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Bit of a Pot Problem at Seba Avenue Park

At the last property owners meeting, the 61st precinct, like always reports on local crime, interestingly enough there was a good amount of pot related summonses and arrests at Seba Avenue Park.

Specifically, there were 16 summonses issued for drinking and marijuana in the last month. Surprisingly, 10 marijuana summonses were written in one night.

Some of the property owner members were not surprised by this news and explained to the 61st what actually goes on. They explained how pot dealing & smoking goes on all the time, not just during the usual evening or night hours. The Property Owners are angry these community “kids” are ruining a community park all the while doing it when young children are in the park. The general consensus was that something has to be done. Some members of the Property Owners wanted to go knocking on doors themselves while some suggested that the 61st should knock on doors. In the end, nobody wants to let these kids get a criminal record and nobody wants to knock on a door of a non-responsive parent.   So, it seems like they were trying to walk a fine line addressing this issue.

Since the Property Owners would rather not see community children arrested and nobody is going to be knocking on doors anytime soon, it was a made a point, that a list of names will be gathered and handed over to the 61st precinct of the problem “kids”.

See the thing about Gerritsen Beach is that everyone knows EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.   So lets say your dealing at the park, or even just smoking at the park, you will been seen, EVERYONE knows you and now your name is on a list to bring up at the next meeting.

The 61st may not go knocking on doors of problem kids, however the information will be helpful nonetheless. Not to mention there will be a list of names, maybe your kid, maybe you, on someone’s desk, being spread around like wildfire.

62 comments to Bit of a Pot Problem at Seba Avenue Park

  • neighbor

    Wow. I have a 16 year old son. I don’t think that he is involved in this behavior, however if he is, I would want to know before it came to an arrest situation. Even if he is not participating, if he is hanging out with those that are, it has to be addressed. Maybe there is a way that parents that want to see if their child is on the list could be notified upon request? We all know that being a teenager or having a teenager is not easy. As a parent, you have to let your child out and try to trust them. When I was a teenager, I knew that the communities eyes (I grew up in Jersey) were on me when I was out of the house and that any bad behavior would be brought to my parent’s attention. With that in mind, I would think twice before doing something that would get me in trouble at home.

    • Anonymous

      what good is a list? If there is no action taken why file away names?

      • Grandma

        I think it would be a really good idea if the parents of teens in the neighborhood go to the property owners meetings to catch up on what’s going on here.

    • Kelly

      @neighbor–Hey, sorry about the OT post, but your comments are being sent to my email account on gmail. You might want to change your preferences or registered email.

  • Anonymous

    arrest the kids for doing it and the parents for letting the kids do it and not doing anything

  • Anonymous

    Making a list of problem kids is just silly. Anyone holding a grudge can put a name on it let the cops do their job and catch them!!!

  • Poster Nutbag

    come on! its just pot! were they harming anyone whilst smoking or just smoking pot? why not just leave them alone?

  • bagels

    I’d like to know what the NYPD narcotics unit is doing about finding out who the dealers are. Busting a kid for using pot doesn’t solve the larger problem. You can talk ’till you’re blue in the face to these parents and their kids and if they want to turn a deaf ear there’s nothing you can do about it. The cops write their tickets and they’ve met their quota – big deal.

  • tc

    The bigger problem is the kids hanging out in the park after dark…I think the law states parks close after dusk…enforce that law it would force parents to be more involved.

  • Anonymous

    cops DO NOT have a QUOTA. Unions keep that shit away.

  • blueMagoo

    I don’t think putting kids names on lists will accomplish anything. Why do kids hangout & smoke pot & drink beer? They are experimenting & testing boundaries just like we did back in the day. Unfortunately some of them will move on to harder drugs and some may become alcoholics. The vast majority will mature & live “normal” lives.

    If you don’t want the kids to hang out in parks and use drugs what other options are you giving them? Are there any teen clubs still out there, sports or scouting programs, after school activities? Are the parents involved with their kids? Are there any church programs available? Anyone providing part-time jobs for any of these kids? How involved in any of these programs have you been during your adult life? Have you donated any money to any of these types of programs? Have you lobbied your elected officials and/or church leaders on the need for these types of programs?

    Lists are passive things subject to abuse and what is needed is more ethical active solutions.

    • OnAnOnAnOnAnOn

      Well said!

