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IDT Energy Scammers in Gerritsen Beach!

Although I cant confirm this myself because I didn’t see them myself Confirmed, there are alot of people saying that IDT Energy was going door to door in Gerritsen Beach yesterday. They were asking to see Con Ed or Keyspan Bills. DO NOT show them a bill, they will copy down your information and ENROLL you WITHOUT your consent!

These people are working for IDT Energy they are trying to get information from people so they can switch people to IDT without their consent or knowledge. The employees may or may not know what the company is doing. If they say they are from Con Ed or Keyspan call 911 immediately!

If you don’t know about IDT, you need to get out from out of under your rock, and click here, here,  here, and here.

The bad news is that these ESCOs, like IDT, like to target elderly and non-native English speakers who may not realize what’s going on, and could get hit with a hefty bill once their energy costs go from a fixed rate to a variable one subject to the volatility of the spot-energy market.

23 comments to IDT Energy Scammers in Gerritsen Beach!

  • More Annon

    Wow. Thanks. Thats really scary. I didn’t know it was a variable rate.

  • they’ve been to my house a few time, maybe it’s the last name or something. I love how they claim to be from Keyspan, yet demand to see a bill to check your rate. If you’re really from Keyspan, you’d have my entire account history before ringing my bell!


  • I saw them today, I didn’t think anything of it. If I see them tomorrow, i’m going to see what they are doing.

  • blueMagoo

    FWIW KeySpan is now National Grid and other neighborhoods in Brooklyn are also having this problem:


    or just go to “www.brooklynian.com” and search IDT.

    Seems reminiscence of “telephone slammers” who in the past used to switch your long distance carriers without getting your approval.

  • These folks have been sleazing their way around Greenpoint. I would imagine they’re hitting Williamsburg and Bushwick as well.

  • Welcome to the fold! All over our area and south Brooklyn…wait, all of Brooklyn. Thanks to all the blogs for their reporting this scam.

  • I love Sheepshead Bay

    they actually entered my mother-in-law apartment building and knocked from door to door selling their product. what i don’t understand is how they got entry to the building in the first place (door is locked and only accessible by key).

  • Ryan

    I work for National Grid, used to be Keyspan. If someone says Keyspan that right there is a no no. Also these places purchase gas from us than resell it at their price. We still provide the service, ie: meter reading, gas leak response, etc..

    Ask for ID. If its not National Grid its not legite.

  • marty

    they knocked on my door in east williamsburg the other day.well dressed, well spoken black dude. i told them to leave, but i can see how some people are scammed. dude carried himself really well.

  • carol

    a young man rang our bell Tuesday evening at 7:30 PM showing a tag around his neck saying he worked for Con Ed and National Grid to do a survey. my husband said we were not interested but I had also heard about someone going around this area a few weeks back so we were aware of this problem. We live in Gerritsen Beach.

  • neighbor

    This has been going on for months. Back in June 3 men wearing safety jackets approached me, saying they had to check the gas line to my house. I asked for ID and asked where the truck was. They said up the street and left quickly. I sent an email regarding this incident at the time and requested that the neighborhood be alerted. Never saw anything on this site. I also called the police and they took an hour and a half to respond. They never even got out of the car and did not take down any info.

  • Gerritsen Girl

    They stopped by my neighborhood mid-day on Wednesday, my neighbor’s dog was barking so I looked out my window and saw some people dressed in what looked like uniforms with papers under their arms going from door to door. I didn’t answer but let my Rottie bark so they could hear a big dog inside the house.

    It didn’t make sense to me, why would you go from door to door selling something if you know a majority of people are at work. I thought perhaps it was people trying to see who’s home during the day and who’s not and how has a dog and etc. Then my husband told me about this scam and then it makes sense, a majority of people at home are elderly who are preyed on most.

    If they return I will definetly call the police then answer the door to keep them there until the cops show up, bastards!

  • If you do have to call 911 for whatever reason, Give them a complete description of the person, and how long ago they left your home, or your block, whatever. If they are impersonating con ed or national grid workers, tell the 911 operator that, and thell them what direction they are headed.

  • nancy

    Im one of those who fell in the trap of IDT,
    Im getting outrageous bills
    what should i do?

    • roy

      Ambit energy is a company that prides themselves on trust where your guaranteed to save. All esco companies are variable rates. Even con ed. But our company will always be 1% or more less than con ed. Check us out. Ambit energy.com. Your bills will be always better than con ed and national grid. Guaranteed. As a ambit energy consultant I would appreciate your business. Other companies wont.

  • hey Nancy,

    according to this

    all you need to do is call Con Ed or Keyspan and tell them to switch you back, good luck!

  • Anon-Anon

    Well, I guess the weather is too brutal outside for door-to-door, they have resorted to calling. They just called my house and asked for my husband. I have their number on caller ID. Wonder if I can report them in any way to prevent them from calling again?

  • bagels

    They all have websites. Why can’t they run a commercial on the local tv channels or take out an ad in newspapers if they want people to take them seriously? They were on my block on thursday banging on front windows and walking up and down driveways banging on sidedoors at about 4:30. The 63rd precinct says home robberies have increased in the last month. I wonder if there is a connection. My nerighbor called 911 and it took 45 minutes for a squad car to arrive. If they got there sooner they could have confronted them and somehow conveyed to this particular company that this is not the way to increase business.

  • tc


  • bagels



    Anon-anon: did you place yourself on Do Not Call list. If yes, then they can be reported. go to http://www.donotcall.gov

  • Anon-Anon

    Hot damn…….thanks for that bit of information….I most certainly did put my number(s) on the do not call registry. In fact, I added my freakin’ cell phone numbers as well and I am being harrassed by two specific numbers that call constantly. I told them not to call that number and they informed me that I needed to put that number on the do not call registry. Guess what jack-ass? It is! I’ll be reporting all of them tomorrow.

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