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Memorial Support


Back in July Anthony “Antmoe” Cippola past away from a motorcycle crash. Friends and family put together a respectful plaque to place near the crash site. The plaque is located on the corner of Gerritsen and Whitney Avenue in the yard of the Law Office.

Recently it was brought to our attention that someone has taken issue with the memorial and requesting its removal. I am not able to confirm who or why but I know that the person wants it gone.

This is one of three memorials on Gerritsen Avenue all stemming from fatal crashes. The other two memorials happen to be on public/city property and could technically be removed at any time. The Frank Solivan memorial is 36 square feet and draws a large crowd every so often. They also seem to dress up the area with skeletons which makes no sense.

Anthony’s memorial is small and respectful and it does not deserve to be removed. There really is no other place to put it.


42 comments to Memorial Support

  • Kate

    First let me state that I think it should stay. It is tasteful and appropriate. Now, is it possible that whoever wants it gone is afraid that it will turn into a tacky mess?

    My family knows that, if I die on the street, I do not want a memorial there. Come pay your respects where I am buried – not on a street corner. It is sad when you pass these “memorials” on the highway that have dead flowers & sun bleached stuffed animals & weather-destroyed pictures tied to light poles.

  • George P

    Before people (his wife or his best friend) get upset about it please confirm this information. “I am not able to confirm who or why but I know that the person wants it gone.” This may be a story for you, but it very fresh in our hearts.

  • Ryan

    Thanks editor:)..As for friends and family wanting it..I was Anthony’s best friend and I personally worked on it, as did his wife and child. I find it strange and tasteless that somoeone complained about. We do manage it and did not erect it for the purpose of insult. Its for the sole purpose of remeberance. I know he has a grave site, but that is where he took his last breath and had his last vision of life. Thaks for the support everyone

  • Gerritsen Girl

    Dear Friends and Family of Anthony;

    Let me offer my condolences on the death of your loved one, it is a very cruel and uncaring world sometimes. I hope this monument brings peace and some solace to you and yours. I can’t understand why anyone would be so cold as to want something that means so much to someone else for so little to tear it down.

    As for the up keep of these memorials, I agree, time moves on, people move away and these are very sad reminders of a life that has faded as the monument has and if not tended to then the sanitation department needs to clear it away.

    I hope the monument stays, I hope someone has the human decency to let these poor folks have a small reminder of someone who was taken far too soon.

  • Rich

    i personally drive past this every day (i live down the block) and you really can’t even notice it unless you look for it so i dont know how it can offend someone. It’s really tastefully done.

  • Cathy

    I was a very close friend of Anthony and helped erect this memorial. We tried very hard to create a tasteful place where we could come together to remember our best friend. This memorial helps give us closure and shows Anthony there’s nothing we won’t do to keep his memory alive. We certainly don’t need a memorial to remember our friend – we do that everyday. But it is just a small way to pay tribute to someone who deserved the world.

    I really hope the person/people complaining understand how much hurt they’ve caused by asking us to dig up this memorial. It’s like pouring salt on a wound that has yet to heal.

    Resurrection Church has been TERRIBLE to us and offered no comfort or solace when our friend died in front of their church. They will also not allow us to erect any memorial on their property (the other 3 corners at Gerritsen and Whitney). Therefore, the corner of the law office is the only place where the memorial can stand – and we respectfully got permission to do so before erecting the memorial.

    It still hurts so bad and this just makes it worse. Thanks to everyone for their support…

    • johnnyfairplayer

      Are you Cathy a parish member of Resurrection? If so, then you would know that they do not get involved because a person died in front of the church. If you are not a parish member maybe you just assumed that they should do more. Please re-evaluate what you expected from them. They are there for us all the time. Please don’t expect too much from them, they are not GOD, they are human.

  • Anonymous

    It might be that the memorial down near Everett causes much traffic and other problems when the loved ones get together to remeber their loved one.

    I doubt Ressurection singeled you out, memorials of this type would probably be looked upon as against church teaching (honoring false gods & all that ).

    Sorry for your loss but try to see both sides

  • Anonymous

    With all due respect, and I think you should be able to keep your monument at the Chimes, you cant blame the church for not putting a memorial up right in front of it. it just wouldnt be appropriate. Many wonderful people have walked in and out of those church doors and many events good and bad have happened at that corner, there is not a memorial to any of them. The church is a memorial in itself.

