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CEO That killed G.B. Resident Florence Cioffi Gets Just 16 Days In Jail for Fatal DWI

Since both the suspect and victim were drunk George Andersonthe driver driver gets: 16 weekends in jail, 200 hours of community service and pays a $350 fine.

A theory called “comparative negligence,” was used which is something usually seen in civil cases where plaintiffs are assigned a portion of the blame for their own injuries.

Video from WCBS

When police led 48-year-old George Anderson away in handcuffs a year ago, the Wall Street executive was facing possible manslaughter charges and a seven-year prison sentence for the DWI hit-and-run death of Brooklyn secretary Florence Cioffi.

The 59-year-old woman was run down and killed on the evening of Jan. 24, 2008 by Andersen’s black Mercedes SUV and the CEO of Enterprise Engineering left the scene only to return 20 minutes later refusing a breathalyzer test. Now Cioffi’s family and her companion of 18 years say they’re outraged at the deal Anderson has made with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office that they say is a slap on the wrist.

Anderson has agreed to a plea deal in which he’ll admit to misdemeanor DWI charges and a charge of leaving the scene of an accident, but he’ll only serve 16 days in jail and do that time on eight consecutive weekends. He also agrees to do 200 hours of community service and pay a $350 fine.

Prosecutor David Hammer said that victim Florence Cioffi had a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal limit.

“An intensive investigation by the defense and prosecutors revealed she probably stepped out from between two parked cars,” said Anderson’s lawyer, Stacey Richman.

WCBS – Hit/Run Plea Deal Lands CEO Just 16 Days In Jail

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8 comments to CEO That killed G.B. Resident Florence Cioffi Gets Just 16 Days In Jail for Fatal DWI

  • anon

    that is f-ing disgusting that’s this is what he got…there are laws about drinking and driving…yes, it was an accident and this guy made a very big mistake that he has to live with for the rest of his life…other people and to pay when a dwi is fatal everyone else gets punished, why not this guy? now there trying to pull half the blame on someone that is not even here because of the mistake and she can’t even def herself…maybe flo was drunk but she wasn’t driving, he was and he was drunk and took off and left her there and all he get is 16days in jail…what kind of message is that sending, how can this happen is there anything that can me done? r.i.p flo you are missed and will never be forgotten…


  • NickLak


  • tc

    Just proves the rich get away with alot [even murder] makes me sick.

  • Anonymous

    This is Fuckin Disgusting if this guy can get away with Running down the lady They shou;d just let every murderer free

  • To the family and loved ones of this woman, it must be like losing her all over again. Where is the justice? My condolences to them and just have faith that he will be judged someday (soon, we can hope) by a higher judge. I hope he is haunted by what he did.

  • Anonymous

    We wonder why the general public have no confidence in the judicial system? I am sure this guy will make a nice contribution to someones campaign funds in the coming year. This is truely horrible!

  • WTC Survivor

    Anderson’s EEI does work for Merrill Lynch. Anybody want to track the Prosecutor(s) for this case. See when they cash in their chit — swapping over to work on Wall Street ??? *** Wall Street’s monsters have learned that they can buy their way out of anything. *** Merrill-and-Enron. The two Dot.Com mass scandals. The recent faked-asset scams related to the mortgage collapse. *** This DUI-killing is one more of many situatiuons where Rule of Law does not apply.

  • TuffsNotEnuff

    Anderson walks on vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene of the accident. Strauss-Kahn walks on rape. The Manhattan prosecutor’s office finishes us off as a “nation of laws, not of men.”