      Policing Seba park after dark is a problem. You cannot see into the skate pit from the avenue unless you are on the bus & the kids all wear dark clothes so unless they are really loud you can’t tell when they are in the playground area. Officers have to pull over & walk up the path into the park. The kids see the police coming & take off into the fields. While walking my dog, I have seen 2 officers with flashlights searching the weeds for kids who know their way around back there & have already come out down at the point or up past Cyrus. (And yes I tell the officers so they aren’t wasting their time.)

    • Anonymous

      There are sports programs, scouts and squires for teens in the neighborhood, problem is they are not all interested in it.

  • When did the nypd do away with the quota?, I worked there from 74 to 94 and we had a quota then!

  • Gerritsen Girl

    This is just a prime example of how we cannot manage our kids, they have no boundaries, no consequences, no wonder this country is in the dumper.

  • Anonymous


    Parents watch out!!! Your in for a rude awakening.
    Your little angeles costumes will be coming off!
    Better hope the narc’s don’t come in.

  • Gerritsen Mom

    I’m a Mom who had no idea what was going on at the skate park, until my husband decided to drug test my teen…to my shock..he came up positive for pot. I was very upset to say the least. Never did it dawn on me that this is what was going on there. My kid had always been top in class and we noticed the grades were slipping and the attitude was getting out of hand. Parents must be aware of what their kids are upto. My son is banned from going there and has been punished since last summer. All priviledges were suspended immediately. I am happy to report that he is once again getting good grades and the change in his behavior has been a positive one. Little by little he has been getting some freedom, but he knows were not playing!

  • Anonymous

    Good for you MOM!!! Take back that control. And thanks for replying hopfully more parents will listen to you.

  • Anonymous

    Including the pot smoking and drinking, there is much more going on if you get my meaning..I have a good relationship with my child who has told me stories about what’s going on between the girls/boys in that park. My child has never been there at night so this is strictly hearsay from friends…I just think it was worth mentioning….

    • anonymous

      I think it is the kids from outside GB, you know the ones who come in here and break the glass on our bus shelters, and throw eggs at our buses. Oh yeah, don’t forget the potatoes the outsiders threw at the 61 precinct cops. Gee, they are starting to make GB look bad. I wish they would go back to their own neighborhood.

    • gb.net sucks

      no it was not worth mentioning at all. you people think you know everything. actually you know what come to think of it i was up at the seba park the other day and witnessed a giant orgy, i almost forgot.

  • pothead

    fuck you all you think a list of people will help. it wont… big shock move the fuck on its 2009 why dont you all go on with your regular lifes and let us fuck up ours while you all watch and laugh

  • originalgbgirl

    like your language sounds like you already f—ked up yours good job

  • bagels

    Never argue with a fool……

  • gb.net sucks

    i think this is absolutely ridiculous, a list? come on now. have you taken a walk up to seba park? you mustn’t have. you people make it seem as if we are living in a giant crack house. you people make it seem like the park isnt safe and drug infested, if i had kids i wouldnt think twice about letting them play there. all i have to say is that the cops should stop being dicks and stop trying to make an example out of the “kids” and go after real crimes. let the kids smoke their pot and not give a fuck, so fuck the cops and fuck gerritsenbeach.net!
    im about to light a spliff arrest me, peace.

  • Nick Lak

    If this is going on in broad DAY light, when parents bring their children up there to play( the dealing and smoking) then someone should get a swift kick in the ass. That’s just blatant inconsideration and arrogance.

    I’m bringing my kid to the park to play zip, not to a Peter Tosh concert.

    But if its late at night when the park is generally empty? As long as you CLEAN up after yourself, do you. I’d rather see tickets handed out for littering, than what you do to your own body. That list shit reeks of low-profile McCarthyism.

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  • Anonymous

    I say let’ s just clear this all up send in the cops!! Let them get summons or arrested who cares obv not there parents!!! Send in the narc’s the’ll find out who the big dealer is after getting all the buyers!!

  • anonymous teenager

    um for your information my parents do care if i drink and smoke they would punish me forever if they found out but guess what kids are good liers. ok so let the cops come up there and guess what we runn! i hate how everyone’s so ready to get us in trouble, we have one of the most safest neighborhoods in brooklyn and you make it seem like where crack babys straight from the projects. you adults have your fun and we have ours. & what about this let me start a website of adults who stand outside the bar harassing younger girls like myself saying sexual comments, asking us KIDS for MONEY and inviting us to drink with them. how about we call the cops on them and see how you like it lets make a list of all the adults on this neighborhood who have an alcohol problem too.

