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Picture of the Week: The Stables

Photo by: gmpicket

24 comments to Picture of the Week: The Stables

  • gbproud

    What a beautiful stable. Its falling apart, there are 35 cats who live under it and when the wind blows from the west the smell is unbearable. Get rid of the novelty. Those animals are not taken care of properly.

  • concerned

    I agree….from what i know you need an acre per horse. Those poor horses are lucky to get any type of excersize. They are gorgeous and deserve to be horses, happy and out in a large field. I can’t see how this is legal. Although i am sure they are taken care of to the best of the owners ability, it’s just cruel to see them there in such a confined space. Please do the right thing by them, i would miss seeing them but would be worth knowing they were in the proper place.

  • debbie

    I don’t mind the cats so much.. they ensure there are no water rats, and although you can smell the horses etc.. it’s better than the smell coming from the sewer plant- all depends on which way the wind is blowing that day. ;)

    • Anonymous

      The cats may take care of the rat problem but it is cruel to have all these cats living on the street with no food except for what the neighbors give them. They are malnourished & homeless. I have tried to get the ASPCA to do something or the humane society. I am not capable of trapping them to have them neutered at the very least.
      It is sad to see these beautiful animals roaming around looking for food. The other animals don’t have it much better. the space is smaller than it used to be & yes, the horses need room to roam. I hope someone who has the number contacts Mr. G. and he finds good homes for these animals.

  • gmpicket’s work is phenomenal. gmpicket walks around NY and recreates what she sees in a slightly transformed studio setting in Grand Fenwick, on a 42% scale. (It’s always 42%, don’t ask, it’s pretty technical, but it allows for greater manipulation of the details while not making the dexterity challenges too harsh.) If you look print this shot out and take it with you to the actual location, you’ll see that this shot was re-created just this way in order to avoid components like 42% scale ponies.

  • Kathy

    I lived in the Beach in the 60-70’s I cant for the life of me remember where the stables are located. Please let me know

  • KATHY,
    the stables were (and still are, although i haven’t been there in years) on Joval ct, (devon ave)

  • Janet

    Too bad that the horses weren’t in the photo. The area that they “live ” in is terrible. It is filthy and very small (to say the least) dangerous (no fence around by the elevated water side edge) It is amazing to me that they haven’t fallen into the creek. The area that they are in is so small they are just about able to turn around. It is not big enough for 1 horse, never mind 3……
    The day that I saw them, I almost cried. They were filthy with mud. The mud & feces were up to their hooves.

    How can this be allowed? Why hasn’t someone helped them? Does anyone ride them? Does anyone care for them? I am sick over this.

    Take some pictures of the true scene & send them to the someone who can help these poor animals……

  • Michelaine

    janet call 311 they will hook u up with animal control.

  • Ummm....

    Typical….you put up a pretty pic and now 311 will be called and the horses will be taken away.

  • concerned

    they should be for their own sake. it’s cruel!!!! they can’t run like they are meant to. let alone walk much.

  • Bob

    Why hasn’t anyone done anything about it before now then? I didn’t even know the stable was there.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve spoken to others who live near there. They have tried to get help. The ASPCA was there about a year ago but did nothing that I can see

      • Bob

        Thanks for answering…a lot of times you read people on here complaining about this & that but they never bother to do anything about anything.

  • concerned

    i called monday. supposedly some was being sent out with in 24 hours. am going to call back for an update.

  • Jim

    In some areas, livestock must be kept on the property and/or transferred with the sale of the property in order to maintain a “grandfathered” zoning requirement. Is this property “grandfathered” for some reason? Are there tax advantages, does it increase the value of the property, etc.? I don’t know, but there must be a reason. Can anyone in GB just bring in some livestock on their property? I don’t think so. Anyone with information, please post here.

  • concerned

    i called for the status update, the aspca said it is a board of health issue and sent the case to them…not qiute sure how it wouldn’t be a case for both parties. it seems pretty obvious to me that 3 large horses in a very small area just isn’t right.

    • Anonymous

      I can see this a a health hazard, there are more than just 3 horses & a bunch of cats & kittens. There are birds, swans, ducks, peacocks.

      I guess the ASPCA decided not to do anything last year when they were down there. I hope they really do forward the info to the proper authority.

  • bagels

    This would be a good story for Animal Precinct to cover.

    • concerned

      you’d think so, but i called the ASPCA, they said they sent someone over and after their inspection the case was being handed over to the board of health….can’t see how they didn’t get cited alone for the horses in such a confined area. among other problems.

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