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Pick on a Bus Shelter Your Own Size


Three Bus Shelters were smashed today. I personally don’t see the point of breaking these bus shelters, but apparently someone wasn’t hit hard enough as a kid.

Seba Avenue
Gotham Avenue
Devon Avenue



42 comments to Pick on a Bus Shelter Your Own Size

  • Anonymous

    Once again free publicity for the vandals, I guess you didn’t get the hint when the graffiti mentioned this website by name a couple of posts down – sad. I think I’m through commenting on the same nonsense.

    • Anonymous

      These kids are just so stupid! They have nothing better to do! To the person who posted that they saw the people and the car they were in, Please make sure you turn them in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Should any news organization then not report a murder or a terrorist act for fear of a copy cat action? Some may argue that point, but I feel it would irresponsible journalism.

      • Anonymous

        In no way does this even remotely compare to “reporting” of a “murder or terrorist act”. This is more like a drunken fan running on the field during a ball game – the TV stations understood a long time ago that broadcasting it only encouraged more idiot behavior. And to reiterate my main pint – the vandals gratified on the bus shelter glass with this website’s name.

  • Anonymous

    to the ones that broke the bus shelters i happened be there and seen your faces and the car

  • anonymous

    I figured they didn’t take the bus.

  • This is indeed very bad, I do not understand why people do such things. After all, they certainly use these bus stops.

  • Gerritsen Girl

    Again, I don’t understand why the city doesn’t make these things out of Plexiglass, they must be making some kind of money off of it because when these things are broken, they can’t come out quick enough to fix them. We know that the city won’t fix anything unless they are profiting off of it.

    The animals who do this are just that, dumb animals who have never been trained by their parents/trainers. Too bad we can’t get the information from their license plates, go to their houses and toss rocks through their windows, Yipppeee, fun time!

    I would bring one of the garbage cans and toss it through the window for good measure, there’s nothing wrong with that right?

    • I agree with you. Why aren’t they made of plexi? They are repaired by a contractor, not by city workers, and it has been suggested that they break some of them themselves, that would make sense if they are paid separately for each replacement. There are alot of cameras on the Ave. now. Don’t any of them catch this nonsense?

      • Anonymous

        unfortunatley they would find a way to destroy them too.

        • Anonymous

          They got the shelter on Devon also. I thought plexiglass breaks just doesn’t shatter. But yeah, it makes sense to acuse the guys who get paid to fix them they are obvioulsy not GB residents right? a little of not my kids huh?

          • Anonymous

            do you people hear what your saying blaiming it on the worker! You think that guy wants to come down here and clean up all the glass? its probably those assholes who drive around in that big white hummer tat stinks of weed!!

          • Not at all ‘not my kid’, although I know its not. I know for a fact that its beach kids doing at least some of them. I also know that the company that gets paid to fix them works late at night, I’ve seen them on my way home at midnight. If they are paid extra every time they replace broken glass isn’t it conceivable to you that they would cause a few accidents? It was just a suggestion. I also would imagine that the kids like the drama of the shattering glass and that the plexi would not be as much “fun”. I can see that there would be danger in it though. When you say “do you think that guy wants to come down here and clean up all that glass” do you realize that it is a little van with music blasting that comes in the middle of the night? They come all the time to change the ads and posters etc. Maybe sometimes that gets dull………..

          • Douglas

            How can you be so ignorant? Really, if you are not sure about your information don’t comment like they are absolute facts. FYI, the MTA has a contract with the company that repairs the glass. Yes, glass. It is cheaper than plexi. It doesn’t matter if the glass is never broken or is broken everynight. The contract states the shelters will be maintained and repaired as needed. Don’t be surprised if this company or any other NEVER bids on this contract again. But then again we won’t need them because we won’t have the B31 bus anyway. And I know we all go to all the GB meetings so lets ask next time and set the record straight instead of making insinuations that the workers are risking their jobs by breaking the glass themselves. At least they are working.

          • Gee Douglas, who are you, the guy with the contract? OK, so glass is cheaper than plexi, excuse me for not knowing that fact. That doesn’t make me ignorant. It also doesn’t make me ignorant because I have never actually READ the contract between the City Bus Shelter Co. and the city. But I do know, from experience, that sometimes contracts such as this do not always include time and/or materials. If this one does, (I can’t believe ANYONE actually read that!!! Kudos to you!!) then I stand corrected. Actually, though, I was just joking alittle about it. I know that its the kids. Maybe I was just remembering that the kids that were doing this kind of stuff a few decades ago are now some of our leading citizens. Don’t make more out of it than it is. Maybe they just need more to do.

  • avail

    Shelters can not be made out of Plexi. When Plexi or Lucite breaks it has sharp edges and points that will make the City and the Contractor Liable if anyone gets hurt, including the punks that break them. The tempered glass that they use is cheaper and breaks into small pebbles without any sharp points. Same glass is used on car windows.

  • so mad

    I am a 70 year old woman who is so tired of having to stand waiting for a bus because of idiots who have parents (if that’s what you can call them) that are as useless as a dog turds.
    I hope the transit authority gets angry enough to put up cameras and when your brats are arrested I hope they put up your picture to so we can see what trash looks like.

  • Jim Fetter

    Has any one considered setting up a webcam? It would be nice to see the actual incident on this or any other website.

  • There are cameras on the Ave already. The Beach Bar, Best Seller real Estate and a few more. Maybe they could catch some of the little angels. Maybe the perfect punishment would be to hand them over to the people who are most affected by them being broken. It sounds like ‘so mad’ could handle the job!! It really is a shame after waiting for so many years to get the bus shelters. The real shame is we are probably only talking about a couple of “kids”.