  • JB

    Antmoe was a dear friend of mine and I just wish whomever it is that wants us to remove the memorial would come forward and let us know why because without some reasoning behind it this just seems wrong. If there is a legitimate reason that it is disrupting someone else’s life I am sure that those of us who the memorial means something to could be understanding. Either come forward or back off, please!

  • Anon-Anon

    Something like this is bothersome to a person? You have to be kidding me. Aren’t there bigger things to worry about?

    I don’t see the harm and if permission was given, there is certainly no reason to remove something that is tasteful and a small remembrance of a person who seemed so large.

    Just my two-cents worth.

  • Cathy

    In response to the people defending Resurrection… of course, I do not expect the church to memorialize our friend when so many others have perished, but if you only knew how cold and uncaring they’ve been to us, you’d understand our hurt and frustration.

    Father Ferrari in the Vickers office was certainly upset when I issued a formal complaint to him regarding the church’s behavior. He asked me about our friend Anthony… about his friends, family and life. He offered comfort and prayers. That’s all we ask.

  • Anonymous

    Hey that would be a pretty interesting topic:

    In what way did Resurection disappoint you or behave unchristianlike?
    I’m sure a lot of people would contribute. Even those who visit every Sunday.

    • Anonymous

      I dont think that’s a great topic.

      Its completely understandable that resurrection didn’t want a memorial on their property. To be annoyed at that seems a bit wrong.

      • Anonymous

        I agree completely, & I am the annonmous from above. A bit of sarcasm that was not understood in the reading.

        I have nothing against Resurrection.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t sound like they were asking for a memorial on church grounds – just that the church act in a sympathetic manner. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

    • Anonymous

      As stated above…”They will also not allow us to erect any memorial on their property “

      • Anonymous

        and why should they? Church grounds are not a place for a memorial of this nature.

        • Anonymous

          Absolutely correct! The Church should not memorialize any one human. The statues and so forth on the property are of Jesus Christ & his followers.

          We mere mortales can not be singled out for such status.

          while the death of this young man was tragic, it is not on the level of Jesus Christ tragic.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t think anyone is trying to compare Antmoe to Jesus. I also think that all of these comments are going past the real meaning for why this is here. It is not a time for Church bashing or praising…the person complaining is anonymous. This post was placed here for memorial “support” and in an effort to keep it that way, I think that we all should take a step back and realize why we are doing this.

          People are hurting, and nothing is going to change that. But let’s try to remember to focus on the issue at hand and not meander off into different spectrums of opinion that have no basis on this wall.

  • Question

    Who was this complaint made to?

  • KL

    Anyone who has been directly affected by this tragedy would like nothing more than to have peace of mind in keeping up a lasting memory of a dear friend.

    This isn’t about those who want it gone or those that did things that might have been perceived to be distasteful, this is about one memorial. for one dear friend, and all of those affected by this tragedy.

  • Amanda

    As a close friend of Anthony’s and part of the group that put up this memorial, I’d like to thank everyone for the support being showed. It truly means a lot and I hope it will help to dissuade whoever the anonymous person that is making the complaints to the owner of the building.
    This memorial was put together out of love for a friend taken too soon and put up as a remembrance, nothing more. I can not fathom why anyone would be offended by this but hope that they can look past whatever it is so that those of us who knew Anthony can keep his memorial up.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone taken the other party invovled in the accident into consideration?
    I would not want a reminder every time I drove to Church of a terrible accident which caused a death howbout you?

    • BlAcKiE

      because the other party that caused the accident acted recklessly & irresponsibily & caused the death of a wonderful person….they need to be reminded of the consequences of their actions! it isnt the memorials fault if they feel guilty for what they have done! he was someone’s family,an amazing father & friend….he lost his life & the people who loved him lost him because of someones stupidity! he deserves to be remembered & this memorial isnt bothering anybody except perhaps the guilty party.THE MEMORIAL NEEDS TO STAY!

  • Anonymous

    No one cares about her, and rightfully so.

    • Anonymous

      No one cares about her? Was this an ACCIDENT or was this intentional?

      People invovled in accidents no matter who is at fault Normally have remorse, more so if there is a fatalilty. I have not heard this accident was do to alcolhol or drug use so there should be some compassion for the other driver.

