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Response to Seba Avenue Park

Well recently it seems like the NYPD narcotics unit is in Gerritsen Beach and they are cracking down in and around the Seba Avenue Park area.

The officers are asking drivers and passengers about the pot dealers in the neighborhood.

This might be a response to the most recent Property Owners Meeting.

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9 comments to Response to Seba Avenue Park

  • anonymous too

    Gee, I hope they weren’t trying to be low-key.

  • Anonymous

    Good – glad to see the police doing their job.

    • robert paulson

      If the police have to randomly ask drivers for information about crimes being committed in the neighborhood, then they obviously aren’t doing their job. What about buy and busts? Phone taps? Surveillance? These are traditional drug policing tactics. Randomly harassing tax payers about what they do in the privacy of their own homes is revealing just to how clueless the nypd is.

  • amonymous

    If they really want to find the drugs they should check the bantry bar.

  • The DEA

    He charges to much

    • Anonymous

      @The DEA, WHAT??? Who charges to much? Vice can easily set up on the Bantry and close them down for good!! Spend the money we’re good for it, we pay taxes. Send an undercover in there, no doubt. Better yet send a Cadet in there they will serve him or her

  • anonymous

    when will the names be posted of the teens

  • Anonymous

    willie nelson

  • Anonymous

    Weed is to skateboarders as chewing tobacco is to baseball players… except it’s illegal, but so is skateboarding in most areas. Plus, not everyone does it, but a good portion, say 30%, do.