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Subway Restaurant to Come to Knapp St “Top of the Hill”


If you go to the subway website (subway.com), click on the restaurant locator, and type in the zip code 11235 (the zip code for Sheepshead Bay), it says this: “coming soon: 2801 Knapp Street”. I guess this means that they are opening a Subway sandwich shop there.

2801 Knapp Street is where new stores are being built on top of the hill, by the movie theater, and across from Knapp Street bagel.

18 comments to Subway Restaurant to Come to Knapp St “Top of the Hill”

  • oooh a Subway, wtf?

    We’re now surrounded by Subways, one on Gerritsen, one on Nostrand and now on Knapp!

  • B Favre

    I would like to see a strip club open up there… Maybe once Jordan’s lobster dock goes out of business, they can put a gentleman’s club down there!!!

  • bagels

    I never understood how Jordans has managed to stay in business so long. Maybe they own the land.

  • trainman

    As long as they stay out of the beach!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      well said trainman

      • Anonymous

        Yeah. Why would anyone want a viable money making business like a Subway Franchise in Gerritsen Beach when we can have row upon row of empty store fronts instead? Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see local people open up businesses along the avenue, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon, especially in today’s economy. Maybe the addition of a “chain” store would entice others to invest along the strip. I’m still trying to figure out why we needed new storefronts next to the AOH when there is absolutely no demand whatsoever. Kudos to those residents who have carved out successful businesses in the neighborhood. Bring back the “Lunch Box”, It was a great little place, owned & run by hard working people, but alas it did not receive enough support from the residents to kee it viable. We need to make more of an effort to support those who take the chance of starting a business in the neighborhood.

        • woodsy

          The owner can now move down a couple of stores and pay a mortgage instead of rent.

        • Anonymous

          I personally don’t want to see any type of “chain” restaurant open in the beach, and the clientele it may potentially bring. The beach is too unique a neighborhood to sustain one anyway. One way in, one way out. Most of the succesful ones are on busy streets, near intersections and bus and subway stations and such. Outside people aren’t gonna come into the Beach just for a Subway sandwich. And I don’t think too many people in this neighborhood would want a fast food type of store in it either. I would rather see a nice mom and pop neighborhood store be successful. Ice Cream U Scream is a perfect example. And I don’t really see rows upon rows of empty store fronts on the Ave. that you do. Sure there are a few, but just 15 years ago there were alot more empty storefronts than there are now. More and more are filling up with businnesses than ever, even in “todays economy”. And for the first time maybe in the history of the beach, new construction of retail space is being built(Hibernians old lot= 2 new storefronts)

          Quiznos is better than Subway anyway. The one on Nostrand closed because of the morons running the place.

        • RealtorD

          Doreen Greenwood Realty is being built there. They need a larger space. Thanks to the support of the community Doreen is giving back and building so that the avenue can look even better.

  • I would love to see a bakery open up there.

  • local broker

    Subway is a franchise and is rated number 1 in the country if you can afford it and find a location anyone can buy a subway franchise. i dont know how well that location is going to be you cant buy a sandwich and eat it in the theater well your not supposed to but hey. and the owner of that property is a jerk o– .

  • blueMagoo

    Subway makes lousy heroes IMHO and the people working behind the counters are usually not the brightest crayons in the box. Places popping up like this all over the country make it very difficult to get a quality hero sandwich made with some local flavor any more.


  • lol, I can imagine sneaking a foot long tuna into the theater!

  • gb mom

    just because subway is there doesn’t mean you have to go into it. I will keep going to Brenmans, where they make the best hero’s around!

  • trainman

    My wife and I take frequent road trips throughout New England. We prefer taking the byways instead of the highways as we traveled through the countryside. Without exception, when you see small towns void of any fast food restaurants, the homes always seem well-kept and the streets are clean. They usually have a main street with many shops and boutiques owned by the local residents. The towns with fast food restaurants usually don’t have a Main Street and typically have numerous parking areas with drive through takeouts. Inevitably you see the streets littered with cups and paper bags and other fast food material. I know we have empty stores on the Avenue and some think that it’s an eyesore. But given the choice between some empty stores and a cluster of fast food restaurants in the beach, I’ll take the empty stores.