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Welcome Home: Shawn Donnery


Welcome Home Shawn

Update: Bio below in the comments

19 comments to Welcome Home: Shawn Donnery

  • Anonymous

    who… ?

    • I wish I knew. No one is able or willing to give me a quick bio. These banners are a great thing, and i’ve wanted to start posting about these months ago but no one will commit to getting a bio. A picture is all I am able to post.

      • Jim Donovan

        Dan, I would suggest creating a short form to be filled out by the families of those who are comming home with your return address. Send it to the club and we will try and forward to the families.

        Jim D

        • anonymous

          How about waiting til you get the whole story.

          • Jim Donovan

            Excuse me Mr. Annoyimous, (an·noy·i·mus) (See an·noy·ing) Dan and I have been trying to get the information from many of the people coming home. My suggestion was written to Danny and not you. Because a few members of The Cort Club posts the banners, it would stand to reason that the form be sent to the club for forwarding to family members of those who are coming home with Danny’s return address. Dan, maybe you can start with what Colleen Donnery has posted as a Bio?

            Thank you,

            Jim Donovan
            The Cort Club

          • annoyimust

            Next time click the link that says “email”

  • seamus

    Thanks for you’r service to our country, and doing the difficult and dangerous work that keeps the rest of us safe.

  • Jim Donovan

    Welcome Home Shawn.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for serving Mr. Donnery

  • Poppajoe


  • Gerritsen Girl

    Thanks Shawn, we can never say thank you enough and thank God you’re home and safe.

  • Anonymous

    Wellcome Home!!

  • BB

    This is cousin Colleen. (Rob & Brianna). I’ll get the bio. Shawn, we are very proud of you.

  • BB

    Hey, this is cousin Colleen Donnery (Robert, Brianna). I will give you the bio.
    There are many relatives in Utah that you guys won’t know so I won’t list them. This is where his mother, Barbara, is from.
    Shawn Donnery
    Born: Utah 1987
    Raised: Brooklyn New York
    School: PS277, Saint Edmunds
    Son of John (Veteran United States Airforce) and Barbara Donnery
    Brother to Brandy (Brooklyn) & Junior (Utah)
    Grandson to Jack (Chickie) & Maxine Donnery (Florida) Ann Donnery (Deceased)
    Nephew to:
    Colleen & Chet Michaels
    Brian Donnery
    Elizabeth Donnery
    Uncle to: Salvatore, Anthony John
    Brother In Law: Sal
    Way too many to mention!!!
    Enlisted in the United States Army in 2005
    Served in Germany & Iraq

  • Anonymous

    hahaha my nigaa shawnnnn

  • its meeee

    seann i luv u i wanna have ur kids haaa

  • Anonymous

    welcome home cous

  • Jim Donnery

    I don’t know you Shawn, but welcome home and thanks for your service. I’m from a long line of Donnery’s (from Highland Falls NY) who have also served in the service(s) and we appreciate all who do. Glad to hear you returned safely.

  • ann donnery

    Hello to Jim Donnery NY. This is Ann in NJ!!!

    Hey Shawn huge congratulations on your return home!! May God Bless you and your family. Thank you for serving your country and now mine as i became a citizen in ’01. My father in a Dublin Donnery and my family is Manchester UK. Take great care of yourself.