      Man how cold.

  • Ryan

    Honestly its not a matter of reminding the other person involved, because I think I can honestly say that she is reminded of it all the time. Its not there to say, hey look what you did. Its there for those who cared about him, loved him, etc… His daughter sees it everyday, and every time she sees it she smiles and says “thats my daddy”. The main reason for this post was to show the person with the complaint that this was put up to memorialize someone at there last point of life.
    I see the other memorials on the ave and feel compassion for there loved ones, I never once thought “are those there to make someone feel pain”, cause they are not. Anthony was and is my best friend for over 20 years. I am not bitter at all to the other party involved in the wreck. What I am bitter about is that someone has a problem with his picture being posted at the spot were he took his last breath, and not being man/woman enough to say why. That tells me they have no good reason except their own personal interest. And you may say that is the same as what we are doing. But the difference here is I am willing to make my case for it, and people who didnt even know this man are also.
    Like I previously said. This was not erected with bad will towards anyone. If someone feels that way than they are feeling something to the point that taking it down will not resolve their feelings. I will fight to keep it up as long as I possibly can. Its not tacky, its not overdone, its rather small and humble considering the man it represents.

  • frequent gerritsen vistior dwayne.

    i too feel that the memorial should stay, i believe it is tasteful and appropriate. i feel memorials with tons of flowers and cards and candles thrown all over by wind and weather on the side of the highway can look unkempt and messy, but thats not the case in this situation. as you already know, A loving plaque with flowers is all, which is seen everyday by many of the people who took part in putting it there, so it is always tidy and taken care of. i dont see the reason in taking something down that is dedicated to a great person. it disrespects no one in any way and i see it as disrespectful to ask to take it down. If it was your best friend, son, cousin, father or husband or brother i dont think you would appreciate people asking you to take it down, especially with no reasoning behind it.

  • anon

    Well said Ryan and Dwayne. It reminds of me of what a nice guy Anthony was; and what a good and true friend he was to all of you. People who have a problem with it should put themselves in his Family and Friends place. Maybe then they would be compassionate

  • Nick Lak

    I haven’t read one post that gave a reason, or an opinion that it should be moved?

    Sounds like it’s one person?

    In any event, OF COURSE this memorial should be left alone. Seems to me like everyone agrees.

    If you look directly across the street, there is a HUGE 4′ wide x 6′ high half- naked women peddling dungarees. (bus shelter ad.)

    And personally… Pepe Jeans have always bothered me.


  • Jen J.

    There is nothing that I can possibly say here that hasn’t already been said and that speaks volumes in itself.

    This thread is overrun with pleas from family, friends and acquaintances of Anthony Cippola. Some of the very same people that erected this memorial as a respectful testament to his life. The people that have been dealing with this loss as best they can, without having to deal with the stress of anonymous threats and uproars.

    This memorial is rooted solidly into the ground, just as Antmoe was in this community. It is a means of remembrance, it was made with love and it is the beginning of a very long and challenging healing process. It is a delicate balance of beauty while being a reminder that life holds no guarantees. Why anyone would want to tear it down is beyond me.

    I ask this anonymous person to not come forward. We don’t need to know who you are. Instead, I ask you to reconsider your request. I ask you to look inside yourself and think about what it is you really want. And if you are incapable of that, I ask that you walk over to the memorial and read the touching words that were written by Ryan. Take in the pictures of a young man, a Father, cut down in his prime. And if that doesn’t get you, take a look at the decorations placed along the base by his daughter. The same child that recognizes this memorial as her Father whenever she sees it. I ask you, if nothing else, to please not take away what little faith in humanity most of us have left.

    Thank you.


    I don’t see how this can bother anyone. If it was in front of someone’s house I can see the problem. But it’s on the corner. You can hardly see it. I am Anthony’s wife and we live across the street from where the accident happened, every day when I walk out the door I see where he died. That memorial is there and brings comfort to everyone that loves him, including our daughter who loves putting flowers there. She asks me to take her there @ times. It’s a picture of him happy. That’s the way we remember him. Since I live across the street I will make sure that it stays tasteful and clean. Thank you everyone Anthony was lucky to have great friends like you. Izzy and I are grateful.

