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GBCares: Christmas Lights 2008


GB Cares volunteers again put up Christmas lights on Gerritsen Avenue this weekend. All of the lights look great. They added a banner lights this year across Gerritsen Avenue @ Florence.

The volunteers did not appreciate the HUNDREDS of cars going 40MPH or more driving past them as they were working. They took offense to all of the speeding, so much so that they had someone dedicated to placing cones and being visible to warn drivers. They hope as much as I do that you get coal in your stocking.


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Anthony Cippola Memorial Removal

Update (12-2-08): Comments Closed

Anthony Cippola’s, who past away from a motorcycle crash in July, had his memorial removed Saturday November 29th 2008 at around 5:45pm. Family and Friends gathered to removed and clean up the site. Resurrection church happened to be letting out at the time and dozens of people were standing […]

Gerritsen Parking Tickets Stats

Top 10 Blocks

Gotham Avenue (above fane) 39 Gotham Avenue (below fane) 39 Gerritsen Avenue (X and Bijou) 22 Gerritsen Avenue (the Point) 21 Gerritsen Avenue (Devon & Everrett) 20 Gerritsen Avenue (Channel & Devon) 19 Gerritsen Avenue (Everrett & Florence) 19 Noel Avenue (Seba & Lois) 15 Ira Court (Everett & Florence) […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a happy turkey day! We’ll be too busy stuffing our face to make any posts unless we happen to fall across the keyboard in a tryptophanic haze. So if you see some that are all like al;sdkn;aj’lfdkknsm knamldmmmmmm gravy… you’ll know what’s up.

Blogs To Mainstream Media – Stop Protecting Lew Fidler

Via the Daily Gotham

Pork Pig Fidler’s Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him by Gary Tilzer

You would never know it from the media that Council member Lewis Fiddler funds one of the city’s largest non-profit patronage operations in the city. Coming in with the third highest amount of member items in the […]

Vollies Insurance Paid!

The Volunteer Fireman’s Association of New York City has been notified by the insurance company that they are in receipt of a letter from NYC that the workers compensation insurance will be paid by NYC by this Friday. Even though this is past the deadline the insurance company has extended the Vollies insurance in […]

Bagel Store on the Verge…

It appears that our Gerritsen Beach Bagel Store is suffering from constant infighting that recently reached a climax when some of the “partners” supposedly walked out. This leaves only one partner left to run the store (Pete), who has been in the store every morning by himself serving customers.

There have also been […]

MTA Budget Cuts on the B31

Thanks Greg for sending this in!

The MTA unveiled its 2009 budget at a board meeting Thursday in Midtown.

The so-called “Doomsday Budget” will hit riders with a steep fare hike and major service cuts.


Discontinuing overnight service on the B31. Ouch!

Increase express bus fares to $7.50 from $5. Raise the […]

Picture of the Week: Vollies Back in the Day

Who knows how long we will have the Vollies at this point. Here is pictures of the Vollies from 1916 and […]

Check Out the Calendar

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Check it out here: Community Calendar or on the left side

NYC Council May Cause NYC’s Ten Volunteer Fire Departments to Shut Down. Including our Vollies.

For many years New York City has funded all New York City’s ten volunteer fire departments’ workers compensation insurance premiums. This insurance costs $34,000+ annually per department. The insurance premiums were due November 1. This past week all the volunteer companies in NYC have received insurance cancellation notices. Insurance will be terminated if […]

Education Town Hall Roundup

Last night was Marty Golden’s Education town hall meeting and if you were there, which you weren’t, and wanted to take a single sentence to sum up the meeting is: education is screwed.

NY State is facing a total budget deficit of $47 billion over the next 3 and a half years. Education […]

New Store on the Avenue: M & M Insurance

M & M Insurance replaced what used to be Liberty Fitness. From what I can make out of the sign from the soccer fields its going to be an INSURANCE store where they will also offer DMV […]

Events: Education Town Hall

Senator Golden is holding a education town hall at PS 277 on Monday November 17th @ 7pm

Representatives from the Department of Education will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Picture of the Week: Our Library