    • anonymous teenager

      btww thats me xoxo anonymous teenager[=

    • anonymous too

      If your so tuff why are you anonymous teenager? heheh

      • Roland

        im not anonymous teenager but im not afraid to tell you people who i am, who are you huh mr. anonymous too, if you were so tough you wouldnt have made your name anonymous. look im not here to cause trouble im here just to make a point. you coward.

        • anonymous too

          Roland says “im not afraid to tell you people who i am” OK Roland, who are you? Got a last name?

    • Anonymous

      If ANYONE is verbally assaulting another person, especially young girls, they should be called on it. If what you say is true, bring this behavior to the attention of your parents or another adult. It is unacceptable behavior.

    • OnAnOnAnOnAnOn

      If adults are harrassing kids outside a bar then they should be reported. You all have phones – call someone or go into any of the other stores and ask them to call someone.

      Anon Teen can you just get the point that it is not GB.net who is making a list & nowhere did they say they would be going around taking your pictures? They reported what was said at a community meeting. If you read the article it says, “In the end, nobody wants to let these kids get a criminal record…”

      • Anonymous

        It is a fact that pot smoking can cause paranoia. anon teen may just be a lttile high when reading these posts & paranoia or maybe reading comprehension has been affected.

        To you adult males (I am assuming) outside of bars, leave the kids alone!

    • Hello

      Better yet here ya go, like father like son. 20yrs from now she(anonymous teenager )will be letting her son hang out and do the same things she’s doing(drinking and smoking) because her parents did it and it will be her son on the corner bothering the next generation of girls(because he’s a big drunk like his mother and pot head). If you don’t like it why pass it on to the next generation?? Your rigth it doesn’t stop it just keeps getting worse.
      And SOMEONE should call the cops or better yet all you guy’s who do hang out at the bars pull the guy over that’s harrasing young girls and tell him to knock it off or else. Come on stand up and do the right thing!!
      Primarily we live in a good naborhood let’s not rune it for everyone!

  • Anonymous


    The guys harassing the young girls may not know they are too young. Lets face it some of these kids look way too old. Also the girls may not feel harrassed if the guys were 1) younger 2) good looking 3) possibly a catch

    these young girls should not be hangin around bars in the first place.
    But really guys, MOST of you are not a catch & it is not appreciated to have some old guy make inappropriate comments even to older women

    • anonymous teenager two.

      Okay Anonymous , if you recall one of the local bars is next to victorias & icecream you scream so its not like were trying to hang around a bar.

      Also when cops are riding down the ave. to check on whats going on the pass right by the drunks outside that bar and go right to the teenagers on the next block walking home and stop them asuming that there up to know good? tell me how that is right. its not like cops dont see that there a drunks outside the bar because ,ost of the time there are. So its not like no one knows about that. Not only do the bother the girls but they bother the guys too. Drunken men will try to pick fights all the time with the teenage boys.

      So know people are raving on about how bad the teenagers in our neighborhood, how about you adults?
      im sure nonw of you are prefect, most like far from it just like us. At least we can admit that were not prefect.

      And isnt Rolands first name is better then no name, i give him props for putting his name =)

      • Anonymous

        I guess its a good thing the Bantry is closed (at least it should be as it does not have a license) You are right, it is not fair to harrass teens walking down the block & not the drunks in front of a bar especially a bar that should nto be serving alcohol in the first place but life is not fair.

        Maybe who ever buys the bar will turn it into a positive establishment, maybe a restaurant. It would be nice to be able to eat out on something other than pizza.

        • Anonymous

          That corner has always had problems. In the 60 – 70’s we had to stay off the avenue because of the people hanging out in front of the library (everett ave). Then one day we were allowed up there. I guess business lost money with people avoiding the avenue in the evening & did something about the problem. SO maybe if you guys stay off the anvenue in the evening or when this drunken guy problem occurs, the pizza place & ice cream place will start losing money & will do something about the drunk problem. lets face it more teens frequent these establishments than anyone else.

