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Picture of the Week: Our Library

15 comments to Picture of the Week: Our Library

  • Anonymous

    I think the kids of GB should get off the streets and utilize this library. it wouldn’t hurt them to do something constructive.

    • Anonymous

      The kids, how bout the adults? I’m there a lot and very rarely are there Gerritsen residents checking out books. Afew, yes of course but the majority of patrons are from outside the beach. Its a shame, where else can you get books & movies for FREE?

  • the seating area right behind the gates is so nice, I wish they would open them up. I know, it’ll get destroyed.

  • theresa townsend

    The negativity on this site amazes me sometimes
    This is a beautiful library and i am proud to have it in my neighborhood!

  • bagels

    This is a very new building and yet, it feels like a steam box in the summer.

  • Anonymous

    Nice picture & beautiful library

  • Anonymous

    the chosen people have taken over the library

  • Anonymous

    They have figured out that education is the key to making a great living. A great deal of people in the Beach think buying the chief and figuring out what city test to take is the key. You are lucky if you can pay your bills now with any city job.

    • tc

      Most civil servants do a great service to keep this city running and safe for lower pay.But u r right education is the way to go….

  • Harry Morgan

    When I was young I was happy to read that Laura Ingalls crap, it was enough to get me going. Now I have to worry about the curlies in the library judging me? Give me a break.

    • Anonymous

      Why would you worry what others think of your reading preference? The neighborhood “residents” have broken windows, graffitied the concrete in front & basically leave the library people feeling it is necessary to cover the building in plastic for Halloween.

      the “curlies” as you so poetically put it, come into our neighborhood & OMG take out books to read. How dare they!!
      People down here just don’t realize how good we actually have it.