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2008 Year in Review

GerritsenBeach.net had a great year we saw a 211% jump in visitors from 50,418 in 2007 to 156,974 in 2008. We hope this number continues to grow.

Something to look forward to in 2009 we are launching a new community blog to represent Marine Park. With the same goals as GerritseBeach.net to be an objective news site and to provide resident with solid news and commentary on matters that are important.

Also, this coming year we will be launching local ads for local businesses to target brookyn residents. If you or your business would want an AD on this site please email info@gerritsenbeach.net otherwise wait for the official announcement.

There was also some very popular stories in 2008  so I made up a small list:
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High Winds Knock Down Utility Pole

Thanks to anonymous for sending in this picture!

High winds this morning knocked down a utility pole at Devon Avenue and Ira Courts

Petition to Save the B31 and B2 Bus Lines from MTA Cuts!


Please sign the online petition here!

Paper copies of the petition are available in some stores on Gerritsen Avenue.

Here is what is at stake:
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Watermain Break at Beacon Court

This past weekend Saturday December 27th there was a water main break at the very end of Beacon court. Residents didn’t have water for much of that day, and most of their yards were covered in layers of mud from the […]

Picture of the Week: Snowman

Lundys Gets to Continue Construction

There is currently two fronts in the Battle of Lundy’s. There is the new tile sidewalk that the tenant Cherry Hill Market laid outside of Lundys violating its landmark status, a landmark status that many fought hard to get. Then there are plans to turn lundys into a market or a type of […]

Merry Christmas!

We wish every GerritsenBeach.net reader a happy holidays and a Merry Christmas. If you’re traveling today, be safe. Whether you agree with us or strongly disagree, whether you like us, love us or hate us, we wish you peace and happiness, wherever you may be. Merry Christmas.

Check out Christmas lights in the […]

Marty Making Moves in State Senate

Our State Senator Marty Golden is in the news a lot recently, he is passing a resolution around the state senate that calls for Senator-elect Hiram Monserrate not to file his oath of office until the charges from his alleged assault on his girlfriend are resolved. While it’s an obvious political maneuver, it […]

Christmas Lights in the Old Section


The old section had overall less lights than the new section the light displays and decorations were great nonetheless.

The entire length on Noel avenue by far was the best, specifically close to the corner of Bartlett, just the shear number of decorations was amazing. Ira Ct was very interesting too for their dead end display.

Although I didn’t drive up and down I have no idea how people live with their cars bottoming out on blocks like abbey and frank. On top of that, the pooling of water and ice was absolutely horrendous which was inches thick everywhere.

Please check out the Old Section Christmas photo gallery or click on read more for some pictures below

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Christmas Lights in the New Section


We are quite the festive neighborhood during Christmas, although I did notice a few house that had lights in previous years with no lights this year.

This is the New Section only as of right now. Will do the Old Section soon enough.

Click here for the Photo Gallery

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Burglaries up in the 61st Precinct

Via The Bay News

Recently released crime statistics show that over the past month burglaries in the 61st Precinct jumped by 68 percent. Officials said that in November 2007, residents in Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Homecrest and parts of Midwood told police that 25 residential and commercial break-ins occurred in their neighborhoods. This […]

Kruger and Cymbrowitz give out 6 toys, a book and a plastic bag to sick children

I don’t usually put up press releases but this photo is funny. The caption from the press release says they handed out 50 toys. While its very obvious in the photo that they have 6 toys, a book and a plastic bag.

Don’t take this post as a serious knock at these guys […]

Picture of the Week: Long Shot of Kings Plaza!

Mill Basin Christmas Lights

Here are some great pictures of the Mill Basin Christmas lights by flickr user bluemagoo

Check out his Mill Basin Gallery

Bantry Bar: Closed for Good?

The Bantry Bar (2718 Gerritsen Avenue) has been closed, presumably by the owner,  since at least last Saturday(December 13th), when there was some early morning/late night police activity.

It was previously reported in April that the Bantry has been operating without a liquor license since June 2006, and that it received multiple SLA […]