Memories: Tamaqua Back in the Day


I love all the insane amount of windows! Those have been replaced on that side, but im sure the other side still has those windows.

4 comments to Memories: Tamaqua Back in the Day

  • Anonymous, do you know what year this picture was taken? The car looks to be from the late 60’s or early 70’s.

  • Charlie the tuna

    shame on mark those poor lil fish.Bet your dad never did that.

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding? That’s probably where he learned it. Do you think there weren’t people who knew what he was doing and said nothing? i.e his family? He goes out a few times a week for years and years, do you think this was the first time for the shorts? For taking more than allowable? I hope they throw the book at him. And his partner in crime too. I only wish the DEC had waited longer and seen what restaurants were buying them and busted them too.

  • Andy

    Any new development on this issue.

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