          Just a suggestion. i know, befroe you say it its not fair to expect you to give up the pizza place & ice cream place because of some stupid drunks but sometime the quiet protest works. try it it can’t hust to give up pizza & ice cream for a little while right?

      • Noland

        (I want props for putting my name too) Drunks go to bars to get drunk!!!!! If u don’t want to be bothered by drunks don’t go where they hang out. Plain and simple.

  • Anonymous

    Nice picture. Looks tempting.

    Parents should not be worried about their kids smoking pot from time to time. They should be far more concerned about cigarettes. As a prior user of both I can say cigarettes are by far the greater evil.

  • blunt lover

    pot is fuckinn awesome…were can i get some good shitt in gerritsen beach?

  • robert paulson

    Marijuana is not a crime, and the time, money and man hours spent policing non violent marijuana users could be better spent on helping the working poor families of Gerritsen beach make ends meet.

    History has already taught us that you can not police or legislate morality nor the personal choice of consuming a plant that over 40% of us use. If we really wanted to make GB better, we’d start with prohibiting alcohol consumption. God knows alcohol is the cause of 90% of GB’s problems.

  • Anonymous

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah this has to be the funniest i have ever read all you parents that are saying us kidds are wrong but you know what back when you were a teen you didnt care about the lines you were doing or the needles or pills you were poppin. if you nothin dirty in your past then ok pass judgment but if you have a bad past keep your mouth shut ok im out p-dawg

  • stoppp im tryna get tipsy

    listen “mr anonymous” . theres nothing wrong with us “kids” drinking and smoking at the skatepark. i myself dont smoke pot but i do drink & throw jungle juice parties there. i just get a little tipsy and let people steal my jungle juice. but anyways my point is that theres so many other problems going on in gerritsen beach but mr.gerritsenbeach.net chooses to obsesses over the teenagers and makes us all seem like criminals. well listen BUDDY, we arent criminals we just need a place to get tipsy. i think this website is a bunch of bologna. who really cares about about the double parkers infront of 277, where else are they gonna park. no one cares about lundys… thats not even in gerritsen beach. and just to let everyone know that the dealers of gerritsen beach arent stupid enough to deal in the streets of gerritsen. its like cheers, everyone knows your name. like wtf?

  • Anonymous

    Everyone likes smoking pot. Don’t lie.

  • Christopher McDonnell

    Kids in this neighborhood have forever smoked pot backweeds, now they are just doing it the skatepark. There are probably just as many adult drug users in this neighborhood as there are kids in the park, if not more, and on harder drugs. If you people are oblivious to that fact, then you’re either part of the problem, or like someone who runs this site, so involved with the neighborhood that they actually over look the people who live here. Lets face it, just because it’s a white neighborhood doesn’t make it a nice neighborhood. Go ahead and stand in front of Victorias just one Saturday night, and observe the quality of people who inhabit this neighborhood. It’s deplorable. And as far as kids being harassed by the drunks at the Bantry, IT’S NEXT TO A FUCKING ICE CREAM SHOP, OF COURSE KIDS ARE GOING TO BE RUNNING IN AND OUT OF THAT STORE ON A FRIDAY NIGHT. Stop being so blind. Main point, kids smoke pot, you aren’t going to stop that, this neighborhood is filled with skels, you aren’t going to stop that. Welcome to Gerritsen Beach ladies and gentlemen, get used to it, its a real scummy place, always has been always will be. P.S. I skate at that park all the time, and 1. I don’t smoke pot, and 2. that park was terribly designed, take it from someone who’s been skateboarding for 6 years. Maybe next time you might want to get the opinion of an actual skateboarder before you waste time and money.

  • travel2692

    sad commentary…pot dealers are all around and they LIVE here…shame we cant have a park that is safe 24hrs…but as they say “if you see something, say something” people dont want to get involved….people, if you know something, say something!!!! if not, stop all the hyperbole and bloviating on here….POT IS ILLEGAL and can wreck a life….it’s not just kids being kids…

  • Nick W.


    pot never hurt anyone.

    we should draw the line at hard drugs, those are dangerous.

    more people die from drunk drivers, nobody has ever been killed by someone driving on pot

    I would ask everyone who smokes pot to be more discreet. Dont do it in the open so the cops dont hassle you. Do it privately in your house, or go into the backweeds.