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Goodbye Gerritsen Bagel: To Close by the End of the Month

Gerritsen Bagel

Gerritsen Bagel is being forced to close by the end of the month.

Update:1/15/09 The store is no longer open.

For quite sometime now there has been a very public battle between business partners over the Bagel store. I was even confronted by someone involved in the store over this post.

The fight between partners, is the main cause for this closure but there are rumors that the building has also been foreclosed, which does not help the situation.

It’s Sad. Maybe something will return at that location, maybe something better.

25 comments to Goodbye Gerritsen Bagel: To Close by the End of the Month

  • Anonymous

    What a shame. The bagels were great at one time.

    • Anonymous

      how sad. that bagel store was an anwser 2 my prayers when it had opened in 2000, the staff was attentive and courtious. it breaks my heart , peter, a beloved long time friend with the buildings owner, kept getting with all good intentions of running a sucessful business, kept getting f*#ked over by all of his partners who thought he could trust. strting with that shady guy billy, then the junkie who overdosed and the store being left to rot in the hands of his daughter and her mess of a boyfriend. my heart aches when i think of how much work went into the place only to be destroyed by peters scumbag partners.

  • Michael P. Judge

    Now I’m heartbroken, my wife loved the place.

  • The Mythical Lioploridon

    End of the month.. more like today.
    Marshals were spotted closing them down at 1:00 this afternoon.
    Good Riddance.

  • Johnnie Cakes

    what a shame it was a good place. Pete was a nice guy. Hopefully it will reopen with new owners.

  • Gerritsen Girl

    I heard the scum bag owner is looking to open another deli.

  • CM

    I used to love their bagels. I bought 4 dozen for a function this Christmas, and they were just terrible … small, overcooked and burnt. I wouldn’t have gone back there anyway.

  • Morrowynd

    I have watched the sad colapse of this once great store with hope someone would behave responsibly and save it. This just breaks my heart. There was a time cars would be double parked and the line went out the door just for those bagels. And the wait was never very long, what with 6 people behind the counter.

    I was in there on Monday, which I guess was the last real day. The meat was untouchable, there were no fresh bagels. The oven was off. All there was was coffee and a corn muffin from BJ’s.


  • Anonymous

    Gerritsen girl, I heard the same thing, they said they are opening anohter store “up the block”, there is certaintly no shortage of empty buildings for lease.

    Bring back Pete!

  • sorry customer

    It is so sad. That was one business that was a complete successes. I guess it only goes to show you that when idiots take over the end is near. I am so going to miss it.

  • Wow

    What a damned shame. Any chance on Pete salvaging it? Personally, I stopped going in a long time ago. Long wait + burnt bagels + no milk = ex-customer.

  • If I win the lottery this weekend, I’ll buy the whole damn thing and reboot it…

  • anon

    what a waste, i saw a big ryder truck there today and it looked like they were emptying the place out

  • Proudtobeabeachrat

    Pete was awesome. My very large family stopped going in there after he left. That trashy looking partner and her horrible boyfriend really ruined the place. No bagels at 11am, no eggs, no bacon, no bread…….. PLus you wait on line while that guy just stands around chatting on the phone. Listen, I don’t mind waiting in line but I get pissed when some corny, foul mouth, jerk is standing around while his customers are waiting!- Plus how classy can you be to yell at employees and your girl while people are around!

    I am sad that it is closing. I did not hear that the building was forclosing. But, I did hear they were opening down the block and distributing bagel as an outsource and the neighborhood will not benefit from it! There bagels were yummy! Come back Pete~!

  • Anonymous

    its about time that that filthy store closed.and good for the creep that runs it

  • Was Pete the tall one with glasses?
    It it was, he was a decent soul.
    I only hope he does comeback to the Beach soon with another store.

  • Mary

    I hear they’re fixing and renovating and will be reopening as good as new!

    Can’t wait!

  • Andy Moritz

    They are working on the store and I was told by the buildings owner that they’re reopening at the end of april. I think Pete is coming back but I know that the white trash couple is not. I’ve never seen two bigger idiots in all my life poor Pete had to be a saint not to kill them, I hope he comes back to the beach, I miss having a bagel store so close

  • kurye

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  • […] In November of last year we reported, with some controversy, that the bagel store was on the verge of closing. Subsequently, it closed at the end of January. […]