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Gerritsen Stables


Some time last week I posted a picture of the stables on Devon and Ira, it set off a reaction that wasn’t expected. A lot of people brought up that the horses, and other animals are being neglected. People starting making 311 calls requesting action or a follow up from the city.

So here is the deal with the stables. The animals are considered pets and that unless its proven that the owner is making money off the animals, nothing can be done by any city agency.

The stables address is 49 Ira and is classified as P6 (Amusement place, bath house, boat house) which is the same classification as the Tamaqua.

Here is a small photo gallery.



26 comments to Gerritsen Stables

  • B Favre

    I think maybe the SPCA should be called. There is a lot of garbage around those animals. I might have to place a call.

  • Betty

    They look like they are fine…they are probably very loved!

    • paddywagon

      i know frank g. for years and can say with confidence that he loves all his animals. they get food and water daily, and someone is there every day to pick up after them.

  • Anonymous

    the ducks look happy

  • B Favre

    Ok Sounds Fine then.

  • anon

    they have people that take care of the animals….i just think the yards needs some work, so it just looks bad.

  • Rachael Ray

    I can smell the rosemary and butter sauce marinating all over those tasty treats!

  • anonymous

    Awwwww they’re fine. I wish I had someone to take care of me like that.

  • Nick Lak

    …Two Legs Bad

  • ProudAmericanArmyMom

    Just curious as to what the legal laws and defintion is regarding how much land is needed to keep an animal on it. The total lost size may qualify, but the area in which the horses are kept is INADEQUATE to say the least. So I guess if anyone owns a double lot, or triple lot is it ok to say that you could have horses in your yard ? as long as they are considered pets? What ever happened to the white horses that he use to have? It would be nice to see those animals groomed and given daily exercise. I would be a shame to see them go, they (the owners) has had horses there as long as I can remember and that’s a lot of years.

  • horsinaround

    That place looke like a garbage dump. GB should be ashamed.

    • anonymous

      You’re worried about this? Driving down Gerritsen Ave looks like a ghetto.

      • Beach Ratt Trapp

        Ummmmm That’s because by deffinition IT IS A GHETTO SILLY! You should not use big words like ghetto unless you know what they mean. Doubt it? Look at deffinitions # 2 & 3.
        Now as far as what it looks like I find Horizantal Housing Project fits well.

        Main Entry: ghetto

        Pronunciation: \ ˈge-(ˌ)tō \
        Function: noun

        Inflected Form(s): plural ghettos also ghettoes,
        Etymology: Italian, from Venetian dialect ghèto island where Jews were forced to live, literally, foundry (located on the island), from ghetàr to cast, from Latin jactare to throw –
        Date: 1611

        1. a quarter of a city in which Jews were formerly required to live

        2. a quarter of a city in which members of a minority group live especially because of social, legal, or economic pressure

        3. an isolated group – a geriatric ghetto b. b a situation that resembles a ghetto especially in conferring inferior status or limiting opportunity – the pink-collar ghetto

        Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary copyright © 2008 by Merriam-Webster, incorporated

        • Beach Ratt Trapp

          ^find the misspelled words^ and WIN an all expense paid VACATION for two to the reclusive and romantic GB stables!!! Where you’ll spend two days and three excitement filled nights in squaller with the “pets” while sipping warm flat beer while dining on….. HAHHAHA aww skip it.

  • concerned

    the yard may be immaculate, and they can all be fed the BEST food out there but i do not think that where the horses are kept is adequate. they don’t have room to stretch their legs. they can’t do what they are meant to do, run!!! and from what i heard in order to keep a horse you need an acre per horse. i love to see them, they are beautiful but i just don’t think it is the right place for them to be kept in. what quality of life are they having???

  • Anonymous

    The ASPCA has authority to look into cases of animal abuse and neglect whether the animals are pets or not

  • bagels

    I thought the ASPCA checked it out and said it was satisfactory, though I really can’t understand it. Maybe they’re older horses and don’t require a very large space to be content.

  • Anonymous

    The ASPCA police’s job is to go to houses or establishments and look and assess abused or potentially abused animals. They have the right to seize any animal off of the premises if they feel they are abused or neglected. The animals are then held as things go through trial. These animals are abused, living in feces and mud. Urine and fecal scolds is definitely not a nice way to live. One acre PER horse. There is not even one acre total, nevermind for three horses.

  • dare2care

    The exterior fencing has been replaced within the last two days. This could potentially mean there will be other changes in the future. Hopefully somebody will come up with a solution for the runoff that spills into the creek each time it rains. I walk past that stable every single night and unless the sun is cooking the city, there really is not much of a stench coming from it. The plant across the water on Knapp is worse than anything I ever smelled from the animals there. I don’t believe they are abused, but I am not a professional. In nice weather they are let out into the field across from the stable. Ultimately, we can complain all we want, even about the state of our neighbors’ lawns, yards, parking and so on, but if the authorities are brought in to investigate and no laws are being broken, ranting about it will not do anything constructive. Take account of your own ____ (fill in the blank- lives, family, house, yard, pets, kids, time, talents, finances, etc.) and do what you can to improve on it. Unless crimes are being committed, i.e. U-turns in front of PS 277, there really isn’t much a regular resident can do besides complain. But where does it ever really get you?

  • Anonymous

    ummmm when do they get cut up and eaten becuz im pretty hungry sacrifice them to the volcano