signed their name. They are being nasty about someone who has a right to remain anonymous.

  • Wizard of OZ

    I can’t believe that some of the same fine youths that trash the bus shelters, destroy the new park and terrorize the community during Halloween would conduct themselves in such a deplorable manner. To quote Mr. Anonymous “this is just hear say”. Mr. Anonymous when I clap my hands three times you will wake up from your coma and come back to reality. Clap, clap, clap Mr. Anonymous are you there???

  • anon

    if you live in the beach, then you mostly likely know who c. donnery is…

  • B Favre

    Ya gotta love these kids.

  • Anonymous

    i dont believe the kids threaten this lady mabey asked her to buy it for them and keep asking but threatening i dont think so. plus if its the lady that owns the place she can hardly speak english
    also if you grew up in gb you have stood outside a place wating for someone older to buy beer or something for you we all did it

    • Anonymous

      I believe these kids threatened her and I believe they would carry out those threats. There are some very destructive people in this neighborhood. Too many parents saying “Not my kid”

  • i dont believe the kids threaten this lady mabey asked her to buy it for them and keep asking but threatening i dont think so. plus if its the lady that owns the place she can hardly speak english
    also if you grew up in gb you have stood outside a place wating for someone older to buy beer or something for you we all did it
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  • Nick Lak

    Call Mc Lovin

  • Ginger1

    If these kids are threatening this lady, then yes, she should call 911 and teach them a lesson, although chances are they will come back and hurt her. Where are the parents?
    I love this neighborhood. I found it sad that there are many teenagers that have grown up living in this special place in Brooklyn and do Not appreciate what they have here. Maybe parents with teenagers should point that out to them, rather then condone bad behavior.
    What they do to the Bus shelters is very sad. Once again, I blame the parents.

    As far the the Liquor store, we need to support our local stores. I do.

    I find it sad that so many other surrounding neighborhood look down at Gerristsen Beach because of our unruly teenagers.

  • Anonymous

    i am 18 and i buy from the liquor store

  • Rich

    I can see it happening a few times to that lady, sometimes when I go there kids ask me to buy for them. To be fair though I have been buying liquor there since I’m 16 (I’m over six feet and looked 30)

  • sally

    i have seen kids buying liquor

  • Anonymous

    The Laundry Lady has explained to some workers that she is threatened. Maybe her bad english does not get her point across however put yourself in her shoes. She is a legal immigrant trying to make an honest living. She works like a dog. The kid should not even be approaching her. Who thought of that anyway? Even if they are asking her in a nice way, she doesn’t understand that. As far a kids buying Liquor from the store, you should brush up on the laws. I have known about the laws all my life. If a person looks over 21, they do not have to be proofed. It is really up to the discression of the person behind the counter. Of course if the person looks like a child, you are obligated to proof them. Another issue is, if you proof them and they have legal proof, you have to sell. There are many fine lines. As the 18 year old says up above, he doesn’t look 18. Most of the 18 years olds don’t.

  • booth

    i’m 8 years old and i buy liquor there.

  • Anonymous

    This is complete hearsay, I know this because I am a GB teen myself. Us teenagers get alcohol. I know it , you know it, hell the whole damn town knows it. It is the way of life that just about this whole country experiences. Anyway, do you think that we are stupid enough to piss off a whole community of people who already have their eyes on us, by making threats on adults? Are you serious, I mean give us a little more credit than that.

    • beachwalker

      I’m not saying that its the case here, but it has been known to happen in the past. I remember a few years ago kids similarly bothering the Asian people that ran the grocery near Allen Ave. I think one of those kids is a guest of the State of NY now, doing life. Like I said before, there are bad apples, but not the majority. Its funny, reading some of the really stupid comments about the PS277 ticket blitz, I was reminded of that kid. His mother was the PA president.

  • Anonymous

    Spoken like true children. Laundry lady tells people, teens are pulling down her gates making trouble for her. Is that heresay? She managed to get an interpreter for that. Is that heresay? Now, lets be fair. How many kids are in this neighborhood? A lot. Nobody, nobody is saying they are all bad however,,, just like there are bad adults, there are bad children. Not all, but some. One thing the lovely children should take note of, the cameras in that whole part of the Avenue are real and running!!! They have been used before by the 61st pct. Once for the BB gun eye shooting and once for the motorcycle accident. If she really wanted to be really mean about things she would call the 61st pct and there are approx 5 cameras I can point them to. She on the other hand does not one trouble so…lets put this problem to bed shall we. You children who want the adults to buy you liquor, ask your Mommy or Daddy. I’m sure they condone your behavior and would have no problem doing it for you. Ok, case closed.

  • booth

    the liquor store should take over the laundrymat

  • maureen

    ive been buying liquor in that store for years thats why i talk like a man

  • martha

    We need a liquor store in our neighborhood. Where else could we get wine or coacktails for our dinner parties?

  • Anonymous

    Its not about the liquor store its about the kids out of control.

  • beachwalker

    I see there is a ‘Business for sale’ sign over the liquor store. Its sad. Its long, hard work to run a business, and I guess between the negative comments and the new liquor store opening up maybe they feel the need to get out of it. What a shame!

  • webber

    G.B I have never seen a neighborhood like it, everyone hates everyone else. Do you see people on other

    neighborhood websites talking about there neighbors like the haters down here do?

    It is kind of sad, we all know there are problem kids and adults in the neighborhood but when we start discussing

    things does it ALWAYS have to end up calling each other names , and getting off the subject …….to tell you the truth I am

    ashamed to say I live in GB, how many other people on this website feel the same way that I do. When I first

    moved here 30 years ago I was sooo happy living here because the people were so nice and the neighborhood

    so safe… What happened?? Now it actually s–ks

  • mike

    webber, couldn’t agree more, but unlike you, I am only here 5 years and I already feel like you do.
    I moved here only because of PS277. Its a highly rated school and I want my child to get a good education. But after reading some of the things that are posted here, i am glad that i dont know many people in this neighborhood and I will probably keep it that way based solely on what I read here. It does seem that the residents love to bash each other and call each other names even though many of them grew up together.

  • […] Avenue on a daily basis. This may have been due to the recent school week off but nevertheless the laundromat seems to be a timeless target for vandals. The vandals are closing the security gates (essentially locking everyone inside) and throwing […]

  • Kelly

    This place is worse than Bed Sty..Wake up people time to send these Kids either to School or Prison. One or the other take your choice.