    • There a only a few with “working” cameras, some use it as a visual deterrent.

      I do not think anyone in the community should expect them to point the cameras in a bus shelter direction, its absurd. They spend the money on their systems and it is to protect their property not city property.

      • I’m not saying to point them exclusively at the bus shelters, and leave their own property unprotected. Don’t they pan the ave? Wouldn’t it be possible that the vandalism is caught on the camera without changing its position? I know that its caught accidents etc. Its really hard to write anything on this site without someone jumping all over you and taking things wrong. I’m beginning to understand why so many people are turned off by it.

    • Mary

      There are alot more stores that have cameras… It all depends on which way they’re pointed. I know of one store owner that gave their disc to the police and saved someone from getting into alot of trouble. The truth was right there on the monitor.

  • anonymous

    Well, lets not get the “kids” in trouble, maybe we can just make a list of their names like they did for the pot smokers.

  • SIMPLE SOLUTION:// A camera on the shelter…..taping to a remote location, we did it at (nobody beats the wiz) and never had a window broken after that….they are not going to vandalize if they know they will be caught, seems like a lot cheaper than replacing the glass..

  • so mad

    I don’t think it fair to ask a store in the area to have cameras watch the shelters. These people have to make a living here and this is a close nit neighborhood. Besides, yes we do pay taxes and and should have police protection and I mean cameras hidden where the little doll ins can’t see them.

  • Anonymous

    very simple. If you are a store owner and the GB.net admin does not posting a link or hosting the vid. Just send it to the website and the 61st precinct. Everyone hates they way these kids shit on their own neighborhood and I think we are all fed up with it. Im sure if these kids get caught one time, they will be crying to their mommies and daddies all the way home from the 61.

    The need to grow up!

  • They are far removed from “animals” animals don’t destroy their living area, or wreck objects that are vital to the survival of the species…

  • NM

    Don’t Shit Where You Eat

  • bus shelter repairman

    do you really think this last smash and run was done by a car drive by.Look at the glass in the pics.The punk or punks are in the weeds.Breaking them form the back.The person that said they saw the car is full of poop.


    this guy on top of me must be a retard theres a guy walking his dawg and kids it wasent done during the daytime the pics were taking the next day or wateva wat a moron haaa….i think ur more dumb then the person who broke it..

    • repair man

      danny why are you removing all my comments???? can you give me an answer???

      • Yes I will.

        Your comments are directed at me personally(beyond reason), you flood the comments on the site, your comments are non constructive, simply put you lost your privilege as being a commenter and have been banned.

        You can still leave comments but if they are not on topic, an attack or nonconstructive no one will see them. If it is a good comment I might allow you to comment again in the future.

        • bagels

          That seems fair.

        • bus shelter repairman

          cause you always remove my posts. sometimes i get pissed.Some of the shit i see you let stay on.Whats up with that.?some posts are way out there and they stay? That not right.Be fair.Thats all i ask.

  • bagels

    The guy on top of you makes perfect sense. The position of the glass indicates that something was thrown from the weeds or that the idiot broke the glass with something he held in his hand from the back of the shelter. Does anyone know how they break it? How much force do you need to break one of the panels?

  • rolls

    It’s 10 PM….do you know where your children are?

  • Beach Ratt Trapp

    “People who live in glass houses should not – stand forward of the white line while the bus is in motion” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    People have been smashing the bus shelter glass on Gerritsen Ave as long as there have been bus shelters on that Ave. From every single possible angle you can throw something at one of the damn things, so I must say the “grassy knoll” theory mentioned here is a weak one and no more than speculation at best. Unless you know something we don’t? shhhhh wink wink
    The mindless sighting of countless bull sh!t facts concerning plexi vs. tempered safety glass was brilliant. Especially when it too became a conspiracy theory about an inside job pulled off by midnight- bus stop -ninja-mafia- with a vested interest in vandalism and a taste for loud music. It had all the crime and drama of a good HBO series. I’ll have to look into acquiring the movie rights on that story but I’m digressing.
    As for poor old granny who has to stand in the rain. She has managed to survive the first half of her life waiting for the bus all those years next to nothing more than a pole with a sign atop it that read “Bus Stop” (and I bet there was a drunken moron who threw rocks at the sign even back then) Unfortunately she may have to spend the second half of her life the same way only now with shattered glass at her feet. Maybe they should just tear the shelters down all together so at least she will not have to stand in that mess of glass her own grandchildren made. After all aren’t sign poles and yellow paint much cheaper than surveillance cameras and glass anyway.
    I have two words for you people, Youth Organization…and a PRIVATE one at that. Enough with my taxes being spent on that Village Of The Damned your running there already! Bus Stops, Skate Parks, an entire police force so you can go play trick or treat and now you want cameras too. People, come on? A Black Water Beach and an Animal Farm to boot? Wow. What more can I say? What’s next? You are going to want my taxes to pay for friggin robots to raise your children for you? Please folks, attend to your problem children. Or is the problem all of the adults in this neighborhood just a bunch of adolescent minded people themselves? Seems like a nice place to avoid butcha wouldn’t wanna live there. Or even have to wait for a bus too long especially if its raining.
    So if you plan to visit Gerritsen Beach and you don’t drive be sure to bring an umbrella and what the hell, bring a six pack too. We’ll leave the light on for ya’ even if it is shot out. Also if you forget the umbrella at least remember the six pack. If you cant bring the six pack then please, just don’t bother coming at all… BURRRP…were busy rasing our kids.