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NYPD Harbor: Be Aware


Be aware of the following activities
Full payment by cash for the purchase of an expensive boat or several small boats, personal watercraft, outboard engines, gasoline tanks
Individuals who opt to lease dock space under a short rate and paying by cash

Dockside activity at unusual times.
Loading of suspicious materials under the cover of darkness
Scuba trips at night

Possible surveillance.
Use of binoculars or videotaping of maritime activity such as barges, etc.

10 comments to NYPD Harbor: Be Aware

  • B Favre

    Drug trafficking? Or are they robbing bigger cargo ships?

  • Anonymous

    Hay maybe terrorists……are making there way over again.

  • chung

    maybe the pirates from somalia are coming to reside in G.B.

  • welsh

    Did they ever check out the house on the water bought for 1mil.+ never lived in, mortgage paid off in full very quickly , no boats, perfect place to bring anything in at night????? Won’t mention where but many people in the beach have thought about I know for a fact… Hmmm. just a thought.,

  • welsh

    Does anyone remember a story about Mike and Gerards a few years back, opening early one morning ,as the looked out the store window they saw a group of people with life jackets sneaking out of the weeds and running down Gerritsen Avenue, someone said much like the chinese illegals that boats use to drop off in Rockaway.

    I often wondered if that was a true story.

    • Anonymous

      Yes it is, I actually witnessed it without knowing at the time what I was witnessing, there were a bunch of chinese people who ran to the beach with towels, all of a sudden there was a whole group running from the beach drying themselves off.

      Pretty funny now that I think of it.

  • yes

    I remember that story.I always wondered about it myself,did it really happen?

  • Anonymous

    A Russian invasion.

  • welsh

    Anyone every find out what they are looking for??