  • Dan A

    I think it should stay, It should not even be an issue. It is out of respect for Anthony and his family and friends. It is very nice plaque and it makes a little girl who lost her dad happy. If it bothers you, dont look at it and find something else to point your finger at.

  • James Di Siena Sr.

    I sympathize with the friends & family of Anthony.

    I didn’t know Anthony or have ever had the pleasure of meeting him but I’m sure he was a fine Man, Friend, Husband & Father

    I never got to see the memorial site erected for him but from the pictures it seemed pretty nice. The unfortunate thing is it was on private property & I guess someone does have the final word on if it stays or goes.

    On Jan 13 2004 at the corner of Gerritsen Ave & Channel Ave Kristian Roggio was killed by Vinny Litto when he with no consideration for life around him stuck a can of Dust Off into his mouth & inhaled it & lost conciousness and crossed over 4 lanes of traffic killing Kristian.

    After her passing we started to build a memorial site for Kristian next to the bus stop in the exact spot where she was killed.

    We were eventually approached by the Parks Dept telling us that it wasn’t allowed. However if we were to just maintain a garden there it would be allowed.

    I personally built a beautiful waterproof wooden plaque for Kristian and friends & family placed beautiful statues and candles at the site but the site was vandalized like every other day.

    The plaque I made was ripped from the ground & eventually broken. I found it behind the bushes a few times & by the guard rail a couple of times.

    As for the weathered stuffed animals they were Kristian’s favorite stuffed animals they were covered in plastic to keep them clean but as for the vandals who stole the statues, flowers & other stuff that was placed there they had other ideas for them. I found them all over the beach & returned them numerious times.

    We never went wild with what we displayed there and on her anniversaries we were never disruptive in fact over the past five years I don’t remember one bad thing said or reported about Kristian’s place

    Over time the memorial DECREASED in size but it’s presence remained.

    As someone close to Kristian I have to say when it was erected it seemed like the thing to do but as time passed it was a constant reminder of that tragic night that changed all of our lives forever.

    Kristian’s Memorial plaque has been removed from her site and a few remnants still remain there.
    I have since built a beautiful new serenity garden for her at my new home in Pa. Her plaque has been repaired & restored and stands in her garden as well

    If I had anything to say to the family of Anthony Cippola it would be this,

    Every time I drove down Gerritsen Ave no matter what kind of mood I was in, when I got to the corner of Gerritsen & Channel I was quickly saddened.
    In the beginning it was somewhat comforting but over time it ate at you.

    Kristian’s New Serenity Garden in my yard may not be the place where she died or the place she’s at rest but it is the place where we can go & reflect on her memories, say a pray or just think about how things would be if she was still here.

    I wouldn’t look at the removal of his memorial site as a defeat but as a way of protecting his memory from the vandals who will eventually come along & steal or damage the stuff you lovingly leave at his site.

    I say if you must have a memorial for him put it in your yard & you won’t have to go far to reflect on his memory. There won’t be that memorial on the corner to bring your mood down as you pass by.

    I know when I go past Kristian’s New Serenity Garden in my yard I am no longer saddened but instead I feel a sence of peace in my heart when I’m back there because I feel that she knows it’s a safe place we made just for her that no one can take away.

    My Thought’s & Prays are with you

    • Anonymous

      I like what you had to say. I’m sure the garden is beautiful. Of course some people just want what they want. Leaving the neighborhood this morning saw a little “grave blanket” type cross at the tree in front of the church. wonder how that got there.

      • Anonymous

        I know..and am grateful that it stayed there for the holidays, I will be taking it down soon as a sign of respect to the church..Hopefully next year thay will allow it there again for the holidays

  • N.F.H.

    I think the people or person who is making a stink over this is heartless and should find something worthwhile to bitch about….No doubt Anthony meant very much to the people who decided this Memorial should be placed.How would you feel?? A big hurah to the Law Office for letting this be so..REST IN PEACE ANTHONY….In spite of others ruthlessness.,.,.,and uncaring.

  • N.F.H.

    I think the people or person who is making a stink over this is heartless and should find something worthwhile to bitch about….No doubt Anthony meant very much to the people who decided this Memorial should be placed.How would you feel?? A big hurah to the Law Office for letting this be so..REST IN PEACE ANTHONY….In spite of others ruthlessness.,.,.,and uncaring.