How the M.T.A. Cuts Would Affect Us (11229)

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City Comptroller William C. Thompson Jr. unveiled a Web tool on Wednesday that allows residents to enter their Zip code and see a table, and download an accompanying map, showing how the MTA’s proposed cuts would affect their particular neighborhood.

2 comments to How the M.T.A. Cuts Would Affect Us (11229)

  • mike

    So what y’all gonna do about this? Hope that the feds will suddenly get a clue and fund the operating costs of mass transit systems? Or maybe something doable and equitable, like work for congestion pricing? Or just whine?

  • robert paulson

    These cut backs are an act of class war against working class people brought on by wall street owned plutocrats in Albany. If we had any balls, we’d be in the streets rioting like they do everywhere else in the world when government fails to fulfill it’s duty to it’s citizens. We should be ashamed of ourselves for constantly letting them get more and more over on us.

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