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Vollies Donor Drive

Vollies Letter

It hasn’t come to desperate pleas yet, but let the Vollies have put out their annual donation letter, so lets help them out.

They are always looking for new members, they train dispatchers, firefighters, and NYS certified EMT’s. They are even looking for anyone that can lend a hand in any way.

7 comments to Vollies Donor Drive

  • Anonymous

    anybody know why there was underage drinking this past weekend in Vollie Hall?

  • Anonymous

    There was no such event at the vollie hall and who ever is saying this please step up and say who you are

    • Anonymous

      i live right near the vollies hall and yes there definitely was some kind of party going on that night.
      as far as under age drinking i would not know about that. I could hear the music playing and it
      didn’t bother me at all. I could see people going in and out they were not loud and seem to be
      very well behaved. not a problem as far as i could tell.

  • Grandma

    As far as I know…there’s no drinking there. They did away with that some years now. I think they’re a terrific bunch.

  • Anonymous

    I do not understand as to why “Just Me” out right says “I don’t think so” II happen to think that the Vollies is a Wonderful Organization that is filled with Wonderful People that do nothing but care for the people LIKE YOU in the neighborhood. So to Me it kinda looks as if you dont care like they do. As far as the Liquor i agree with “Grandma” maybe you people should try going to a party w/o liquor it is fun but i guess you don’t know until you try