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Bus Shelter Destruction Ice Cold Edition


Thanks to the morons who did this during the coldest week so far of this winter! With today’s snow i’m sure many people cursed out whoever did this.


23 comments to Bus Shelter Destruction Ice Cold Edition

  • Im going to try and get a pic of this with the snow.

  • neighbor

    I find it hard to believe that no one saw the people responsible. There are homes across the street and it happens all the time.

    • Bob

      Way to blame innocent people across the street. So if I lived across the street, since it happens all the time, I shoould wait up at my window all night watching? Because safety glass probably would not make enough noise for me to hear it break from across the street while asleep in the back of the house, under the covers with all the windows closed – especially if my mate or I are snorers.

      • neighbor

        I do not mean to “blame” anyone, but I have had uneventful interaction with the 61st precinct and was wondering if people may have reported incidents that have not been followed up on. In no way am I trying to imply that residents on Gerritsen Avenue are responsible or have been indifferent to what has been an on going problem

  • good neighbor

    maybe a shot from a BB gun from far away. in that case it’s hard to tell who’s responsible.

  • Anonymous

    What time of day/night did this happen? The delinquent better be careful, when he’s caught [and he will get caught] he will no doubt receive GB vigilante justice.

  • Gerritsen Girl

    Here’s a crazy thought, instead of glass, make these things out of plexiglass so they may scratch it up but won’t be as fun as throwing a rock at it. Why did they have to change them as well? I can’t understand how the MTA complains about not having enough money but builds these things that are worse than the old ones. There’s a space at the top where rain and snow comes through, truly brilliant.

  • Anonymous

    Funny the MTA has tryed to make it better for us by letting us have these shelters.
    But no the youngins of the area have to take it away!!!
    What do they care they don’t have to stand outside in the bitter cold wighting for the bus in the morning.
    But hay alls good I’m sure you got your laugh out of it. :(

  • disgraceful

    The MTA should remove all bus shelters from GB. We don’t deserve them. We trash our own neighborhood. We are no better than the blacks in Canarsie. Nobody has the balls to turn in these low lives? Give me a break.

    • anonymous

      Did you at one time actually think YOU were better? C’mon, you’re living in GB not Manhattan Bch.

  • sorry customer

    I called the MTA and asked them why Evrett did not have a seat and I was told that the city was tired of fixing this spot and did not think it was worth fixing. I hope the the parents? of these bum are proud. I hope that God forbid some one gets hurt because of the mistake you gave birth to they sue your a## off. Oh and by the way, the way I hear it is they do know who you are. They are just waiting for one of the other kids to get up the courage to tell.

  • Anonymous

    wheres the lowlife parents????oh i forgot there in the bars

  • i can see these morons are up to their old tricks again, and lets not assume its kids, we don’t really know, after all isn’t it adults that are the ones who block people’s driveways, and triple park and etc etc.?

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, this may just be the publicity the perpetrator craves. I hope the posting is worth it if it prompts other to turn someone in. Otherwise, they may just be getting their jollies from reading up on the destruction they’ve caused.

    I’m not totally convinced it’s a GB resident, but if it is that’s sad – he doesn’t know what it means to be a good neighbor and that’s not what GB is about. This is a quiet, friendly community. I also have to assume it’s a BB shot from the distance, in which case it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. If you’re the parent of child with a BB gun please ask them probing questions – monitor its use. Speak up if you personally know something or simply STOP if you’re the one doing it and reading this. It’s just a juvenile and dangerous thing to be doing – you’ll make it proudly through life if you can learn to exercise self control – and I don’t just mean over this one immature act of vandalism.

  • dude

    listen you idiots who the fuck cares are you fucking kidding me.. the fact that we even have this website is a fucking disgrace.. we are people we’re not perfect you cant go around bla,ming the kids for the shit that happens because maybe if we had something to do we wouldnt smoke weed and drink you fucking moronssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey Dude, you posted that at 12:13 pm on a Wed. Heres something for you to do….GO TO SCHOOL!!!! Smashing bus shelters isn’t human error (we are people we’re not perfect) its vandalism. Its criminal and its wrong, and it makes your parents look like white trash and it hurts us all. You are absolutley correct that there is not enough for young people to do in this neighborhood though. I agree with that. Why not propose a solution instead of just venting your anger and boredom by cursing out your neighbors and smashing bus shelters? What would you suggest?