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2008 Canal Party!


The Canal Party is the most unique in block party in Brooklyn!

The canal party is a private event on the Gerritsen Beach Canal, which started in 1998. All residents on the canal are encouraged to have their own private party with family and friends in their back yards.

There was a swimming race, water tube races, and a New Section vs Old Section tug of war, which the old section continues to dominate.

The Tug of War was by far the best event of the day. However, it didn’t seem fair to the new section because there were about 55 people for the old section and about 25 for the new section.

The new section will continue to fail if they don’t come together to win. I don’t think its possible for the new section to ever beat the old section, the old section is better at everything. It might be that everyone’s house in the old section is closer so we know each other better, in the new section you people are too spread apart!


The entire team at Gerritsenbeach.net was there to partake in the event. We all had a great time and would like to thank everyone who organized and volunteered including

Mike Taylor, Dave Stevens, Joan Bostwick, Mary Jean & Robert Kralick, Dave Reynolds, NYKids Time for the cartoon characters, Richie Bowers as Uncle Sam, and all of the other volunteers and their families who helped during the day.

I know there are a ton of more people to thank but I don’t know who they are at the moment.

Next time I go to the canal party I have to make sure the Gerritsenbeach.net team goes home on time we don’t remember what time we home.



2 comments to 2008 Canal Party!

  • Anonymous

    where did you come up with that the canal party was founded in 98??? i can remember back at least in the early mid 80’s that it was called the battle of the canal and the biggest event was the watermelon races down the canal and artie g. would launch waterballoons from his boat from the new section to the old section… but that was a different time when you could actually swim in the canal without worrying abought getting some kind of bacterial infection!!!

  • Anon-Anon

    Excellent pictures!

    We had such a great time that day and were so happy to have been invited! There wasn’t one kid who didn’t have a smile on their face. Here’s a thank you to all those who hosted and helped organize this event, especially Mike Taylor. This was such a nice way to end the summer. Already looking forward to next year!