Memories: Gerrittsen Beach Bus Back in the Day


Thanks to James for sending this in!

Interesting Gerrittsen Park Bus Schedule (notice the extra T)

They got bus service every 15 & 10 minutes! Amazing we can’t get that now!

I like that children “in arm” are free while others pay full fare and that “ordinary” shopping parcels are free.


3 comments to Memories: Gerrittsen Beach Bus Back in the Day

  • Anonymous

    OMG….. even the bus schedual, ck that s out!!! wow talk about never throwing things away!! Nice very nice I like the history lesson. Not being nasty very serious! Very nice. We might have to go back to having our own service again.

  • solo service

    GB should organize its own bus service. Screw the city like it’s screwing us.

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