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Halloween 2008 updating coming don’t go anywhere.

10 Story Synagogue on Bragg Street – Doesn’t Pass Community Board

2261 Bragg Street wants to put up a 7 story vertical extension to their existing 3 story building(above).

There was a public hearing Monday, October 27th 7:00 but

Zoning Committee: YES: 4 NO: 12 – Not Recommended to CB15 CB15: YES: 13 NO: 22 – Not Recommended to BSA

YES voters: Cathy Blundell, […]

D-Day is Friday… Halloween

This Friday is D-Day in Gerritsen Beach: Halloween! Halloween is trouble for any car, bus, city worker or delivery driver, and of course, any store front on Gerritsen Avenue. Gerrtisen Beach is so notoriously hazardous on Halloween that the MTA refuses to allow the b31 bus to continue past Ave U through the […]

Lost Dog

Update: the Dog has been found

Coming in Via email, help this person out


Beware: “Don’t fall for it! This guy is a hack!”

Coming in via Email (Thanks Janelle!)

I know this site is geared more towards Gerritsen Beach but I figured a lot of people in other areas still read this site.

There’s a guy who considers himself handicapped, when he’s the farthest thing from it. He’s sometimes found by the Kings Hwy train station […]

Da Pride a Flatbush Louie Valentino Football Tournament

Da pride a Flatbush Louie Valentine Football Tournament

Photo Gallery

Synagogue Coming to Avenue S & E36th

3523 Avenue S on the corner of E36th a synagogue will be replacing this old cafe/deli

Picture of the Week: Not Scared

IDT Energy Scammers in Gerritsen Beach!

Although I cant confirm this myself because I didn’t see them myself Confirmed, there are alot of people saying that IDT Energy was going door to door in Gerritsen Beach yesterday. They were asking to see Con Ed or Keyspan Bills. DO NOT show them a bill, they will copy down your information and […]

Senator Golden Town Hall Canceled

If you were planning on attending the Senator Golden Town Hall tomorrow, it just got canceled. Some pesky law got in the way.

Coming in via email: (next time learn to BCC)

Regretfully Senator Golden’s Town Hall Meeting scheduled for tomorrow, October 23, 2008 at Public School 207 at 7p.m. has been postponed […]

10 Story Synagogue on Bragg Street?

2261 Bragg Street is applying to community board 15, to put a 7 story vertical extension to their existing 3 story building(above).

If you have anything to say about it (for or against) there is a public hearing scheduled for Monday, October 27th  7:00 pm in room U-219 at […]

Events: Vollies Haunted House

7TH Annual Haunted House “Vollies Fire department fund raiser”

ASYLUM Point of No Return.

Set in a jail-broken asylum, believed to be haunted for years by a young girl murdered during the escape of a mass murderer. This Halloween she seeks revenge as she creates havoc about the halls. With each turn, test your […]

Jims Marine Inn Gone. Transformation to Champion Fitness Almost Complete

Champion Fitness is now at least three store fronts long. Good for them.

Previous Post:

Jims Marine Inn to become Champion Fitness Jims Marine Inn to Permanently […]

Marine Park Halloween Walk


The Marine Park Halloween Walk presented by the Marine Park Community Association was Saturday October 18th 2008

If you missed it, you missed a great event for the kids. What a better way to spend your Saturday afternoon as a family then by scaring them to tears.

Police Officers, CERT Members, and Volunteers were on hand escorting the crowds into the walk. Which had a variety of spooky scenes and scary ghosts jumping out at you.

If you have never checked out a photo gallery before please, check out Marine Park Halloween Walk.

and if you even more brave, click more or look below and see some of the pictures.

Continue reading Marine Park Halloween Walk

Its been a while since…

One year since Hibernians lot was sold. The walls are now up.

Hibernians Neighboring Lot Sold – October 2007

Two years since Leons closed.

Unconfirmed: Leons Bakery Closed – October/September 2006

Two years since Msgr Fahy died.

Fahy Mass Card – October/September […]